Monday, January 31, 2011

See ya January

Nana's Girl
My Sweet Olivia
Monday Morning

Good Morning Monday
Coffee hot and soo good!

Last day of January, and after today
here we come February
are you ready friends?

Tomorrow I board the silver Eagle and the
"friendly skies" again, heading for Philadelphia
Baltimore, and Virginia
and then
to my beloved
Olivia and Joan!
Olivia is having surgery on Feb 04
where they will
"stop/deaden" the growth plates in both ankles
secondary to that terrible break of the ankle
damage to the growth plate
months ago while defending the goal playing
The growth plate did not heal
on the 4th, while I am speaking
she will undergo surgery on both ankles
that will just stop both.
Our little Warrior
please hold her and mama Joan
in your thoughts and prayers.

So much to do, so much to prepare for, so little time...
It's the end of January, the beginning of a new week, a new month a day away.
Good to start the day with mindfulness, with reflection, with a moment of prayer, with a song in your heart.
"Creator, thank you, "wado" Use me up... just take your time, ok?"
My daily and afternoon and nightly prayer!

So many lose focus,
I will remind you and me
"See it, Believe it, Recieve it"
Stay with focus

It is truly amazing... those feelings that just pop up and overwhelm us leaving us weak in the knees sometimes, even weak in spirit at times. People just wandering along and thinking about their lives, their struggles; maybe their challenges or pain of loss, sometimes feeling "out of control", just tending to matters at hand ~ and then it happens. Something so strong that leaves humankind feeling weak in the limbs and oh so alone and vulnerable! Discovering that once again you have no sense of control, feeling bewildered by tears, thoughts, feelings and out of balance within and without. Out of balance with the world around you. It is at moment that you have forgotten "The Warrior Within", and begin to feel alone and sequestered in your pain, that is not good friends. 

I have good news to share with you! These are normal powerful emotions along your journey and "The Warrior Within" is still "Within"!!!

Rather than perceiving this as a "break-down" perhaps it is the time to "look-through-different-eyes" and see it as a "break-THROUGH" the pain. It may be one of the hardest lessons in life both to learn and to accept, but the reality of our world is there are times when we actually have little control of things that touch us and affect us in our world. Try as we might, there are things that will influence our equilibrium. It would be comforting to think that we could control all aspects of our lives, but not very realistic. Remember throwing a stone into the river.... remember the ripples and the influence of it hitting the water... it affects all. That's pretty much the same with humankind. Ah, but again demonstrating the importance of "paying it forward with random acts of kindness" as well!

You may determine you have most control in your surroundings; your home feels safe perhaps. You control who you let enter (or not), the mood you create, the sacredness you surround yourself with! Even though there may be times when you long for another to hear your pain, to hold your fears at bay, remember... you are the Warrior within and hopefully you are learning to call on that light to shine through! We are so very communal by nature, needing others more than we like to think! By extending your heart to others, you have become vulnerable to the pain of loss, the door of disappointment and the great wealth of love.

I hear there are many gifts to be received by others' by allowing them to offer and provide support to you during your times of happiness, pain, struggle, loss, grief and healing while giving you time to rest and restore and feed your Warrior Within.

With others you can honor the memories of loved ones, you can tell your stories of loss, of struggle, victory and triumph's. You can share your life, your dreams, your hopes, you can hold fast and remember... and experience the blessings of support.

There is no shame in asking for support, allowing others to "be there" for you, knowing you are different now than ever before; moving to a different and ever changing bright light, holding dear those things you cherish while finding the strength of your Warrior Within to release the rest. We are constantly in motion if we allow our emotions to move us. We are fluid by nature, dance, sway, move it up and onward in directions of what you want it to be...
Grab life and hold on, with all you have, but do not ever ever give in or give up. Play today, enjoy yourself, smile for no reason, or better yet >>> you be the reason for the smile that confuses and amuses those around you!

"It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives." (Black Elk)

Listen for the sound in your heart ~~~~ It will soothe you and bring you comfort.
THe fire is burning brightly this morning, the sage and cedar are filling the air with thoughts on the wind to all in the prayer bowl, for all who enter here, and those of you who know who you are... STOMP
Walk In Beauty


Irene M said...

Your blog is just what the day needed.
WARRIORS, I must constantly remember that.
With all the news (good & bad), I am saturated with doubt, fear, worry and then I think :
WAIT ! I am a Warrior, dig deep, breathe, look in the mirror ( yikes ! who IS that ? )
I wish success to Olivia, strength to Joan and safe travels to you, SHERRY, as you travel on a day when 30 states are in a winter grip.
Those that will hear you speak should listen up, soak it in, digest your wisdom and carry it on to others, while applying it to their lives so that they, too, may become WARRIORS.
Trying to FIRM up, this last day of January....

dotti said...

Good Monday morning Sherry! Crazy weather headed our way, I thought it was MARCH that came in like a Lion ... not February ☺ Ahhhh.. no control over Mother Nature so I will be rolling with her on this wonderful roller coaster of life. Wishing you safe travels, successful surgery for young Olivia, and love and laughter for everyone your words touch. Blessings on the winter winds ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Where exactly did January go? Excited to see what February holds for us all. Remember to make each day count in some small wonderful way. Don't Blink, tme does indeed fly.

chris said...

enjoy your time up there in the frozen tundra-but most of all prayers to Olivia and Joan. May all go well and Olivia recovers quickly. But how can she not? the Doc will be there to help her heal! Blessing to you all..
talk to ya soon...

Anonymous said...

safe and successful travels ahead for you Sherry, and the most special prayers for Olivia and her
Mom... maybe you will get a break from the frigid cold somewhere along the way , I know you will be toting your spirit of sunshine to share with all who have the pleasure of meeting with you ! May your wisdom and kindness make a difference in someone's day, as it does for all of us whom you share with so generously...
Jun=mping into February here, both feet, full STOMP on.. lots to be thankful for.
Have a safe trip, We will be with you in spirit !
sign me, hugging my angels,