Friday, January 7, 2011

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Look what I got to see from
my Lanai
LISTEN to yesterday
While those 77 boys
stood in boats at the spring bayou
waiting anxiously to jump
in that dark water
they would be
to rise up
with the Cross.

Good morning Morning
Coffee is delicious as the little ones run around the pool
this morning,
Looks Like Jeepers gets bragging rights
for the First Friday of the new Year!

Yesterday I was inside working
feverishly on
something when I heard the Helicopter
I knew
that meant The crowds from St Nicolas Church
were headed to the bayou for the
Cross to be tossed in the bayou for one
of those lucky boys
who would be diving
from one of those little boats
to find
The little dogs went nuts, as Gypsy ran to me sounding the alarm barking like mad, for me to quickly come outside and assist in protecting our home, her toys,
even her I guess.
And so I came to the lanai,
where she immediately jumped across her
"sock monkey" laying her body across it
as though she were a first class Marine
taking the position of
"I'm not going to let anything happen to you my friend".
Pretty Impressive
ever so loud,
they could have waved at me~

77 young boys jumped with faith, HOPE, and "awe"
when Archbishop Demetrios cast the hand-crafted white cross into the water. That came when Archbishop Demetrios cast the hand-crafted white cross into the water.

Amid the flailing arms churning the water, it was 17-year-old Louis Pappas who raised the cross high. He comes from a very well-known family in the city. The Pappas family helped start the famous sponge docks and is also known for their restaurants, home of the now famous "Greek Salad served table side". Funny, Pappas was the "first" name we were told about when moving to Tarpon Springs!

Later at the cathedral, Louis, the Tarpon high school quarterback tells how this time he made the big catch. "As soon as I saw him throw it I just jumped in and swam as fast as I could, opened my eyes when I got to the bottom and it was right there in my face and I grabbed it."
Whoever retrieves the cross receives a special blessing from the Archbishop and is said to have favor for the rest of the year. As for Louis's mother Rosanne, she couldn't be prouder. "He's a good boy, a sweet boy and it was a gift," she says tearing up in the church. A proud Pappas who happens to be the Mom sounds like to me!

The Tarpon Springs Epiphany celebration is one of the largest in the world. The festivities typically attract over 10,000 people. The Greek Orthodox celebration marks the baptism of Jesus Christ by St. John the Baptist in the River Jordan. This is the 105th year for the event and 105 doves were released over the bayou.

Wonder why that news guy did NOT wave back at me?
Wonder how those things just hang up there in the air like that and for so long?
Wonder how much gas it takes for all of that?
Wonder what it looks like from up there and if they saw me looking up at them?

Now I see
what they were looking at!
And now
can see Louis Pappas
as he came up with that special and blessed
being cheered and followed out of those
cold waters of the bayou by those boys too!

"Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child." Ron Wild

Here we are,
The First Friday and a new week-end of
this New Year!
It is time
for you to step out of the comfort zone
to take the
into wonder and awe.

To Have a great day, a better night
A Fantastic week-end.

Little Hawk Kamryn was a "hit" back at school and on the court in his new "Mohawk" winning his basketball game
looking "fly" on top of it!
D'Vante will be "chillin" with friends this week-end
he prepares for surgery next week.

What are you doing with and for you?

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you’ll be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." Arthur Gordon

You can never ever ever
Love enough
Dare to dream enough
Laugh Enough
Hug Enough
Experience Enough
Wonder Enough
Be In Awe Enough
Dance Enough
Thrill Enough
Surprise Enough
Be Kind Enough
Be Compassionate Enough
Be Passionate Enough
Hug Enough
Smile Enough
Give Enough
Teach Enough
HOPE Enough
Be Spiritual Enough
Connect Enough
Have Enough SUGAR

The fire is burning Brightly, its embers are hot. The Sage is fired up, with prayers being offered and thoughts on the wind to all in the prayer bowl, and all who enter here.

This morning prayers are surrounding
Cindy H who is a fan from the Lily Black Bear page and was taken to ER yesterday, with "heart" concerns,
for, continued healing for
Sweet Pea and Pie Face in GA
for EE for energy, strength, renewed health,
for Laura in Palm Harbor with this terrible "bug" that is going around, for DLB, (with same terrible bug),
for Steve in CO, 
 for Dave in hospital,
Daniel in hospital,
for little Stacey in hospital.

For D'Vante who will be having surgery on Jan 12 to HOPEfully fix that knee of torn miniscus which he has played a full season of football with it horribly hurting him.
For Olivia who will undergo surgery on both ankles in February where they will "shut down" the growth plates secondary to the horrific accident where her left ankle was badly broken tending the goal in soccer.

We are all with you,
along with some powerful angels,


For those who are fighting the battles of their lives
those who are having a difficult road now that they are walking
those who are experiencing challenges or fears
grief or loss
know that we are with you always.

I'll Stand by you, as do so many others you may never know.
Be still and feel that they too are thinking of you.
To those that are fighting to keep our freedoms
those at home loving them,
we are with you
we thank you.

with kindness and compassion
for all of those who have allowed me to walk with you along the path, of uncertainty, during the most difficult times
I am and continue to be honored
while always
standing by and with you.
YOU are the Warrior

That is the
Healing Heartaches

Walk In Beauty,


Irene M said...

Wow, quite a camera catch with a great angle on that chopper. It was quite exciting to watch on t.v. and Louie Pappas came up with the white cross ! Happy trails to all on this
Friday......... a quiet day, a nothing day regarding plans, appointments, hysteria and such. Have a good weekend, all. Irene

Anonymous said...

Laying here in dark reading your blog like always and laughing at visual of Gypsy protecting her sock monkey. Reminded me of my sweet baby here, who takes his bones and hides them all over the house (in plain view) behind chairs, by vents, in lap of bear. Wouldn't you just love to know what is in their heads. I can ask him where his "baby" is and he empties out his toy basket to get it.
Hoping you woke to a great morning. And where is pic of the young man who found the cross? :)
Anticipation lies in heart of everyone...we just have to open the door and let it out. But then some of us have no doors.
Enjoy the day, bask in that FL sun and I promise not to send snow from the mountain tops cascading down on you.

kelly 2 Wolves said...

Morning Morning! Coffees on eyes are half open nice shot of the copter, I see miss Jynxy was the photo of the day yesterday! Thats my baby! I don't quite understand the tossing of the cross but glad it was a good time. Still stretching the night from my body , will be sending prayers up for all and Big ones for the Children to recover fast! Wakie Wakie Sissy. Whats on your Honey do list today?? Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

sure am enjoying the sunshine as I am
basking in the warmth... front stairs and
a popsicle in hand. Life is good.
Work is on the late day agenda, not a problem,
just not a preference.
Great photos of the copter and I, as well, often
wonder why they don't wave back..
thinking of all the folks you have mentioned
today, all positve energy in prayers for them.
Also doing a lot of thinking of all the peeps
that are having tough times or sadness in their
hearts... my wish for all, to find at least a
bit of sunshine
may your heart feel lighter as you smile at
your memories.. sure hope everyone has a
great weekend and "the bug " flys away to somewhere
like Antartica before it bites anyone else !
sign me,
hugging my angels ,

Anonymous said...

Hello to all, great pictures and a great blog for all. I dont know why the people in the sky dont wave back, or do you know if they wave back? Brings to mind my dear departed friend of a few years back, MIMI, she was out playing in her flowers and a copter went over very low being the nice person she was she waved at them(mind you she lived in the country and was home alone) they turned the copter around and came back, she got scared and ran in the house. We had many laughs thru out the years about her being so friendly and waving and then running. You would have to know her to really enjoy this story, we had many on her. She is sadly missed, gone to soon. The Pappas Mom I know was just thrilled to death as so many of us MOMS are of our children. They always make us proud and hopefully we tell everyone we know about them each day. The Gyspy story is right on. She is the bomb. Wonder where Jeepers was, hiding behind his Mom. Thanks for taking us again to a wonderful occasion as if we were right there. Blessings to our troops and God Bless America. God bless DRSES.