Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Meet Pie Face aka "Kennocha"

Morning is soft
this day
Coffee is great I gotta tell ya!

connection is so very important
and will lend itself to balance in all things
right-way relations.

The prayers, intentions sent to a little girl and her horse yesterday, were like the many before
those united here and all over for others
in need, those fighting battles we do not know
standing or kneeling somewhere...
When met with
mind-body-spirit connections
amazing things can and will happen
on that you can be certain.

The comments and prayers along with thoughts
Sweet Pea and Pie Face
appreciated I am sure.
Sweet Pea
is resting, is badly bruised up, her leg in a brace
I am told,
Pie Face
going to be OK!
She is safely harnessed in a stall now
being monitored and cared for as she heals
through the injuries sustained
during a terrible accident.
Just may be that little 4 legged with Indian spirit
"Pie Face"
bolted and ultimately fell
 to avoid harming or falling on her
"Sweet Pea"
who is 11 years old.

Creator only knows,
but I sure do appreciate the thoughts
well wishes for both
all the warriors that gather here
along with
the powerful angels in the next place.
I feel certain that Sweet Pea, Pie Face
those who love them
appreciate all
as well.
This little girl now is
saying to her
"I am ready to ride again"
A WArrior she is!

Sweet Pea at 11 has Body-Mind-Spirit connection
it is demonstrated in her desire to "ride again"
as soon as she heals. It is demonstrated in her focus on her beloved friend and horse, "Pie Face"
and those who are expressing love for her, her family.
That same
Body-Mind-Spirit connection
unites people together who have never met face to face, never touched, never known a hug from each other
as well
as families who have joined together during this holiday season, in person or by thoughts or across the generations through prayers of remembrances.
It is the same connections that keep those who have died close to us, alive through memories and keeps us knowing that we are survivors, we are warriors.
We are here!

This year
I wish you the courage
I wish you enough
to find
and to
feed it
cherish it
Hold fast to it
as you become one with it.
It will give you all you need
to heal, to restore, to energize
to be all that you are within
and to
outshine the sun!
you have your shades on ~
Dance, Be all you are

Remember the courage and amazing grace of that
twosome, a young woman and her horse
Amazing Grace

Talk about inspiration

So happy that so many enjoyed the photo that I took
while at Busch Gardens with the family
along with
"Boulder to Birmingham"
Emmy Lou!
There are times when you just have to play that one
over and over... it just goes into your heart that way, and seems to have had the same effect on many of you, so here it is once again!
yes, you can hear her profound love
of Gram Parsons
who died much too soon
who she loves dearly!

Beauty does surround us
whether in the dawns breaking
the dolphins leaping
a photograph
filled with memories that are yours or those of someone
Things can touch us deeply if we but open ourselves to the experiences to be had.
AND then
there is music,
there is wonderful rhythm
fluidity of movement,
it may be in the wind
as it caresses our faces or blows in our hair
in the dance that we find ourselves doing
during times of great
times of greater sorrows.
It is all there
just waiting for us
OWN it
to take life and have a great time
during all the remarkable times
that we are blessed to have.

Photographs, old music, great memories
yours, mine or
those of
Emmy Lou Harris and Gram Parsons

and great photos of old Florida
along with messages that still fit for some.
One more
for old times sakes
and photos to remind you
that things used to be a whole lot
Back in the day ~
Many will tell you,
"things were better then, more fun, easier"
Some would say
"Just took one look, or something made them fall for someone, love something or just quiver or shiver"
Still others will say,
"give me a break,
not so good back then if I remember it right"!
most will say something!!!
As for me,
I say
the music was great, the cars "hawt",
Emmy Lou rocks!

And to hear her voice is just effervescent, sultry,
from back in the day, back when she used to be in DC alot, 
and particularly now
she is just beyond awesome.
NOW that we've taken a photo journey of music
know that a little one and her beloved horse will survive this accident,

Let's have one great day, make some memories, smile at everyone you see today, go to the edge...
the view is outstanding!
Live life to the fullest, and not waste time on regrets, tell em all u love em, or if you don't, just say nothing!

you can never ever ever
2 much
Sunshine Days
views of live den cam
Moments that leave you in "awe"
Light spirit
Good times

“I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not” Lucille Ball

How is the first week of this
New Year treating you?
Better question may just be...
How are you treating it?

Here's to your wildest realities
your best dreams
All your truisms...
is the last performance of Stacey and her horse
doing "Live Like you were dying" one final time
at her retirement performance,
putting it here for all to see
as one
final reminder today!
as a strong message for that little one
Georgia as well.
You will ride baby girl, feeling the wind in your hair
who knows?
We may have the honor of watching you one
as you take the stage with that great animal
beneath you ~
As for the rest of us
I can only hope
will demonstrate the same courage
step into this day
May we all
Live as We are Dying
Stepping or Dancing
This Day!

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot, the sage is filling the air, with thoughts on the wind. Prayer are being offered to those who know who they are...
We are surrounded by warriors here and in the next place, along with some powerful angels!

Walk In Beauty,

p.s. Hey O, have you got that copy of
Healing Heartaches out there yet?
Guess it's time to "tweet Oprah this morning"
send her an email!


Angie said...

Good Morning All,
So glad Sweet Pea and Pie Face are doing well and so happy to hear Sweet Pea is ready to ride again. A Warrior she is~~Will continue to keep her in my prayers.
It is very cold here in Radford, VA but we can't let that stop us. Kamryn has a basketball game tonight and then we are off to watch the Bobcat Basketball game. Oh what a busy day we have ahead.
I hope everyone has a beautiful Blessed day and as always you are all in my prayers~
Luv to all....Luv ya "whole lots" Cuz

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, cant believe I am first, where are you Irene? I would be sleeping in too but I must go to the good old YMCA and get in that pool and work this body. It is 32deg. here and chance of some snow on Friday. This first week of the New Year is great, I am smiling all the way and making others happy with a great big smile and a hug thrown in for good measure. I am so happy the horse and child is ok. Makes you think of so many people thrown from horses that did not do so well. A happy start for the New Year. Today will be a big day and challenge for the President and the Congress as the Republican party has taken it over. Lets hope and pray they can work together and get our Country back in the black with jobs for everyone. I leave you with a great awesome day wish for all. Prayers for the troops and their families. Blessings for all. God Bless USA. Oh no, I WAS NOT FIRST.

Anonymous said...

Good morning world! there is nothing I have ever witnessed, more spiritual than the connection between a horse and rider ... no saddle between them ~ nothing but love, trust and unbridled joy in this video clip of Stacey . I am so grateful that Sweet Pea and Pie Face will recover to feel that joy and beauty again, and grateful for your shared words and music this beautiful morning. Blessings to you DRSES, and to all who come here in joy and harmony...

Irene M said...

Hello there, wish I was " sleeping in ", but the good-deed doer is at it early this a.m.
Details unimportant, but it includes over-seeing the seniors in my community, then yet another trip to TAMPA airport to pick up a resident. Keeps me very busy over here.
Glad to read Sweet Pea & Pie Face update, positives all the way ' round. Thanks Dr. SES for contributing to our world each morning.
My coffee is just as yummy, warms the damp air.
Till tomorrow........ everyone, I am Irene-on-duty

Anonymous said...

Happy happy news about sweet pea and pie face. Still smiling at the names... Thanks for the blog doc, music touched my heart. Where do you get te photos? Heard that you are a shutter-bug. True? Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

hope is that everyone had a great day,
thanks again for great words and thoughts.
sure do enjoy ending my day reading here.
I loved today's sky and finally a fierce
shower to quench the thirst of my winter
flowers... surely would love to ride the
raindrops... maybe in my dreams tonight...
goodnight !
sign me,
sleepyhead A.