Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday and the Train

Chooo Choooo

Good Morning Mornin
Look out, here comes the Train!
Coffee is hot, the morning is coming on strong
the coffee is fantastic!
Ready to board the day for a great ride?
Wow, I've been burning the midnight oil on a project, but think I now see the light at the end of the tunnel...
maybe it's the headlight of an oncoming train!
Not sure yet,
let's hope
it's the light~

The little ones decided not to wait for the train this morning, they are instead making their own track,
the familiar track around the pool;
Gypsy with her toy in mouth
[and still able to bark her delight of morning],
with Jeepers hot on her tail, as they make the corners
around now for the second time at record speed.
Ah, it's good to be them this morning.
At the same moment,
that nasty bug is managing to hit folks here
rather feeling like they've been standing on the tracks
just happened to
look up
saw the head light of that train a second
to late!
Run over by the "bug" of 2011
leaving them without a voice
or now find themselves with sounds like a mixture of
Kermit the Frog
and "nothingness" once the mouth opens!
Wassup with that?
Perhaps a good time to hit the Vitamin C,
kick back and let it work;
resting the vocal cords at the same time!
The "stress of the holidays" is catching up with folks,
along with the "snow birds" arrival to Florida, most of
are saying; "gotta blame it on something"
I guess!

So, how was this first week of 2011?
Did you find out anything new about yourself
or anyone else
or make new resolutions?
Are you keeping those mighty resolutions that have been made
are you just living and living your best life?

are a winner remember!

One thing that continually amazes me
so early in this New Year is how quickly the time runs by in a day. Just seems the hours are shorter than they were last year in so many ways...
Get up at six am and before you know it is is six pm.
I have noticed this week, that the light is changing
I figure that is a lovely thing
spring is just around the corner.
That is more than lovely, it is fantastic!

We have a new plan here in the works,
and the work has begun.
A Bake Sale is in the preparation stages
and we will be joining in
on January 29
which is a special day
so I know we will greatly successful
at raising lots of monies for
MS Research.
January 29 is Mom's (aka COB's)birthday up there In VA
here there will be a huge event at a local church
where one of our daily readers, supporters and commenter's
"sign me A"
has hooked us up with tables!
we will be now recruiting our trusty
Warriors in the effort
putting together some awesome
most delicious offerings
for that day
to raise a gracious amount of money
in honor of our
 Laura Roorda

So here in our home,
the kitchen is being transformed into
Bake Shoppe once again!
With of course the usual deterrents of
"will you bake me this, or can you send me a taste of that, or can I be a taste tester for you on that"
Yes, we will let the "good times roll"
Have the Best of Times in the doings
of all
While calling on all Warriors to bless this event
bring great energy to the outcomes
with coming out
to support it.
Wonder it those things can be shipped, mail we can do a
"virtual bake sale"!!!

Creativity and imagination are as open as our Universal spirits and the skies themselves.
DLB is also and awesome flower arranger of real fresh and silk flowers,
she will also be making a couple of
silk arrangements
for the event
for a raffle that day!
Creative don't you think, and a great addition for raising money!
Look out MS
we are out to get you
we are coming on strong.
Those "spaghetti noodles" in the brain, also known as neurotransmitters send so many messages
and the wires that mis-fire and mis-inform
will not know what do to once we get the needed monies for researchers to figure this all out
help the folks out there who are fighting this fight.
They will Cure This.

Until then, we have to work hard
and those with MS, along with those who are blessed to not have MS, must work hard to give the brain commands to perform
while remembering that the brain likes consistency.
You must give the command.

"If you give your brain mixed messages, you will receive mixed results"
Be consistent with the messages, desire, intention
of what you are telling the brain.
Begin each day with self, with intention, with self-care.

Speaking of self-Care, talking to your brain,
January 29...
I heard from Mom,
seems she is all over this New Year
since returning home from Christmas here in Flroida.
She is hitting the Y with her buddies there in 30 degree weather, rolling out of that warm bed, and scraping the windows of her car... Off to the Y with her buddies
where they jump in that pool for their work out
and "chat out" three days a week!
Her latest new venture for this new Year?
She has just joined and completed her first
Check it out online; now that is an image
and she says it is great fun!
Mom took her position in the back of the line, so she could
watch all the "young and cute ones"
The Instructor had another idea, which ended Mom
as the front of the line
when the instructor changed things up!
Too funny indeed, she says it was "fantastic"
she enjoyed all, all enjoyed all
Mom, COB, is
Zumba Queen
going for it in 2011
as she keeps the roads hot in the cold of VA in January!
Bravo Mom, I am ever so proud
as you
into this New Year!

Everything you do
Begins with YOU
Give the Message to your Brain, to your Heart
so that your Brain can deliver it to your
Central Nervous System
Step out of your "comfort-zone" you may just surprise yourself and like it out there.


What's the plan for this day?
Taking the train, walking along side it
Brave enough to be the Conductor?
Many choices once again! “

"If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Take best care of YOU today,
enjoy all the richness of your world, your life
Practice random acts of kindness
just because
Laugh out loud
just so you can hear your voice
(if that is,  you have one today)
Be grateful, very very grateful

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are sparkly with their heat and crackling hot as the sage fills the air.
The smell fills the air, as thoughts join them in the wind
to all who are gathering here
those who know who they are.
We are with you always 

Walk In Beauty

and click on the link to the live den cam to see
Lily the North American Black bear and baby HOPE
Live along with updates, education and the latest news.

to visit sissy Kelly Two Wolves and see her beautiful artwork, bead work, and to schedule a phone reading
she is a remarkable woman who is spirit filled
with such talent and beauty.

Oprah, should now have her copy of
Healing Heartaches in her successful and most talented
hands now!
OWN is on and we wish her great success.
Time to flood her with those letters
and ask
when is Healing Heartaches going to be added to her
"Gotta Read it List"!

p.s. wonder what is going to happen to
"Discovery Health channel" now? I mean after all, that is where I hone my brain surgery skills!!!


Anonymous said...

Well what a delight to wake up and read at three thirty in the mornin. Gives plenty to take back to sleep with. :) I love hearing about the doggies, can just picture them.
Trains ...hmmm think I will take the scenic car today and just rest...sometimes being conductor is hard work LOL
Greetings from high top the snowy mtn. I tried to send some snow to you but they said you put no such address and sent the stuff back.
and read a quote this morn that reminded me of you

"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone."

A wishbone....I love that. Everyone needs a dream.

Love the MS raising money with son being told they think his issues are MS. What great workers you are. Why not schedule round the country sales on same day? Have people post pics of the sales..see h ow many can be accomplished.

hugs on the wind friend from EE

Anonymous said...

Love this blog doc! I too miss my discovery health. Wsh I knew where it moved to. Mixed reviews on the OWN channel, but will wait and see. I clearly am conducting the train today! Great big Saturday just waiting for me to ram it up. Fab idea about multiple bake sales around the country. Go for it. Fun thing to do with friends. Gotta run, off to work. Best day to all.

Anonymous said...

Loving todays thoughts doc,wouldnt be surprised if that was u driving! good for cob at that zumba! way to go.
I'm still on yesterdays helicopter my self and be care ful burning that midnight oil out there doc. a bake sale for MS across the country, now that is a plan if ever there was, hey doc why dont u take it on the road (in your spare time that is, and sign books while gettin folks fired up) Someone needs to get Oprah on this quick, maybe she could get behind that and foot the bill for our doc and bakers too! Let's cure this damn disease for warrior Laura and those 200,000 others out there with baked goods and the dough raised ... stompin here

Anonymous said...

Os-da-su-na-le! Sounds Like Gypsy & Jeepers were doing some ZOOM-BA as well, LOL♥ Good Saturday to you DRSES... love and laughter on the cold NE Pa winds! Coffee hot and strong here too ~ kitties outside playing in the snow and I am going to join them out there in the sparkling, white newness. I hear the train .... whoosh ... no it was the snowplow ... Wish I could be there to participate in the fund raising for MS (and I wanna sample the baked goodies too, please!) Blessings to you and yours ☺

chris said...

mornin everyone-sure is a beautiful day today-I am starting my baking today-have lots of plans for it and HOPE that we sell out!! Of course, when it is done everyone will be on a sugar rush for a while! But that's ok since we need to do this! I figure if the brains of the world can screw up the world-they need to help us make it right again. Anyone who can work out the logistics of necular energy can figure out how to eradicate this and several other diseases...
Have a great weekend -I do hope all of you who are suffering that stupid bug feel better real soon. It's going around in my office too.
So..this a Florida in winter -beautiful, the sun is shinning slight breeze and it's going to be warm for the day..think I'm going to walk around a bit and check out the grounds today! Talk to ya soon...

Anonymous said...

and a beautiful, blue sunny day too !
the bluest sky sure kicks the happy thoughts
into high gear. My agenda today is short
and sweet.. not a thing !!
I was thinking about what goodies to
start baking here as well, too much sugar
for me is not a good thing so I think I'll
bake some "sugar free" items to enable
guilt free edibility !
We will kick MS, you know where, take it
by storm , for all of us know we surely
do have some kinds of awesome power here.
Wishing a "rollercoaster fun " kind of
day to all !
sign me,

Anonymous said...

Ok, you guys bake, and I'll buy it and eat!
Willing to empty the piggy bank and make a piggy out of myself. Glad to hear everyone is pumped up and enjoying the day. Zoomba huh?
Just what age is COB to be taking up such an active program? 29? Just watching zoomba on the adds wears me out and drives me to the kitchen for a bag of chips. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good cold morning here in Virginia. Snow on the ground and the temp. appears to be on 0 and the outside thermostat. COB has no age, she is ageless. Last night went to volunteer for the YMCA keeping teenagers off the street. Hosted 5 bands and the music was wild. I took up the money, we had over 200 attend and that was not counting all of the band members. The teenagers does not have a good place to go around here and we are trying out to see if this works. It seemed to work well with that many kids in one place. There was no problems. Great time but I can tell you the music was loud so I stayed in the hall way taking up money to help the YMCA. We are in need. We hope to make this a monthly get together. Go for that bake sale and make all of those goodies and make lots of money to get rid of MS forever. Have a wonderful sun shine day in Fl.. Blessings to the troops and their families. Blessings to the Congress woman Gabby in Arizona and the victims of the shootings which killed so many people and pray for the wounded ones recovery. A 22yr. old random killer. I have no compassion for him. Someone should go ahead and kill him. The precious 9yr. old girl, gone too soon. Blessings to all and make each day count.