Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just thinkin

Sure to be a great day for
an island!

Warmth, walkin along the beach,
that ole' familiar sun
only to end
with a fabulous

No wait,
here I sit in Florida
and the "warm up" is on its way
I'm told~!
Coffee is hot
and that sunrise was captured
from the middle
Lake Tarpon after a great day
of seeing the Eagles,
good music
great friends, that's it, I remember
right here in the
sunshine state!
C'mon sun, throw some heat with that shine today.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for D'Vante... I haven't heard yet the update of P/T, but know he is being loved and spoiled by all there...

The chill continues to blanket much of the country
some with that white stuff
while many are out and about with
the child like spirit of throwing snowballs
and going to get their mail
bare foot in the snow.

Guess if the 4 leggeds have to weather this in only their paws, humans can do the same, I know from pictures of
Jinxy out there in South Dakota
there is much fun in such behaviors.

What are the plans for the weekend?
Here, plans are underway
for the upcoming
Bake Sale
to raise more money
MS Research.
We must cure it, get rid of it for good.
Warriors from this page are busy preparing,
getting those ingredients mixed and creativity is flowing
as they mix, dice, twirl, and swirl
with their creative minds and generous hearts.
We will take that day by
storm and sell out
in honor of our Laura
the 200,000 others fighting MS
 and wait for the cure. 


So for today,
is the thought and wish to all;
be it, hold it, use it,
with with all that you are.
you can never ever ever
Have enough
good times

Hope never abandons you; you abandon it
George Weinberg

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot,
thoughts on the wind, to all who enter here and those who know who they are.

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, me first, cant believe that, where is Irene? The sunset warms me all over. It is 32deg. right now but we are gonna have a heat spell come thru today and tomorrow. It should get up around 40-45. I will take that and give my electric furnace and heat pump a rest. Go fight that MS and surely it and cancer will be stomped out soon. So much sickness, I pray each day for good health for all. I am fortunate to have pretty good health for my age. 39 and holding. ha. Prayers go out for our soldiers and their families, for Gabby and family in Arizona and all of the others who was injured and died. For our president and all of the families who are going thru stress and illness. God Bless USA. Have a happy, fun filled day.

Irene M said...

What a gorgeous day today is ! Sun and warmth.
Good to be alive and well..... Hope the Dr. SES household is on the mend. Even my sister is very sick in Hershey, PA with the flu or whatever is around. The sunrise / sunset photo is just breathtaking. Enjoy, everyone,
I r e n e, happy, healthy, wealthy? and wise.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed the sunrise, went to work while it was stilldark and if the un shone, it was gone by the time I got outside. Good coat, can take the chill. Just knowing that you have been so sick with this awful flu/bug/lung puckeroo, I thak for caring enough to drag yourself out of bed ad gift us with your thought here on the blog. Where are our other friends. Missing Chris, Andrea, and the rest of you guys. Hope you are all weell and just busy. Have the bestnight, sleep well and up and smiling tomorrow.

chris said...

I'm here--I try everyday to read the blog-sometimes I have to stand back and let what Sherry writes about sink in. Most times I do comment but sometimes I'm just busy. And after spending so much time on the computer at work, I just need to rest my eyes.Spending this weekend baking-just hope we have enough to sell lots and lots..(make lots of money)! Beautiful
picture-ahh summer can't get here soon enough! Of course when it's hot and humid I will be longing for winter--oh well! Have a great weekend everyone-talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm finally here too,
a couple of days late, feeling well but very
busy and tired... not much time for much more than
sleep.. trying to stay ahead of that awful "bug" with lots of sleep...
Thanks for missing me, I miss being here.
This has become an important part of my daily
life.. So much pleasure to share with all of
the warriors here... STOMP.. for the caring and
the friendship we share amoungst us..
so very wickedcool.. you folks are the best
of the doubt about it !!!
sweet dreams and happy days to you !
sign me, always hugging my angels,