Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Bout That

The North American Black Bear
Laying on her Mom
In the Den
Ely MN

Lily the North American Black Bear
January 21, 2011
1:51 CST
and then
Lily the North American Black Bear
that cub's twin
1503 CST


In the den
you can click on and see/hear
Lily the North American Black Bear
who gave us
now with
and hear
them sound like "humans"
with their "coos"
and suckling noises
such wonder
be in
of the wonders of the wild
reverence of
The North American Black Bears.

And of course
I do believe Lily waited for me
to return from PA
so that I could
have the honor of
watching the live births
"home sweet ever so sweet home"

Wado Lily

Nature, unlike humankind, never ever does anything >unless it is conducive to life.

The wild and nature are astounding,
not always kind, not always easy to watch and absorb from the eyes and hearts of humans
in "awe" and breathtaking in its amazing grace.

I wish you all that you dare to dream,
I pray you peace.
I thank you for your emails, your comments
and your thoughts
this week, to me
for others.
The fire is burning brightly today, its embers are hot, the sage is filling the air
with thoughts on the winds friends ~

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Good cold morning, so glad you are home and hoping you are feeling better. Just to be home I am sure you are better. Bet the 4 leggeds are jumping for joy. Congrats to the bears amazing they waited for your return. Hope they are snug as a bear in the rug. It is cold here in Va. and more snow coming Mon. and Tues.. Oh no, dont want any more. Sounds like your visit to Pa. was wonderful and so many people responded to you in ways of wonderment. We knew they could not help but be good to you and learn the ways to cope and be happy. The words of wisdom from yesterday is still fresh in my heart. Speaking the kind and grateful words to TSA, the Marines and all you had in contact. That is something we should all practice. Keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers. God Bless the USA. Blessings to all

Irene M said...

Helllllloooooo there Saturday.
Hold on to your Hats, scarves, gloves, flags...
Sherry's home and there are twins born !
Holy moly and all that.
Bundle up all over this country, think warm thoughts and drink hot tea.
Bye for now, Frozen Ice Cream !

Anonymous said...

Way to go momma Lily... twins. surely
she will be a very busy bear !
Sunny Saturday morning sure took a frosty
turn... brrrr.. sitting here dreaming of hot,
hazy days of summer, lazy, awe filled days of
dancing dolphins and calming, ebbing tides of
the to daydream.
Another weekend is half over, they sure go more
quickly than the work week.
Wishing to all a cozy, peaceful Sunday.
Looks like we may need to turn on the antique electric
blankets the next few days.Mother Nature seems to be having quite a bit bit of fun creating havoc across the country. Sure am happy to be
freezing in the warmest of all places in the US. warmest thoughts , sweet dreams for all of us.. sure hope you are feeling much better Sherry ! Thanking you for all you do,
sign me, hugging my angels,

Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home! Mama Bear, One year old Hop, and now twins. Must be crowed in that den. could use a few beas to snuggle up to in this frigid cold. Lucky bears.... Keep warm, sing out loud, dance a happy dance. Be all that we were each meant to be.