Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Today, Look for Beauty

There are times
takes you by Surprise

Good morning morning
it sure is good to be here to see you.
Coffee is on ~ and it is good.
The little ones are still adjusting to
no Kamryn chasing them
no "dribble dribble"
"swoosh" of the net
"splash" of the basketball
as it bounces off the backboard
NO Kamryn chasing them and loving on them!

Those North American Black Bears
are entertaining the thousands
via live cam
to get to it from there.
A new kid has joined them there
it is a little itty bitty mouse
that is now wearing a big name
"Mansfield" named after
none other
Sue Mansfield who is adored by thousands
out there in Ely MN
and Dr Rogers side kick who walks with and talks
with Bears, and spends her lifetime in research
as well!

2011 is underway
many are timidly approaching the
and others are standing in the middle of it
and ready to
OWN their lives, their choices
with intentions set in stone of how they will
choose to live!

Godson D'Vante is enjoying being back at school, taking care of business there, as he gets closer to the
day of Meniscus surgery on Jan 12.

And up in Georgia a youngster called
was riding her beloved horse named
"Pie Face" and last night she took a bad fall,
 then that beautiful horse bolted and also fell.
"SweetPea" is hurt, that much is certain,
she was badly bruised but thankfully not broken.
"Pie Face" is also hurt, very badly it is thought and may have to be put down as a result of the fall...
 but "SweetPea is not aware of that as of yet.
So, the fire bowl lit up last night with prayers of healing ways, for both of them,
both bonded and loving little Warriors
having a terrible accident.
I ask all of you Warriors out there
To take a few minutes
send some healing energy to this
little one
a beautiful 4 legged named "Pie Face".

Life is so very fragile
Embrace each breath, each moment, each other.

As photographs and memories are often balm to the spirit and soothe the soul, so does music.
I was talking with a friend yesterday
about the power of music.
During times of wonderment, of ecstasy, of passion,
of great and profound sadness, pain (both physical and emotional)
Music is powerful
it can minister strongly,
can soothe the soul, the nervous system,
calm the nerves when they are rigid.
Music can speak volumes without you having to say a word.
Some would rather give you a song
than diamonds!
Others would rather receive the diamonds,
I know that!!!

From the beginning of time
Mother Earths Heart beat has been heard through the rhythm of the drum,
it is that way today,
The Creator gave us hearts that beat with the
rhythm, if we but remember to listen.
We can all hear music
It is up to us to find our own dance.
In the good times, the best of times.
In the scary times, the worst of times.
The times of heartaches,
the times of Healing Ways.
The music is there; whether classical, country, jazz,
hip hop, or even in certain ways if it is Rap...
Each flows and dips and allows us to dance
in times of celebrations and sorrows.
Music can and will allow us to find our
paths differently
if we choose to let it in.

Certain songs speak to certain people at different times of their lives, times of day or night...
when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I listened to an old song last evening, it struck me as an old friend, and I found myself hitting the "replay" button until I had reached my home.
I had to feel it deeply within, so that I could then gift it to a friend who was in pain, thinking perhaps it would be a welcome balm to soothe...
And then I looked up the lyrics once again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD3aboxk1M4

What a voice Emmy Lou Harris has indeed...
Her love comes through and this song will soothe your soul, I hope you enjoy it.

I've met many through my life
who remind me of the lines
"I would walk all the way
from Boulder to Birmingham 
if I thought I'd  see your face again"
Been there myself more than once in my life,
but no one has ever put it to music quite like
Emmy Lou.

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare to attempt them, but they are difficult because we do not dare to say so." Seneca

So for today, we all have things to do, things to act upon,
things to attempt... and some will be difficult.

The best way to start,
 is with one foot in front of the other.

Just keep one hand on the rope!
try not to look down!

Look for beauty all around you
after all,
remember when
Oprah told Barbra Walters
"I'm destined for greatness"
that was many many years ago!
Look at her now,
she is

Get out there folks
OWN your life
kindness, compassion
great gratitude.

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is filling the air, with prayers going up for those who know who they are, and HOPE for all who gather here.

Walk In Beauty,


Irene M said...

Good morning. I had never heard the Emmy Lou Harris song before, let alone the words. Blew me away. I said a special prayer for Sweet Pea & Pie Face unfortunate fall. We never know.
2011 is just beginning. I took down the decorations yesterday, used the cloudy, dreary day wisely. Otherwise, not much happening over here. Can't change the NEWS, but can watch the new OWN programs to change thinking.
I am blessed and want to stay that way.
Till tomorrow, I am L.I.M. ( little Italian mouse ) Oh No ! a new one....

Anonymous said...

Awesome butterfly picture. Where did you find that one? It is truly beautiful. Our world is a beautiful, awesome place we just have to look and appreciate it. Prayers flowing for Sweet Pea and Pie Face. What great names. I hope all jumped into this new year of 2011 with a force of love and action. Repair heart aches and look forward to a great future. Dont waste our time with problems that can or cant be fixed. Emmy Lou is great and it is the first time I have heard her in a long while. Will have to look up my old CDs and play Music, Music. Good for what ails you. Blessings to all especially our service men and their families. Have a Blessed day each day. Thanks to you DR. SES you make our days brighter.

Angie said...

Good morning~I also loved the pic of the butterfly....
You know me and my music...when I am stressed, wanting to unwind on the way home from a hectic day or just to get in "the groove" I turn my music up and sing like I am the next American Idol, by the way that will never happen" but I love all kinds of music. Music takes me to places I have gone or would like to go. I've always heard music is just good for the soul~~
So glad to be off work today. But have so much to do. Guess if I ever want to see what the boys got from Santa I will have to unpack their suitcases!!
I hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day~
Love to all~~

Anonymous said...

Prayers and positive energy to Sweet Pea & Pie Face. So sorry for all. That IS a wonderful butterfly pic! A bit of trivia - Emmy Lou wrote that song for the musician who discovered her....Gram Parsons, who left us way too soon. He wrote & sang some beautiful music, and he & Emmy Lou harmonizing sounded like angels. If you have never heard, please check out. I am loving the den cam, these bears bring us so much joy! I am grateful that my very ill bearhead friend is able to enjoy the cam too. I am filled with sorrow though that she probably won't be able to much longer. It helps to have a place to go with my thoughts. Thank you. ♥

Anonymous said...

Loved the music, loved the pictures. So sad about Pie Face, glad sweet pea is ok. I second "great names" comment. Good day, glad it's over. Already looking froward to tomorrow.

chris said...

evening everyone-I too loved that picture of all the flowers shaped into the butterfly. Whoever did it is truly gifted with plants. Not like me-I have a brown thumb rather than a green one!
Sending thoughts and prayers to Sweet Pea and Pie Face. Hope all goes well!
May I say --work is just interfering with my social life-there's so much I want to do but so little time 'cause I hafta go to work! Oh well -time to get ready for a new day tomorrow! Talk to ya later....
P.S. Have always enjoyed Emmy Lou but have never heard that one before. Beautiful..

Anonymous said...

love music.. moves my spirit and soothes every
inch of my being.. sending healing energy
to sweet pea and pie face, know that the
energy here does , in fact, have awesome
really love the butterfly, wickedcool...
hugging my angel.
sign me,