Friday, January 28, 2011

WE are Ready >> MS Bake Sale Jan 29

We are now
packing it up
finishing it all
Jan 29
Bethel Church
McMullen Road
Clearwater FL
we are going to sell, talk, beg if we must
folks will meet
Laura Roorda
they will see a Warrior
boy oh boy
will they get more than they pay for
with home made goodies!!!

We are on it,
all over this baking thing!

The coffee is hot, it is good too!
Hearing about that snow up
and oh my,
you can almost hear the sounds of
as they hear the news of
no school, through the air.
The pictures from the news
were lovely,
but sure bet folks wish that
this white stuff would just
ease up and out.
No complaints here,
nope not a word from me.
Attitude of gratitude on,
focus deep and intense now
it's all about
of tomorrow!
Gotta tell ya, it will be good to get the smells of sugar and stuff out of the house for awhile though! LOL
Who would have ever dreamt I would even think such as that...
Death by Chocolate!
Waht a way tooo goooooo

Now is the time to wrap, to creatively find ways to package, to think of ways to "decorate the tables" with interest, with style, with flair!
Time to let em' know
in a very sweet and polite way
a little more gentle than that, after all
Laura's 93 year old Grandma will be there, she too is baking for this event and a long standing member
Bethel Church!
She too wants to see a cure for her beloved

Many have
stepped up from this page,
Dotti B from PA, a fan of Lily the Black Bear
and a frequent warrior here now
has sent Laura an email of support along with a check to her.
Thank YOU Dotti, for supporting us
wish you were here to taste the wonder of the goodies
to see the EAgle as she soars in Laura!
Others here are doing the same things
we thank you.

we have u in our sight
There is strength behind us
and we are serving  notice ....

 MS has long been regarded as a life sentence of debilitating NERVE DEGENERATION, more common in females, the disease affects an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide causing physical, mental, spiritual disabilities and challenges that can gradually DESTROY one's quality of life. Some are terrified... Laura has talked to some who are terrified but later felt better after talking to her, because she is

 S T O M P my friend...Laura will assure you and others that MS is indeed life altering but NOT life ending.

Laura says, "In the near future, you and your dollars can help solve this debilitating mystery! I've HAD IT WITH THIS DISEASE, AND WANT TO HELP END IT FOR EVERYONE~ TOGETHER LET'S MAKE MS PAST TENSE!"
to send her an email of support, care to tell her you saw her with gum on her finger and chocolate in her tooth! or to find out how to send a check to kick MS in the a**

Laura's daughter Shawna is participating again in the MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin again... She's busy training, preparing, she is a devoted woman with a tireless butt and legs of steel and a heart of gold... She rides and she rides and she rides.... to find a cure for MS and her Mom... to end this NOW.

Another fan from the Lily the Black Bear page *( has said she will be meeting Laura this year, she will stand at the finish line and see her right when Shauna crosses the finish line too! How about that for support !!!!

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is.”
Ellen DeGeneres

At least: we know where Shawna is! hahaha

and we know where the BAKE SALE IS GOIN TO BE... and I think we know where we can find Laura and Ellen and we know COB IS NOW THE ZUMBA QUEEN OF THE SOUTHWEST OF VIRGINIA WHERE THE SNOW IS FALLING, as she prepares to celebrate her 29th birthday as we work the bake sale for MS...

but I think we know at least she is in Southwest Virginia somewhere...


we know I am in training for "telling folks how good the baked goods are" after sampling this week, and smelling... and moving my senses into overdrive now, workin' my fingers and movin my toes to music as I fire neurons now!!!

OK.. so here's a thought for your brain... isn't it interesting that we are putting into motion our emotions regarding curing MS... we are doing a BAKE SALE... i repeat BAKE SALE THIS TIME... we have been and are moving this disease away with elbow action, motion, and movement... we are getting rid of those "iron" build-ups that the good doctor says may just be in the brain and those spaghetti noodles in the brain there (metaphorically) and we are doing it all through changing our focus as Tony Robbins talks about in his seminars, his books and his thoughts which is actually changing our "state" our thoughts... and actually going to clean our minds, systems and wipe away MS... had you already put that all together before you blinked??? LOL

What a group of dancing warriors gather here I just tell ya :)

Wonder what Ellen and Oprah would be thinkin??? Bet they would be doing a "happy dance over  chairs" or maybe the two step in 3/4 time... who would dare to guess what they might be doing... maybe even reading a copy of Healing Heartaches!!! heehe

Did you know this...

ANTS DO NOT SLEEP! amazing huh?

We Know MS SUCKS/BLOWS.... but mostly that it needs to just go away... far far away from people....

and that if affects the most remarkable of gift we have... THE BRAIN.

Each of those neurons is a tiny, I mean tiny little self contained computer capable of processing ... oh let's say ... uh... one MILLION BITS OF INFORMATION~!~!~

Now those neurons act independently, but they also communicate with other little neurons through this amazing network of oh... let us say 100,000 miles of nerve fibers!

Tell me you are feeling me now~~~~~~~

on the wind perhaps???

So you see ... we have to cure this MS now folks, cos' the power of the brain is just freaking staggering and amazing and wonderful and awesome and waiting at our command to be and do all that we want it to ~ without interruption or interference from MS or ourselves... and our self limiting beliefs....

SAY YES... to you and your day.... and your awesome-ness.... S T O M P

OK OK OK... But did you know this one???

when the moon is directly over your head... you weigh slightly less! So I'm thinkin... if we take the scales outside on a full and beautiful moon and position ourselves just right... moon directly over our head... > jump on scale, take picture>

WOW, just lost weight!!! Go inside and have

Brownie with white ice cream and hot fudge > run outside repeat > take picture! YIPEE!!!


The brain makes a computer look s l o w...
cos even the fastest computer can only make connections one at a time you know!

 A reaction in one neuron can spread to hundreds of thousands of others in a span of less than 20 milliseconds...

ARE you ready for this???

That is ten times less than it takes for your eye to blink ~

Feelin me now? BLINK~

So my friends... as you blink today, think of ways you can help with finding a cure for MS... this neurological nightmare that we need to erase...

 for Laura, for all the others out there who are fighting who are looking for a way to balance literally... STAND UP...


Did you know that 9 out of 10 living things live in the Ocean? FACT.

Today, police officers from across the country will join with Florida as two St Petersburg Police officers are buried, both killed, both married, both serving their communities, doing what they loved, both veterans.
Officer Tom Baitinger
Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz

May you both now dance across the galaxies, joining so many who are now members of the thin blue line.

That day ended the lives of two St. Petersburg police officers serving a warrant this Monday and capped a violent 24 hours in which 11 police officers were shot in five states.
All serving their communities, their states...
All with families, those who loved them, now in shock, trauma, wondering why and how....

Today, we remember the fallen, we grieve you, we honor you, and we hold your families close to our hearts. We thank you for your service.

We hold your pain in our hands, your hearts in our hearts ~ We Will remember, and we join with you today

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is in the air, with thoughts on the winds of a sad and grieving Tampa Bay as we remember them.

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Our hearts are greiving this morning and all mornings to hear of the loss of the St. Pete policemen and all of the policemen who are taken away from us much too soon. Our hearts are heavy for them and for their families and friends. So sad. such a scum bag to be free and our loss so great. Our thanks to all who are working so hard to STOMP out MS and all of the other things that is killing and crippling so many people. Go do it and be proud of what you do. I will look at all of those goodies all day long and try to remember I am taking care of my health and would only eat to starve MS. That probably does not make sense but you can figure it out. Met a wonderful young man pumping gas and his uniform said US ARMY, I went over and introduced myself and told him how much I appreciate his service to our country. He said thanks so much and he was heading for Afganstan(sp), he was young and going away to help us live a better life. Pray for all our service people and their families along with all of the policemen who are protecting us. God Bless USA.

dotti said...

Oh..... death by chocolate ... could there be a better way to "go"? The display of goodies seen on this page is soooooo wonderful; wish I could reach through and pull that bundt back for myself (I would share!!). I am so blessed to be able to make a small contribution to a far greater cause... I have dear friends with MS and I know it's sting, but I know, too, it has a cure, and that cure will be found; we will make it happen, one donut at a time if need be. My thoughts will be with you all tomorrow and I may just need to bake something in solidarity. First, though, I need to go outside and stand under that moon with my scale in hand ♥ STOMPing with you from the cold northeast...

Anonymous said...

Wow.. great blog and comments today, sooo grateful for all that IS. Nothing more or less, just thankful to BE.
sending prayers to the families of the officers, so very tragic. Events like random , violent death.. sure makes no sense to me, but does bring into clear focus what IS important !
Now, death by chocolate... hmmm...
Looking forward to being part of the
BAKE SALE..and to spending day some time with some
STOMPing warriors !!
Have a delicious day, don't sample too much !
hugging angels here,
STOMP !!!!
sign me, A.

Irene M said...

One sad, but gorgeous day here in Pinellas County. Service, then burial of 2 officers.
I am grateful for this day, my health & safety.
The baked goods sure look wonderful, tasty and yummy ! Hey Laura: STOMP.... and till tomorrow, stay FIRM

Anonymous said...

Lovin this night, especially after a long hard day. Glad to be home, warm, safe and ready to pack up the bake goods for tomorrow. People seemed riled up today. Lots of car wrecks, hateful angry people. Guess it's the wind, stirring up the uglies and the crazies. Hate it for them, but as the doc says, I don't take Tylenol for someone elses headache. I'm all good here and hoping all who gather here are well and safe. Best to all.

Kelly 2Wolves said...

Stomp! Go get um Sissy!I'm kinda gald I'm not there as I would have to be buying one of everything and tast testing all those goodies. Don't need the add on my butt! LOL But you go get em, down with MS you guys are on its tail now! Prayers going to the Officers family friends and community in this very sad time. will be holding them a ll in prayer.

Death by choco;ate hotfudge brownie with ice cream and caramel I'm thing suger maddness! and drooling again. gatta go crunch on a vegtable instead! Knock um dead Darling be there in spirit! Love ya all!

Anonymous said...

The hand of MS, attached to the rest of MS me... is excited to put another bite in the fate of MS! Baked what I could wihout too much damage (ie burnt ones!) and now draggin' my weary buns to bed! But I can't go to bed without thanking my earthly angels, my fellow warriors! You have all been a solid rock for me, helping me stand tall when my legs feel weak, helping me see the bright side of a mean disease when things aren't quite right. As I go to bed, God Bless the fallen officers, and their families. Beyond sad, so many sad things going on I feel guilty somethines if I ever feel sorry for myself, MS is little in the big scheme of things, and I plan to use my energy to end MS! So others don't have to deal with this frustrating disease...and it is a disease. But so many things that can be worse. I am blessed more than most with the love and support I have always, and in all ways! Thank you all for the heartfelt words of support, the hard elbow grease, and the constant friendship I feel from each of you! Happy BIRTHDAY tomorrow COB! XO