Friday, January 14, 2011

Thinking of Spring here on a Cold Day

Good day to think
Since most of the country is
covered with snow
cold is finding its way to most of us,
what a better time
to show a picture
of beauty

Good morning morning
and those with their coffee in hand
as we greet this day of
Another cold one here in Florida,
we have a promise from the ole' weather man
that warmth is on its way again.
Bring it on!
We are ready.
Reports from VA say that
D'Vante is not in too much pain there,
slept through the night and doing pretty good
with that knee.
I'm sure it helps that little Star Hawk is loving on him
with tender loving care after making sure
to win his basketball game in his honor as well.

I find the ole' Laryngitis is hanging with me,
only after trying to tell the four leggeds that were being a bit too loud this morning,
they looked at me quizzedly and then went back to their bark since nothing came out of my mouth!
So it is another day of laying low here
ignoring the ringing phones.

Notice the sun coming closer to us, even though the cold weather is here?
The light is definitely changing.
is a site that is growing in numbers as more and more viewers watch Lily the Black Bear and HOPE in their dens. Seems now you can hear the "snorts", the ramblings that only are understood by them and those who are fluent in "bear language", but once again they have the world captivated with each and every move.
Lily is thought to be with cub, and oh boy will that bring the emotions out in humans; the "what ifs" and "I thinks" and "Dr Rogers should", "maybe Sue aughta"...
geez louise have people forgotten
 "Dr Rogers and Sue Mansfield are the experts,
we are the observers here? LOL
Human nature can be less than amusing at times.

 Funny how ordinary humans become such experts at North American Bear behavior by watching for 11 months and seem to think they know every grunt and its interpretations isn't it?
We humans are just not known to sit back and "be",
often we just have to jump in with opinions
and thoughts when many times they are best kept to self. But I reckon it is human behavior.
 I can only imagine Dr Rogers and Sue Mansfield are ever so happy that they have assigned Administrators who they trust to handle that page on Facebook which allow them to focus on education and research of the North American Black Bears rather be be bogged down in all the many thoughts and emails of "should of/would of could of/ along with critter-sizms.
The probably prefer getting out there in sub zero weather visiting the bears I would imagine...
although I get a chill to my bones just imagining that cold.
Yes, better today if I think of the flowers I think
and the warmth of the sun.

Hard to believe this month is traveling as such a fast clip, but then again time does seem to go quicker these days. Here in Florida many are fighting a wicked flu that I believe may have been a different strain that the one that was supposed to be covered by the famous "flu shot" or "pneumonia shot". Hospitals are at capacity here, folks are just down right sick.

I'm visualizing spring; flowers in bloom and warmth filling the air along with dolphins jumping and frolicking in the gulf. Seems to make the days not so cold that way. The Gulf waters here are about 50 degrees this morning... So I have to really visualize a warm-up!
this helps, this photo was taken
at Virginia Beach in the summer months
that was warm!
Perhaps we all could use a bit of warmth today,
all that is except for you folks
who are out there making snow angels
in the snow and giggling like mad
and having a blast doing it! I do look forward to seeing those photos posted by friends on FaceBook of those people out there in the winter wonderland, sure they will be running in and throwing those wet clothes off, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate as they thaw out in their sweats after building snowmen and making snow angels.
While others delight with doing the same things in their minds or times gone past!

 "It is when we try to grapple with another man's intimate need that we perceive how incomprehensible, wavering, and misty are the beings that share with us the sight of the stars and the warmth of the sun.”
 Joseph Conrad

Thank you all for the continued prayers and thoughts
for D'Vante and our family here,
it is appreciated more than you will ever know.
He goes for his first lesson in P/T on this day,
not sure what that will entail, but I feel sure
he will be in trusted hands
return home to rest.
It will be increasingly difficult to hold him down
remember being 16?
Oh my pity Mom, Dot and Linda
as they attempt that one!

Take best care of you today,
Smile at folks you see today,
just to make em wonder what you are up to!
Know that you are all you need to be
are a winner
you are a survivor
So be on your way,
with great gladness for all you are,
all you plan to do today.
Think Mom might be taking care of my Buddy Pal
after swimming laps at the Y
or maybe she is out there
doing her new
Zumba latin exercises! But I know she is out there
doing something!

Prayers for Gabbie and those in Arizona continue.

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is burning, the air is filled with thoughts on the wind to you and yours for strength in understanding, HOPE in your heart
and all that you need to feel the care of so many
You know who you are.

Walk In Beauty,


Irene M said...

Friday, Dr. SES, thanks for the update and information on D'Vante and you, too.
I am really COLD this morning, but well, no sickness here. Thankful I have that going for me. Bright Blue sky, just wish the HEAT of the sun would turn up. Wishing everyone a great and powerful weekend. I know I will make it count ( as I count my blessings )
Arizona rocks with the prayers and progress.
Always, FIRM, Irene M feels like ICESCREAM ~

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear friend, and thank you for this wonderful message (not like I don't think each one, is!!). I thought yesterday of making one or two snow angels but the winds warned me not to take that risk. Today may be the day, though! Winds seem more calm, snow more enticing although 11* is a bit nippy for this old granny to be outside playing alone. So I'll pretend I am 5 again, and savor every second I can stand outdoors (and I'll even wear my boots!). Bird feeders filled (I did that in 10 degrees, barefoot), plants watered (well, they are indoors anyway!), and coffee bringing warmth and comfort. Yep, I ready to count my blessings and make a snow angel to share. D'Vante ... you are in my thoughts and I know that PT will be a challenge you accept and meet head on. DRSES, maybe the Spirits know your voice needs a rest so it can speak even more strongly afterwards. Peace, and comfort is my wish on the winds for you today. Blessings to you and all who come♥

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to all. Could not get this puter going early this morning as I try to write a special message to a very much loved one who cant talk this morning. I wish for all who have been sick to be well. There is a heat wave coming to Va. this weekend and believe me I am going out to STOMP in LA. 14deg. this morning and thank goodness no wind. Run thru the car wash to get some stuff of the car, the $1.50 one does not do much good unless you scrub it and the others was closed. Hands get too cold. Got my orders for a Chicken sandwich and will put on my RN hat and serve the boy with the bad leg. Oh my, PT hurts me to think of it. I will probably end up crying for him as you know a 16yr. old would not let you see him cry. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts coming our way. I think the worst is yet to come try to hold down a young man for no activity for awhile. He is a good boy so I know he will do good. LIttle Hawk will love on him day and night. When he isnt loving on him I am. DRSES get well soon someone in Va.. misses hearing your sweet voice. Blessings to our Soldiers and their families and Blessings to Arizona and all of the families going thru the heartache they are feeling. God Bless USA

chris said...

DrSES, healing prayers to you. Rest those vocal cords and drink lots of tea with honey. I know you would probably rather have a pumpkin spice latte- but that is not going to help. Save that for when you are well enough!
Have nothing special planned for this weekend except some baking-I am told there is going to be a bake sale soon so I am trying to get a head start on it.
Be well, stay warm--talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

you may have no voice but your wonderful
words are still heard with high volume !! I was delighted to read thoughts of spring and warmer weather... I have noticed as well, the days are
growing just a bit longer and the light of day seems just a tad brighter...
snow angels and snowmen, ha ! Surely a time to treasure from the days gone by.. do NOT miss
the snow shovel one minute ..
wishing you well, and D'Vante stronger each
day, he will heal with all the strentgh of his
warrior self ! No doubt about it ~
Peaceful, restful dreams to all, goodnight !
Sign me, just me. Hugging my angels,