Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I remember now... SNOW

Erie PA
MY Hands
I'm tellin ya
I forgot how cold cold is

Good morning morning, as I am about to get the day started, I am thinking about my flight yesterday
and a woman who works for
Contenental Airlines.
She was a stewardess from Tampa to Cleveland
and I must tell you,
she was
5 STar fantastic!
Her name
Janette, she was from Jersey
and she was
if there was ever one working for the airlines
she is probably the finest ever.
So Janette, if you are on here today,
you can believe,
I will be sending a note out to ole'
whats his name the owner we get to watch on the
little TV for free prior to gettin in the friendly skies and then being told we have to pay'$6.00 to see anything else...
Thank you for taking such great care of me...
I will choose to fly again, and hope I get the joy
of YOU along the journey...

Janette who works for Contenental is a woman who made a flight enjoyable, she knows her job, she knows herself... That comes through in how she walks; her smile, her knowing look and her humor...
There comes a time when each of us, all of us in different times and places and spaces find or wonder or wander into the knowing of our own truth!

Know Your Own Truth
No one can define the things that we know to be true about ourselves. No one can define those truths for us. Others can provide insights, others can perhaps reveal to us truths that we have not yet owned, but no one knows our heart better than we do.

No one can identify what beliefs we hold, what values we treasure and live by but ourselves. Others may be able to make accurate and astute observations about our behaviors, and may well feel free to announce their assumptions.
That does not mean that they are right.  
In our hearts, in our souls, where our personal beliefs and truths live are really only known to us. Well... ok, there are those rare times they may in fact be known to another before we really ever know them ourselves! Stranger things have indeed happened before.... Remember, a diamond is just a piece of coal that did good, it did not know until someone found it and polished it a bit, right?

They may be the face we show, or the face others believe they see, but only we can own them.

BUT...Only we make those very personal choices that govern our lives, our dreams, our private fears and magical thinking. No one has the power to take them away. They are diminished only by self doubt.

If we give up our personal power to others, we nurture self doubt, fear and resistence.

How would this serve us?

We are each who we choose to be, now and always. Some choices are good, some may be less than we wish, but they are our truths.

Take ownership of who you are spiritually, personally, professionally, and wholly. Invest in yourself.
 If you feel unclear on the belief system that governs your life, spend time in reflection. Discover who your are and why your have embraced these definitions of your self. Your insight understanding, knowledge of your beliefs is essential if you are to live your best life.
Let no one define who you are. Let no one label or mislabel you. You are exactly who you were meant to be.
Not perfect yet. But perfectly able and capable of becoming all that is possible in your life.

Turn away form those who do not honor and respect you. They have their own work to do. It has nothing to do with who you are. Your life has been uniquely shaped by your creator. We are each so special and unique. It is the way it was meant to be.

A huge community of people, each different. I honor the difference in each of us.

 I hope to grow within myself day by magical day, and pray the same for each of us.
We are all a work in progress, and nothing works unless u do!

The fire is burning, with thoughts on the wind to all who gather here, and who share this page with those who may not yet have found the warriors who are here...

With all that you are, strive to be all that you can be...

Walk In BEauty


Anonymous said...

Powerful words this morning friend. I feel the Creator, the great spirit in those words flying through you and out your fingers. I hear the change in the timbre of your voice and hear the low voice.

Powerful messages in this today for all. I see you in your mocs and you are entering the desert friend. It may be cold and snowy in PA but you are entering a desert where many are dry and parched for the message you bring, just as many are here.

Words are so powerful and messages like this today create many feelings for many folks. Words like these make some want to run out and tackle the world. Some may make them feel like the child pushed out onto the empty stage who stands there in fear. Some may make others feel like the Creator has pointed a finger and said "I am talking to you" and some may make them do all. But without a shadow of a doubt, these words will let all know that the Creator still sees and walks in the halls inside of them and knows the needs of all.

Hope is such a fragile thing. We are the cultivators, fertilizers and gardeners of our own hope. Sometimes, when our gardens are struggling....we need those around us to water for us. It is like the tiny flickering of a match in total darkness...the hope is there, barely burning but oh how brightly it burns when others put their candles to it.

Your course and work are set for the next days and you will touch many....many who have only that match flickering. And when your time is done, you will leave those cities with hope burning brighter for some who thought theirs was dying.

Let the Creator continue to flow through you friend.
Hugs on the wind.

Angie said...

Good Morning Cuz....LOVED LOVED this blog~~
So very true...Your life has been uniquely shaped by your creator no one else~~
I am with you in spirit today. I know you are gonna "Boom Boom Pow" the people in PA~~
Thanks to Janette for taking care of my Cuzzie~~
Hope everyone has a beautiful Blessed day....Will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers~~
Luv ya Cuz and enjoy the SNOW!!!!

Irene M said...

Whoa, you MUST be feeling better, Sherry.
That was one EXCELLENT collection of words.
S T O M P , The first two comments were filled with power for us to read. I have learned thru healing that my power, my life is just that: MINE. No one will try to define or change me. My choices, my dreams, I own them. Thank you for sharing your word-wealth.
Nice hand prints in the snow. Seems so comical to see that, feel that. Knock 'em out, Doc in PA. They will be slippin' & slidin' out of the session. I am FIRM

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Love the hand prints Sissy! LOL so you get a little of what I am experiancing! Will be looking for the snow angel! Take PA by storm girl, use a mega phone if your voice aint back yet! Hope everthing is simp;y Awsome! Am excited to hear all about it Be who you are Darlin Stomp! you dont fit in anyone elses shoes! Blessings on the wind to all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better, and sorry you are insuch cold climes. I just know your audience will love your teachings. YOU are a Bombdiggity too!

Anonymous said...

My laptop has been down and out... I had been
feeling knid of lost in space and time..
WOW, have read all of the dearly missed blogs
and gotta say, STOMP.. STOMP...
we are so blessed to have you,
drsesdocwickedcool.. words often are
empty but not with you.. packed full of
wisdom and hope and always some humor too..
the world is an awesome place , thanks to your
Have a superb trip and stay warm !
sign me,