Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gettin" Your Feet Wet!

Sometimes Little Steps Lead to Big Steps!
Granny Liked to Wade In The Water
BUT, she didn't like  cold water!

We All find times when we have to just take a deep breath, muster our strength and take that first step... and move forward to "get our feet wet"! haha  This may be that day for you, that day when you "get your feet wet", take those steps to move forward with little steps that will lead to bigger ones, getting your feet wet; moving forward into new directions! At first it may feel cold, it may shock you; awaken new senses differently than before, but excite you at the same time!

"Getting your feet wet" is like taking your first steps, going into somethingnew ; testing the waters... but it can also be that great walk along the shore, getting your feet wet as you walk along the beach!

The expression dates back to the 1500's when it alluded to swimmers barely getting their feet wet, but like that old cigarette commercial we used to see on T.V. "we've come a long way baby" since then!
The French translation of getting your feet wet is, "mouiller sa chemise il faut mouiller sa chemise", which means, you have to be confronted with the real material world, you have to do something, really do battle with reality! Now isn't that great, we all learned something today!

"We're all of us children in a vast kindergarten trying to spell God's name with the wrong alphabet's blocks" (T.Williams)

When getting your feet wet it is sometimes fun and gentle, but sometimes strong. We often find ourselves "in over our head" and scared, so to speak, rather than able to gently get used to the water! Struggles, loss and grief can feel and be like that.
It's good to wade in the water, to get our feet wet; to get used to water a little at a time... It can soothe us, restore our mind-body-spirit connection.

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Florida......... a chill is in the air, only those visiting from up North will be putting their toes in the Gulf to be sure! 
For those who are struggling; those who awaken with heavy hearts and troubles on this day; know that I send you blessings and thoughts of healing-ways. Know that you are a survivor; dig deep and find the memories that will sustain you through these times. Reach out to others for support; find a support group to assist you and feel a kinship with others who are walking a similar path and are wading in the troubled waters, or feel as though they have been "thrown" into the water without warning.
For those who are finding misery within themselves; I ask you to work hard to find peace within; to fight like your life depends on it for YOU and those who love you; fight for peace, love to come back to your family with peace and harmony.

May you find peace today, may you choose to embrace those that are here right now and put your arms around them and tell them of your love; may you laugh out loud and appreciate your day while holding fast to your memories of yester-year! 

Walk In Beauty!

author of Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

Embrace thie day... Feel the warmth of the sunshine... Live THIS moment. There is no promise of tomorrow.
Thank you Sherry...

chris said...

getting my feet wet is putting up a tree this year for the first time in a couple of years--hope he likes it.

Angie said...

Sorta sounds like something I am going through in several different ways......
I love you and can't wait to see you in 5 days!!

Vicki said...

This was another beautiful blog today Sherry...
I loved it..
Will see you soon~