Monday, November 2, 2009


WOW, this time change is rough isn't it?  Don't get me wrong, I just love it being light in the morning, but whew I was ready for bed by 8:00 last evening!! Felt like midnight to me, ah but maybe it was just that I got up at 5am I am thinking!!!
Bur oh what a beautiful morning it is this morning to be sure. S-T-R-E-T-C-H....
It's time for a week of splendor if we have been blessed by the Creator to have this week.
Speaking of stretching.... Just as this most beautiful butterfly that posed for me while in British Columbia a couple of years ago; please stretch upon awakening each day friends. It will help you during your day as well as prepare you for the many times that you will have to stretch not only your body but your mind during your day! Perhaps that is where the saying, "wow, you're really stretching now" originated" or , "that's a stretch'.
Try to think of how many phrases you use or have heard that use the word stretch... leave them with your comments. Rather humorous when you think about it...
In times of change, struggle, challenge, loss, grief, healing heartaches we often have to stretch beyond our imaginations to find ways to make sense of things and to cope. We manage to coin expressions and even learn from others as we stretch to learn new strategies that enhance our own abilities to look through different eyes growing and changing and moving through life, stretching beyond what once was into uncharted areas spreading our wings like the butterfly and taking flight.

Just as the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis through the struggle of beating its wings, so do we. Drying ourselves while being still a short while; then  spreading our wonderful wings, taking flight, resting for awhile and then flying again.

OK, ok... this is the "right" post for the day. As I live and breathe, I just looked up from a drink of coffee and wouldn't you just know, spirit sent a redbird on this crisp October morning to the side of the Lanai... No self-respecting redbird would be out talking to me this morning. I hope you are enjoying your 2nd day of November.

Walk In Beauty

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chris said...

spreading my wings--and stretching by sending letters to those who needed to hear from me.