Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings Granny
To All Who Have Loved and Have Lost
To Those Who Are Dancing Now In The Lights Of Heaven

Today is a day of grace; a day of blessings, of remembrance and of wonderful gatherings for some. Some even have fun added!
For others... it is a time of reflection and memories of traditions past, and new traditions beginning, and it is sometimes difficult.
My family will be gathering in southwest Virginia today... the kitchen and the whole house will be filled with wonderful aromas... I can imagine them from where I sit this morning, and oh that turkey, stuffin', deviled eggs by Aunt Linda,(umm, yummy), mashed potatoes, green salad and corn puddin! I can just sit with the phone in my hand and any minute my ever lovin' cuz Angie will be calling to taunt and tease with that big old spoon in her hand... I just know it! She will mumble "Happy Turkey Day Cuz"; with everyone else yelling in the background the same sentiments, but all the while she will be chewing a big mouthful of green salad and then the corn puddin' while telling me all that I am missing! Ah, but I will be missing much indeed!haha

I just love those traditions! My Godsons' will have their "Hallmark moments" with the family as well, usually reserved best for around the table, as all hold hands for the blessing-way of gratitude; and then "gobble gobble", all the food will disappear in short order, if memory serves me correctly! But those "Hallmark moments" will disappear in before they are fully integrated into the senses in most families; mine and probably in yours, as patience will wear thin through the day; kids will be kids you know; someone will have a cross word; someone will have an expectation they forgot to share and then someone else will get "puffed up" and so it will be! The "Hallmark moment" will pass... and the football games will be on the T.V. and another meal will end, a blessing and precious moment forgotten oh too quickly... lives go on you know and dirty dishes must be washed!

But then there are those who do not observe those traditions; those who do not have family or don't like the family they have! Each walking to the beat of a different drum; some liking it that way, some not.  No two paths the same it seems, but all connected in the greater circle of life. Some thinking like Erma Bombeck used to like to say, "The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank" and wishing with all their might for what they think is better "over there"...

There are those who are loners in the world, either by choice or circumstance... they may dine in restaurants on Thanksgiving or join with friends and the families of choice; some preferring the solitude of their homes. Again it seems to come back to choices made and I am not one to stand in judgment of someone's choices.

The picture today is from the last time we "snuck" to Virginia to surprise the family for Thanksgiving! We arrived in the middle of the night and it was only then that I wondered if my Mom still had that old 38 revolver that she used to have! In those moments of "wondering" as opposed to "wandering", I remember saying, "Wonder if when we knock on the door, she will open it and just shoot us"!!! It was a funny thought now that I remember it... but when she looked out the window and finally realized it was US at 2:30 am standing there in Virginia on HER  porch, she opened the door and just laughed and cried; krumpled a few kleeenex in the process and kept saying, "What are you doing here, YOU are supposed to be in Florida"? I still get a kick out of that surprise visit.

Well as only quiet Indians would do, we then proceeded to sneak down the hill (yes of course on foot, it was in the dark of night) to where my Aunt Linda, cousin Angie, and kids were sleeping soundly and proceeded to wake them; after all ... WE were awake and had been driving all night!  Oh what fun we had!  So a great time was had by all, and that year I had my fill of corn puddin and green salad... my cuz HAD to share both the spoon and the good stuff too!!! "Hallmark moments" were had by all to be sure, creating wonderful laughs and memories for all to cherish.

It was after all the gaiety; the music, the laughter, the food, football, play with the Godson's, visiting and ultimate nap that I drove alone to the cemetery to see Granny's stone and spend a little time there. I had taken the wishbone with me there. Granny and I used to have a thing about the wishbone from the old bird at Thanksgiving; it was ours, a special ritual. So I thought I would just make sure to leave it there that day; as I whet my breath on the wind, shed my tears and shared my joys and my dreams.  I hope you found time for that in your day  today as well.

Whatever you do today; I wish you enough. Enough to be thankful for; enough to be grateful for; enough to want, to hope, to have and to create for you and for your community; friends, faith, family of choice if not blood. When you count your blessings today please remember those who are serving our great nation and those who have served and their families mourning those who they have loved and lost. For remember, we are all interconnected through the great circle of life...

Walk In Beauty

Author of Healing Heartaches


Irene M said...

Well, Sherry, all I can say is that was a
beautiful piece you composed about the
family, tradition and surprises.

But.................. D Y S .........
you did it again ! IRM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder that "enough" is worth being thankful for. Easy to forget the purpose of the day is to be thankful. Easy to get swept up meal preparations, people and events and make the "thanksgiving" part take the back seat. Not today. For this day I will keep in the front of my mind all that I am thankful for. One of which is you. Thank you Sherry for helping us all to be grateful and present each moment of each day.

Vicki said...

That was a beautifully done Sherry...
Reminding us to be "Thankful for our many Blessings".
I too will go to my Father's grave today...missing him so...
I am Thankful for many people in my life and ONE of the is YOU!

Linda Ann Ricci, Flower Essence Practitioner said...

Thank you for your many teachings. I wonder how many of us had a better than anticipated Thanksgiving from something they learned through your blogs. I made a choice to simply smile...completely inspired by your photos of the dolphin and your granny. To simply smile was "enough." What started out as a fake smile shortly turned into a real, authentic, genuine smile. While I did not surprise my family in the middle of the night, I did surprise my son by my smiling. You recently asked if your blogs were too long...I admire and appreciate all the work/fun you put into them. There is sure to be something to touch everyone. My wish is that there could be some sense of fellowship with your readers. I hope more will begin to post here or on your FB discussion page. Sometimes to simply smile is "enough." :)