Saturday, November 21, 2009



Happy Saturday! Almost time to have those "Hallmark Moments" gathering with family, friends and remembering those you have gathered with years ago! It may be a time for changed or new beginnings; traditions changed by desire or circumstance. One way or the other and there is no getting around it... the holidays are upon us... Ready or not, here they come! Okay... once again today you have a choice to make... and keep in mind that not making one is in fact making a choice! haha
That being said, I will again today ask that you pull out your trusty pen and paper and write down one thing that you are thankful for! One thing; a blessing, a gift, a thing that you are thankful for having; having had, having given someone, having received from someone... Are you with me here?  Just keep those notes somewhere handy that you can go back to, read and re-read... someplace you can have within reach.

I have a new friend named Jonny Wong! We have become fast and good friends, and he lives in New Zealand! We have connected through the marvels of the internet and facebook, isn't modern technology amazing? We usually chat as I am finishing my blog for the day and he is getting ready to sleep for the night. It is a small world indeed as I just recently also discovered through these chats that his "Mum" is a hospice RN!!!
Jonny who I lovingly call, "Master Jonny" has taught me how to do all sorts of cute emotions on chat as we are talking; things like:  :) and (^^^) which then magically turn into a myriad of smiley faces, some even with my trademark sunglasses on! Quite amazing to be sure!  And quite an amazing young man he is in addition to that. He in turn calls me  Grasshopper" when I finally get the lesson of the day ~~~ Isn't that wonderful? Sure hopes he reads this today! He has touched my heart all the way from here to there.

I am thinking that my friend Jonny Wong has the spirit of Dragon.  So for today we will talk about the Dragon Totem in honor of Master Jonny living in New Zealand as I await his pre-order of Healing Heartaches! He tells me he can't do pay pal as he is but 17 years of age!!! Imagine that I have a 17 year old who like ME!!!

DRAGON represents the super-natural and the infinity of self (funny my publisher is Infinity Publishing)!
Dragon has the spiritual powers of change and transformation; transformation seems to be appearing everywhere in my blogs of late! The Dragon Totem is one of fierce protection to be sure...

This totem brings with it vitality, enthusiasm, great fun and tremendous courage. That is something that we all can use to enhance our lives and add a  lot of magic along our paths duirng the greatest storms and the sunniest of days. Dragon can and does light a fire or two while being a protector for self and to others as well. This totem will show Jonny and perhaps you... your potential; your riches and your capabilities in your daily lives; during times of struggle, times of change, challenge, heartache and healing.

With aide and friendship from Dragon Spirit you may find yourself looking through different eyes; seeing things differently while discovering new beauty and power that is all around you and within you; as you count your blessings, starting today! Remember, Dragon Spirit; he resides deep within Mother Earth and will help  ground your scattered and tattered energies; restoring your body-spirit-mind connection, if you but ask. Feel the weight around you; just as the mighty weight of the Creator hugging you, Dragon is protecting you from all harm, embracing you, with a firm but gentle spirit of unconditional love! Lighting a fire along the way... burning brightly always...

"Dont Block The Blessings, Good Things Will Happen For You" (Patti LaBelle)

Walk In Beauty!


Irene said...

Sherry, I like the story of your new far-away friend............ and your messages within
context. Saturday's words rock !

Anonymous said...

Me too. Juist read the post and believe in the dragon within. Breathing warm fire, strong, extraordinary.
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts (and photo)my friend, I give thanks for a whole LOT of things, one of them is You! Did you Heal Heartaches at the bike show in downtown Palm Harbor today? Great Blog, great day!

Vicki said...

Great message as usual Sherry!

Ericksonxhue said...

Me too. Juist read the post and believe in the dragon within. Breathing warm fire, strong, extraordinary. Good job.