Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Saturday Morning

I wish you Enough

I hope the morning finds you smiling... I hope the morning finds you without buyers remorse if you were among the throngs of those shopping yesterday until they dropped! I certainly hope that you are passing the word of and telling of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Healing as well!  Just send all who will listen to the blog site and let them know that they may order their very own autographed copies by clicking on the link to their right ... heehe

Doing a little shopping today? Or are you puttering around the house and trying to find a creative recipe to finish off any remains of Thanksgiving Dinner....  This is a first in my home this year; the first time I can remember NOT having my tree up! My tradition is to have the tree trimmed over this week-end; music blaring, the house in a mess and by Monday the twinkle lights twinkling and all is well within my little sanctuary called home. Ah, home sweet home.  BUT... not this year, not this week-end. I it seems have been all consumed with getting Healing Heartaches birthed! A Cherokee Donelewega planned for the community here in Palm Harbor to speak to grieving hearts and remind them that they will Survive and thrive during these holidays! I will have an evening with them at Tiffany's; a favorite local restaurant in Palm Harbor where owner Paul Hittos is a man whose commitment and love of community shows daily and jumped at the opportunity to host a local author for a book signing! I so look forward to the event; to joining with my community in the greater circle of healing that evening; to seeing those I have been honored to walk alongside during their journey of grief and witness their transformation from profound sadness as they soared into the light of healing ways.
And though my house is a mess with no evidence of twinkle lights; there is a message in the story of the day!

Look for the beauty that surrounds you. Let go of your concerns and worries and expectations of what you could have done. Release the thoughts of what you might have done; should have done or have usually done!
Look instead to the many opportunities for doing what is possible right now~!!!

If your have regrets about the past, allow those regrets to be your teacher; learn from them, be motivated by them; and then move on. In this very moment of beauty; in this breath of life you can take those valuable lessons you have learned and incorporate them into the dance of life. Dance, dance, dance... the rhythm of life is there for you waiting, its beat calling, listen  ....

YOU HAVE TODAY~ you are blessed!  Wow, what a beautiful sunrise I have just witnessed!

Walk In Beauty.

1 comment:

Irene said...

Twinkle, twinkle, little lights........ not
Sherry, don't sweat the small stuff and thanks
the lovely picture of flowers greeting me this
nice Sat. morning. Thanks for the the words
you pass on daily, gives me something to focus on and live by...........
See you S OO N !