Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is a most remarkable and exciting day!!! I have received the proof copy of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life!!! This is it... it is here, ready for my "red pen" final edit and then let the press roll! It will then be ready for you my readers, ready for the world. As I send prayer across the winds to Oprah, Montel, and all those other fine folks who will take its message to many who have loved and lost, I hope and pray that there will be words of hope and stories of healing for all who find it worthy of their time and my efforts. It has been a long time coming to be sure. I will now share a little story with you:
For a very long time, this book has been titled, "Krumpled Kleenex", so long in fact that it had gone to Infinity Publishing with that title. I had even written a funny letter to Kimberly-Clark asking permission (in the event permission was needed) to use the word Kleenex in the title, but since I never heard from them, I assumed we were a go.  So.... in the 11Th hour I received a call from my beloved publisher who let me know that Kimberly-Clark had responded to his inquiry with a resounding "NO" to the use of Kleenex in the title...
Ah... bummer indeed. So quickly another title was asked for from the spirits and "Healing Heartaches" came via a dream! So you are up to date, and now know the story! Makes for a funny don't you think. So to make a long story short, or a short story very long.... The proof book is here, I am "over the moon with excitement", have called everyone in my phonebook, anyone who will listen... and I am still giggling like a child with wild abandon. Won't you join me? heehe
With the intensity of the drums and the strings of the guitars... with the magic of rainbows and sounds of thunder... my soul is dancing and my heart is pounding with the beat of the drum! And I wanted to share my excitement with you along with the picture of the cover!
This beautiful picture of the hand is one of my photographs, and the hand belongs to my beloved Mother who I had to ask to smile while taking the picture! When she asked me why, I simply laughed and replied, "because then you will relax your hand silly!" We both got a great laugh over that.
So dear readers, I wish you enough, I wish you blessings now and always.
And... I will be more than happy to autograph your copy just as you would like when you order through the website. Advance ordering is acceptable!
Feel free to visit the website which will have payment and information about ordering at:

Walk In Beauty Friends

WOW, I am having the best evening.... I sure hope you are!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited. Can I order it today? Will you autoigraph a copy that I want to buy for my sister? How do I let you know who to autograph it to? What is the process. Do you mail the autographed copy to me or directly to her? Can you include a gift card if it is being shipped directly to her or what? I have been watching your web site for an expected order date. Do you think it wil be ready for the holidays? Would love to do my book shopping on line for Christmas. Looking foreward to ordering. How do I send you my information. I don't have a profile..... HELP

dorothybrown said...

Congratulations Sherry! Having watched the process from the first thoughts of writing the book to this the day you ahve the printed copy... Waht an exciting journey. Thank you for the inspiration of your "Leap And The Net Will Appear" philosophy, and for the wisdom you so freely share. Enjoy the ride, you've earned it!

Laura Roorda said...

Way to go Sherry, I am so happy this dream is coming to life for You my Friend!!!! Your passion for helping people heal will spread like wildfire, and I am so very excited for you, along with the millions of people who will benefit from this book. It'll be amazing, just like YOU!!! Breath friend, you are there! Where can I get an autographed copy?

DrSES said...

Thanks for the comments friends!
I will try to respond to anonymous for a moment, although it is a bit more difficult since I don't know how to reach you! I will suggest that you email me at: so that I may address your questions in more detail, but in general: we are adding a paypal button to the website to pre-order autographed copies of Healing Heartaches! We anticipate that copies will be ready well before the holidays and we'll be ready to get the books to you ASAP! Thank you for following and blessings to you and yours. I am grateful for those who are spreading the word, I wish you enough. Walk In Beauty always.

Irene M. said...

Sherry, I am so happy to share in your joy.
Your dream come true.
Share it with all of us, as you have shared
yourself with us. Can't wait to read it,
have a cherished signed copy in MY hands
and cry the tears of DYS

Vicki A. Cone said...

So very happy for you! Wishing you the best always~ and there is not enough room on this blog to express to you how deeply grateful I am to have had YOU as my Counselor at Hospice following the death of my beloved "Dad"...