Monday, November 9, 2009

~Dancing Through Life~

Nature is the Rhythm....

We are the vessel for the dance, nature is the rhythm... it is all around us, the Creator just watching and waiting to see if we will move! Maybe today? Will you feel it, allow yourself to be moved by its sound, swaying gently at first to its rhythm... feeling it in your soul and then ...
Without too much thought you are feeling it deeper, the sounds in your nervous system almost, moving you out of your comfort zone, urging you to reach a bit farther than usual, stretching a little farther in your thoughts maybe, and before you know it ... you are dancing YES DANCING ON A MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and then it's FRIDAY!!!!

We never did tell my Godson Kamryn who still dances through his life that in the picture above where he was "dancing with wild abandon" that the music he was enjoying was in fact in his heart! You see, there were no batteries in the Walkman that he was holding at the time, but it didn't change his "swagger", he was still "busting moves" and having a grand dancing through the moment time! Indeed nature is rhythm, and we choose to dance through life.... or not.

There are times when the dance has to stop momentarily. Those times of profound sadness, grief, trauma. It is during those devastating times that we are unable to hear the music, unable to move... amazed that the world is still moving for others as we are sitting in our pain of loss with krumpled Kleenexes in hand. There are no words for those moments, there are no "quick fixes". As the Cherokee say, there are times you just have to "sit with it", absorb it in all of its pain, its magnitude. It is during these times that it is so very important to surround yourself with good friends/family, someone that you can just "be" with and not have to "do" for or "pretend that everything is all right" with. But try in these very hard times to write these words down and read them often: You are a survivor, you will survive this, you will rejoin the dance of life. the rhythm is nature and nature is waiting for you... YOU ARE A SURVIVOR.

The dance of life goes on, the rhythm of life is infinite, it does not stop because of the struggles, the challenges the heartaches we have or of those around us. It is there, waiting for us to re-join its splendor. And there is no shame in asking for what you need when you feel the music has stopped; rally the other dancers around you, play music to remind yourself you can still hear, you can still feel, even through the pain of change.

"In the river of tears, make time your friend" Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Still a hero to me, RIP)
This quote speaks volumes and again speaks to the rhythm of nature...

Walk In Beauty


Anonymous said...

Dancing with wild abandon. Got a picture in my head as it bobs to my internal music. Gloomy day, just right for the lift dancing provides.
Tapping my foot even as I respond to your message.
Thanks for the thought.

Lizzy said...

Music is everything!!! Must must always have music.

"You don't have to speak, you can do it in the dance. YOu don't have to hide, you are safe within the dance. All of us are free in the heart of the dance. So mote it be, in the name of the dance" S.J. Tucker