Wednesday, November 11, 2009


There but for The Grace of Something/Someone Greater ... Go I

It is a sad, a horrifying day for our nation; those stationed here, those stationed around the world and those of us sitting safely in our homes, tonight sleeping safely and warmly in our soft beds after a hot shower. This tragedy, this horror happened here, on our soil, in our backyard... It has brought back memories and feelings of 9/11. It has stirred that which lives deep within me and hundreds of thousands of others; the questions, the anger and feelings of disbelief and dismay. We ache each time a flag draped casket returns from war, we ache for the families and their grief. We grieve for the losses, the loss of dreams, hopes and lives not lived fully and we want it to end.  But this? We cannot understand this, it makes no sense to us... a psychiatrist?
Right now wounded soldiers making their way to seats, commentaries being made, bagpipes ringing out across the wind. Thank God, Thank-you President and Mrs. Obama for recognizing your need to be there; to let us know that it matters, that you care and that you will speak to those military people and their families attempting to offer solace and comfort on this day of such grave sadness. These deaths are more painful simply because they happened on "our soil" as they went about their day, on their bases, near their families and friends. There in the great state of Texas, just a regular day in a regular town...And then it happened, the unthinkable, the unfathomable... Friends, husbands, wives, doctors, mechanics, optimists, care-givers... They all chose the Army, remember these blogs often talk about the importance of choices! Those in the service choose to sign up, they choose to serve... many wanted to personally deliver Obama Bin Laden to the White House after the events of 9/11. Do you remember? But not this... not this way.

The pictures of the fallen; the boots, with guns and helmets standing firmly. They were just moving along that day; living their lives... they were representing our country. Justin, John, Amy, Aaron, Jason, Erin, Russell, Justin, Michael, Frederick, the names... representative of our nation's finest,, on our soil... This is our land, they were prepared to fight and lay down their lives for us. But not this way, this was not suppose to happen.

13 American Heroes, each with families, from all over the country, each with dreams and hopes for their lives. We will remember them, we will mourn them and we will stand tall, proud of our country and our soil and those who have taken the stand on our behalf and become soldiers! The American people were changed on November 5, 2009, we were once again reminded of the fragility of life, we were reminded again that even in places of great security there can be tragedy and craziness amongst the ranks. It is with courage and commitment to ourselves and others that will allow us to go on, to move on and to remember that we are all survivors.

I look at my T.V., I have my krumpled kleenex in hand, on the table... my heart aches for all the faces I see there, my tears fall as I see the boots, the photographs of the 13 who died. I cry for the wounded, the families and the courage of the first responders. I find that I am crying for those who will walk the path that so many walked the months and years following 9/11 as we processed the pain and the truth that we are fragile, that our soils and our people had been violated.
As I reach for yet another "generic" kleenex, I shed tears of hope and prayer for President Obama and his family and families across our great nation.  It is a sad day as we wrap our arms around our relations across this country.  As our President said, "these are trying times for our Country, but make no mistake, he will be punished for what he has done. We will see that he pays for his crimes. All men are treated equal and we defend that truth."

BUT, make no mistake...
we are survivors, and we are warriors, and we are united in our pain and our glory.

Today is Veteran's Day, a day to honor and to remember... Our history is filled with heroes, let us honor the generations and acknowledge this generation as they are before our eyes, they are dedicated to serving and a part of the finest fighting force the world has ever known serving tours after tours, all colors, faiths, beliefs, thoughts... think of those things while having lunch today; while fussing because your food was served a little cold, and think again about that as you take a hot shower and crawl between clean sheets tonight!  I will be remembering them and pray them safely home.

May God Bless each of us, May God Bless Those Who Serve, Those 13 American Heroes,
Those Who Wounded and Those Who Provided Care
God Bless The Memories of Those Who Have Served
God Bless The President and Mrs Obama and Children
Please, God Bless The United States Of America.

Walk In Beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Eloquently said. It does bring back memories of 9/11 and once again as our lives are changes by senseless violence and religious fanaticism. Abeautiful ceremony honoring the fallen but now the outrage and really nowhere to go with it. It is somehow easier to grieve the loss than to figure out how to manage the anger.

To all our Veterans, living and past.We honor you. My dad used to wear a ball cap with the Marine signia as he was proud of his service
in World War II. Often young Marines would introduce themselves and shake his hand. It always brought tears to my eyes to see these gestures. I am remembering him today and honoring his memory.
William E. Brown 4/14/1929- 11/11/2000
When you meet a vet, or an active duty service person, take a moment to thank them, reallyy thank them. For however fragile our safety is, we oue it to these mem and women who have chosen to serve.
Dorothy Brown