Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"THIS IS IT" And it was indeed!

I saw "This Is It" yesterday... and I must tell you, it was more than I could have imagined. So much more in fact that I feel the need to write about it, and it will be a "series of writing" not just for today! I trust that there may be readers who will be inspired, those who will think I've lost my mind, and even those that will be angry... however being that these are my words and my blog, it is my decision to do this and I feel it necessary! So...
I was so filled with spirit, with the intensity of the music and with the power of Michael that I was surprised by it all! Of course it helped that I saw this at an Imax theater here in Tampa. I believe the 360 surround sound assisted his music to penetrate the very core of my being even further than it would have in a regular theater! But the magic of the Michael I grew up with was there, bigger than life and as gentle as a doe once again. He was the music, the master of each note; the perfectionist knowing exactly and precisely what would make it all come together. But heaven help him, I have no earthly idea where he found those awful orange pants that he wore to rehearse in!
Now I am not going to speak as a therapist this morning, I am going to speak from my heart to yours...
Go and see "This Is It", it doesn't matter if you are a fan, but if you like music; if you like art and expression and if you want to be moved, go and see this! In a word, "aweinspiringbreathtakingbeautifullicious" that's what it was! Well it's one word isn't it? haha
You see, I don't and never have really cared what anyone has ever thought then or think now about Michael Jackson. I find it annoying that people rally after the death of someone and scream their praises from platforms and claim them as theirs, stating their greatness, when years prior they ignored and shunned the very same person. But what I will share with you is this. Whatever anyone has ever thought about Michael, heard, or been troubled about regarding him will be remedied by seeing "This Is It". 
Michael's soul is never more brilliant, his love of people and life pure and his musical magic will probably no be seen again (at least not in my lifetime). I found myself filled up with his energy, the music taking me away to a place that was ... well there are just no words for that place~~~
I realized afterwards that music and that intensity were Michael's place... his life. In that instant I realized that he lived for that brilliant light, energy, intensity. And I believe that he may in fact be the only person that truly is color blind in our world and when he sang, "It don't matter if you're Black or White" it really don't matter because that came from his very core of his being and he so wanted that for the world.
No one can maintain that intense level of energy... not for the long haul anyway. Perhaps that he why he often sought counsel from "Deepak Chopra as he tried to find body-spirit-mind connection.
But make no mistake, Michael Jackson was brilliant, he was the music and  he was gentle like the doe.
He was larger than life on the stage, and he lives on in the lives of so many through his music!
But... it just may be .... he was too gentle for this world, but you can be sure he's trippin the lights fantastic on the other side! Thank you Michael... "wado"

I wish you enough.

Walk In Beauty

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