Friday, November 6, 2009


Ah, but inspiration still flows, not just from having seen Michael Jackson perform on stage for the last time in "This Is It", but also from having my own "This Is It" moments since opening that magical box that held the proof copies of my book Healing Heartaches!
Whew, I am still reeling from rocking my own house... dang, I still wish I could bust a move like Michael though! It would have sure been fitting to the feelings I was indeed feeling! But I will settle for knowing that I was busting all those magical moves in my mind and that is enough... remember me? I am the one who is always wishing you enough and enough is often more than enough if you think about it!

I posted a picture of the cover of the book on the blog-spot, in emails to family and friends and to all those friends and mafia family I will never meet on the pages of Facebook after my nervous system calmed down a bit. The responses poured in, the support was wonderful. Even us therapists called healers by some and "guardians by others" enjoy the support of others you know~~~ Ah, but for the encouragement and support of others. They further lift you to that place of excitement, like stirring the already burning embers that glow and warm the soul on a cool evening.

The "woo hoo's" begin to fill the screen, the phone was ringing... and then I laughed so hard I cried!  There on my screen I read it, not once but TWICE... My Mafia Wars family "wise guys" took me right over the top of laughing so hard that I had a krumpled kleeenex (notice the spelling?) in my hand and was gasping!), are you ready?
"Does your publisher know you are a killer? LOL"
Hey Godmother, and do they know you are also an arsonist and a .... LOL"
"Congrats Sherry, Can't wait to read it, now let's play! :)"
"I like it... a therapist who can play too - COOL"
"Hey Godmother, business slow? Kill em and counsel em, I'll read the book! LOL"

Well I have to tell you.... I have laughed about those comments and others until I had a pile of Krumpled Kleeenex around the table, and I am grateful to these "virtual new friends" for their wicked sense of humor, their honesty and their ability to say what they think! And you know what? I do believe they will buy the book and will know that there is balance in all things. If I give you permission to cry, I must also allow you to laugh. If you take time for sadness, you must also take time for happiness. If you spend time on others... you must also spend time with and for YOU. And so it goes, the mind-body-spirit connection, and it is then good.  Is today good for you? You can make it good, remember it is about the choices we make, starting when our toes hit the floor and then moving to take a good look at:
The man/woman in the mirror!

So today... I being the "red pen" with the proof copy and sending the "advance reading copies" to the "experts" in the field of grief and bereavement across the country. Truth be told, it is you, reading this that are the "real" experts on this subject! You are the ones and those you have loved and lost are the ones that I have learned from through the many years of my life. They were the real teachers; the little children, the teenagers, the young adults, the Elders.... the ones that I escorted to the other-side and the angels that I saw as I came so close but was told to return here. Those are the true experts in my humble and grateful opinion.

I will know how the book is thought of ... once it is for sale and the true experts speak!

Walk In Beauty

p/s  The website is being geared up so that you can order your autographed copy online at:  (stay tuned for details)

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