Sunday, November 8, 2009

~~ Sweet Sunday Morning ~~


Some days we need to remember to put on our shoulder pads, suit up... wear out helmet, get prepared...
Did you notice the initials on the cheeks of that warrior (aka, The Beast)?  haha... That my dear readers is the look of a warrior, a warrior who is focused; ready to win, to succeed, to achieve goals, dreams and nothing I mean nothing will distract or sway that kind of focus! That is my heart, my Godson and of course that is the Godmother's initials you see right there on his cheeks! hahaha, gotta love him! He and his brother play football for the Bobcats in Radford Virginia and they are fierce! I had the pleasure of travelling there to visit this year and got to see them in action. I was the Godmother, the crazed one walking the field taking pictures, yelling encouragement and praises.... screaming like I was watching the super bowl with things like, "yea baby, that is MY GODSON, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT BABY"
Ah, but it was a great time indeed. Yep, here I go digressing again...
Where were we...
Oh, I remember, determination, focus, warrior!  These are the attitudes, the way of being that jump-start your day as soon as your eyes open in the morning. These are the messages to give yourself right after you say your prayers/intentions at night and through your day. These are the messages that enrich, enhance and fill your life! And they are sustainable for your life and add to the lives of all those around you. In times of challenge, heartache, loss, struggle.... focus is hard to maintain; we often forget about the warrior within. We need to be reminded sometimes.
Post-It notes can be good for that. Post them everywhere; on the mirror, the frig, on your computer, your dashboard of the car, on a carton of milk, on the treadmill, the bike, the edge of the television. Place your mantra or your affirmation, quote somewhere that you have to see it, read it many times during your day! Maybe it will simply say, "FOCUS", or "YOU ARE BEAUTFUL", or "SOMEBODY LOVES YA BABY".... you get the idea, right?
Determination is a powerful thing. I am continually amazed what can be done with focus, determination and power, and those who are determined to enhance their lives. I have a friend who is updating his 4,000+ friends daily on his determination and focus to lose 100 pounds this year. When he first posted he said he couldn't exercise more than a few minutes, he couldn't stand to walk much, and he was also grieving many issues in his life as well... but then, with the determination of a warrior and the love and support of family and friends this man who I will call Mr Bright (as in bright as a star) is exercising hours at a time, walking, bending moving and laughing himself silly while losing inches, pounds, old memories and emotional pains while remembering the warrior within!!!! Talk about determination, focus, power!!!!  Of course while the rest of us read Mr Bright's updates we feel like "slugs" in comparison... haha but say "bravo" to him and his journey. He is remarkable, and not only is he losing weight, achieving goals, he is living the life he has manifested for himself. And... so can you.  It is mind-body-spirit connection.
As for my beloved Godson you see above... he is young, he is still a work in progress, and I have great expectations that he will grow into a beautiful man with a gentle spirit while honoring the warrior within while nurturing a gentle spirit, respecting nature and honoring his Elders and loving all people. And for that I give thanks, and so it is.

I wish you enough on this beautiful Sunday.

Oh my, I almost forgot this important update,
Healing Heartaches is in its final edit this week-end, but you can now pre-order your autographed copies on the website! They will be shipped as soon as they arrive!

Walk In Beauty!

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dvakam said...

Sherry, my cousin, your words move me everyday and I so look forward to reading your words before I start my day. It never ceases to amaze me as I go throughout my day how I can hear your words and if I am having a hard stressful day, I remind myself how blessed I am and I refocus and continue on.....

I love you so much and I am so proud of you and so blessed to have you in my life~~