Sunday, November 22, 2009

HAPPY SUNDAY! 5 Days till Turkey Day, Good Time To Be A Dolphin ~


Good morning to all on this Sunday in Florida! I thank you for leaving comments on these posts and on the Facebook Fan page, I do read them, I do enjoy them.
A special hello to my little friend in New Zealand, who I now call "Dragon Boy" Jonny Wong today!
A loving hello to Chris, it was great seeing you! Laura , Grandma, and Mitch, my heart and arms are around you in this difficult and sad time as Aunt Sharon prepares to join her Mom and others in Heaven.
Greetings and hugs to "Ice Scream" and her cousins for "The North" here visiting this morning as well!
I awoke filled with gratitude and blessings this morning having finally slept soundly last night... ongoing excitement & business is exhausting you know! I am thinking it might rank right up there in the stress department! Both good and bad stressors produce that same feeling of exhaustion; all of a sudden just leaving you bone tired and weary, but not quite ready to give up and use your common sense by laying down! Life is a marvelous journey to be sure. But enough of that... things to do!
5 more days until most folks will engage in that age old ritual of gathering with friends, having out of town family arrive and visiting, "catching-up", going sight-seeing, "having those unrealistic Hallmark expectations" and eating... oh the eating! The stores are preparing for you now, $$$ signs of hope in their eyes, poor old Turkeys that didn't run fast enough, were too plump to sneak through the fence to escape to the woods...
And my so loved "cuz" Angie will be just tickled to call here along with the rest of the family to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving as she takes out the trusty big ole' spoon and fills her mouth with our favorite "green salad" and corn-puddin and they eat their meal after a blessingway of thanksgiving and remembrance.  Ah, but she has so much fun taunting me of what I am and will be missing. Hey just an aside here.. did you now that Native Americans invented popcorn? I will try to remember to tell you about that later. Don't want this to be too long!
Gotta love her though, she's my cuz... and then it will happen, all that Turkey/toe-Verkey for vegetarians not; that magic of the tryptophan will kick in for my family and yours... and the snoring ZZZzzzzzz will be heard as football is on T. V.'s all over America and other's are stuck doing the dishes and the meal is over all too quickly.  Another Thanksgiving holiday survived...
But for others, things like this are but a memory of times past and traditions are just to darn painful this year to try and do at all. Some prefer going out to a restaurant, being served by others; talking about the weather and watching from a distance the activities of those around them, or not doing anything at all. For others, perhaps remembering happier times or wishing for different times for themselves.  And then again there are those bold souls who will be eating STEAK on a grill somewhere, wearing shorts & t-shirt, listening to Jimmy Buffet and then heading to the beach hoping to see the dolphins ...
It just may be that they are starting a new tradition for themselves, born of necessity or desire and that my friends is how we cope; we find our path by discovering or re-discovering the healing ways within; in order to live our best life.
That is good, and it happens when we open our hearts; when we are ready to make that choice or when someone who loves us asks or pleads for us to re-engage in life, or listen for the sounds of the music, and join in the rhythm of the beat and dance!
OK... do you have your pen and your list?  haha... thought I forgot didn't you. Ready? Write ONE THING that you are grateful for this morning. One blessing; add it to your list.
Now my friends, I will share with you a little about my beloved dolphin that I so love and often am found with my bestest friends for life on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico playing and admiring:
Dolphin spirit and its totem is powerful: Sound is a part of Dolphin's life and if this spirit has come to you, sound needs to be in and a part of your life! Perhaps that is why I need music so strongly in my life! haha  Dolphin is a mammal and a beautiful creature to be sure; a creature that is said to bring the spirit of our loved ones to us as well. Dolphin is a force of life and reminds us to PLAY, TO BREATHE, TO ENJOY...
It represents so much beauty in life and elegance in its playful leaps and joyful antics along with abundance. Dolphin comes to us with honesty and communicates truth with their message, finding harmony and urging us with their nudging to move forward with life. Funny how that is... I always say, "Walk In Beauty", dolphin always "jumps and swims and leaps in beauty"...

And they laugh... a wonderful laugh with an even more enchanting smile as the one in the picture that I was blessed to take a while back.

Walk In Beauty!


Angie said...

My blessing for the day my wonderful cousin is YOU! I am so blessed to have you in my life and be able to share our every day joys, stresses and my beloved sons! We love you so very much and I know my life would not be what it is today w/o you~~

Anonymous said...

Seems like the "blessing" of your post always comes at the very end...please keep the animal theme going. I will ask the dolphin to help me be more playful. So, the next time someone hands me a very big drum and I make "sounds" that don't seem to "blend"...perhaps I will drum like no one is listening rather then quickly pass it on. Dolphins make rather unique sounds..yet they sound so wonderful.~~~~non-blogger linda ( perhaps we are never too old to learn to blog)

Browncnxl said...

My blessing for the day my wonderful cousin is YOU! I am so blessed to have you in my life and be able to share our every day joys, stresses and my beloved sons! We love you so very much and I know my life would not be what it is today w/o you~~