Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ah, Those Krumple Kleeenex!

One More Krumpled Kleenex

Good Sunday morning readers! I sit with coffee in hand as I write this blog... The pre-orders of the book beginning to come in on the website, the blessings of the day surround me! I am reflecting on the tasks of finishing Healing Heartaches and remembering my visit to Dublin Virginia to visit my dear Mother Dot Sowers.  The purposes of that visit:  photograph my Mom's hand for the cover of Healing Heartaches; Visit with my aunts Linda McDonald, Betty Hix (maybe), see my Aunt Jo (who has Alzheimer's and is featured wagging her krumpled kleeenex like Granny used to do so many years ago), see my funny and ever so loved cousin Angie Loy; and least but certainly not last, love on and watch Bobcat football played with wild abandon by my Godsons Kamyrn and D'Vante.  Whew... missions accomplished!
The photographing of the hand was funny, was actually hysterical.  Shooting over 325 pictures, all angles and often having to take breaks; we used different cups, generic kleeenex boxes so as to not get into trouble with you know who! I often would ask Mom to smile and then be asked, "why are you taking pictures of my face?" haha  I would reply, "NO, but maybe you will relax your hand if you smile!"  Ah but we had good times.  I returned home to Florida and then chose the picture you see for the cover of Healing Heartaches and now Mom's hand will be "famous"!!! haha
And then my Aunt Jo arrived via her useless son to Linda's house. Linda was her caregiver until son fired her. Another story, another time... So, I walk in and found Jo laying on the couch, a kleeenex draped over her head... for a second it reminded my of Granny and my stomach sort of felt funny. I walked up close to her and said, "Hey Jo, (I really didn't think she would know who I was anymore) WHATARE YOU DOIN?"  Well, she took her kleeenex off her head and looked at me so funny... a second or too.  Then she started laughing and jumped up off the couch like a child and said, "Sherry, where have you been!!!" She grabbed me and hugged me and just had a wonderful time of remembrance.  I moved to the love-seat and was still laughing and here she came, sitting right beside me. She would just look at me, slap my knee and giggle and start all over again. The funniest part is that she always had that krumpled kleeenex with her... in her hand, up her sleeve, one laying on her lap.  JUST LIKE HER MOTHER, JUST LIKE GRANNY USED TO DO!!!!  Her Alzheimer's took a break that day, left the house for all of us to just enjoy the moment without restraint, without its lurking presence. She joined us at the table of the photo taking of the "hand shots", laughing all the while. Occasionally I would turn the camera to her and take a few shots which tickled her even more.
It's the little things...  the powerful things... the love things... these things fill our souls, they sustain us... the leave us with cherished memories.

When you find yourself having difficult days; going through hard moments, hours or even months. Find or re-discover your passion, your memories, your warrior within! Grab on with all of your might. Dig deep... don't let go. Trust that the Creator will help you get through whatever it is, trust that you are a survivor. Dance with the rhythm of life, the beat of the drums in your heart. It is OK to krumple a kleeenex, to offer a kleeenex to someone and even watch as it becomes krumpled before your eyes; with laughter, tears or whatever...   You are a survivor, you have an indomitable spirit. Remember body-mind-spirit connection, balance will keep you centered during times of great stress, troubles, challenges krumpled kleeeenxes and all!  (And yes, I am aware of how I have spelled Kleeeenex! Buy generic friends!!!)

Many a tear has to fall... (wasn't that a great song)

"We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive it off its territory. But above all of them ranked the chickadee because of it indomitable spirit." (Tim Brown Jr., The Tracker)


Anonymous said...

What a great story of real life and real life people. People who are loved and laughter. I am sure lots of people can relate to these feelings. Love and family is the glue that keeps us together. Your Moms hands are beautiful. Keep sending us your wonderful blogs

Anonymous said...

Waht a great visual. What great abandon the tissue wags. Just bought a month supply of generic tissues in honor of you and the tears both sad and silly yet to come. NEVER EVER will buy any product again that the big boys Kimberly Clark sells just because they denied the original bok name. Too bad for them... I love the new title HEALING HEARTACHES. Everyone should read it, Thank you for sharing
all tha you do.

Anonymous said...

As always my wonderful cousin, you bring tears to my eyes.....I love your daily blogs and read it before I go to work so if I happen to have a bad day, I can sit back and remember your wonderful heartfelt words. I love you~

Anonymous said...

Oh you made me cry..sniff. When my own dear mom died, I also found little crumpled tissues in pockets, purses etc. The ones that really got to me where in her makeup kit with her kisses on them. She used to blot her lipstick and left a couple in her kit. I still regret not keeping them.
The book will be treasured in my library always.