Monday, November 16, 2009

This morning finds me holding dear many many memories shared with my dear friends Laura, Dorothy and our #`1 man Mitch (often referred to as St. Mitch here in Tarpon but that is another story) on beautiful Lake Tarpon here in Florida. This is a picture of one of the many sunsets we have been grateful to share while sitting on their boat and listening to the "prophet" Willie Nelson sing "You Are Always On My Mind" after a day of sun, watching the Eagles stare at us, while we swam and even forgot our age! Doing rather impressive flips from the bow of the boat! Ah... sweet memories... how they fill my heart this brisk morning!
We have shared many a laugh, many a tear on Lake Tarpon; a beautiful lake it is. I can remember being scared like a little girl when first told of the alligators that make that lake home; of course they didn't tell me that until AFTER  I took the plunge, felt that magnificent feeling of water all around me!  But that's where Mitch comes in, he is our protector, our hero of sorts... surely he would battle any foolish alligator that did not have enough sense to interfere with our perfect day of bliss out there on the lake!

While going through my health problems, returning and healing from near death experiences... my dearest friends Laura and Mitch made sure to get me out there on that boat; out on Lake Tarpon to soothe my soul, feel and soothe my red heart and take me to the eagles. Making sure that I would get the message: knowing that the water, the friends, the Eagles would make me really understand that I would soar again, I was healing and I was blessed through it all!  They were right!!! They are treasures and they fill my soul, touching the innermost part of my being.  WE are the "dolphin gang" to be sure. Playful and healing beings, always there for each other, always caring and knowing of the others needs.  Thank you my friends, thank you for your support, thank you for making me laugh as you did those marvelous back and front flips from the bow of the boat!  They were indeed spectacular as are you~~~

Today I wrap you in thoughts of love and messages of strength. I know your hearts are heavy, your mind filled with thoughts, as you try and prepare to say good-bye to Aunt Sharon... Remember she has told you she is ready; she has fought a brave fight, her Mother is calling her to the other-side. She has been able to say her farewells to many here, attending Grandma's 90Th birthday on Lake Tarpon with generations of family" and friends present; she has been able to return from Indiana. where she enjoyed family and friends while also saying farewell there, to fish and camp and do all that she loves and then returning to her beloved Florida. Now tucked in here with her loving husband, Grandma near, you and Mitch on hand and with hospice she has Grandma by her side! Her Mother now is visiting and calling her home! And you my dear dolphin loving Laura, my dear friend can just be with and love her... she is ready. It is time to "celebrate her home" with tears of joy that she was able to do so much and love so many while remembering that love never dies and memories are also immortal! And for that I give thanks.... And so it is! I know, I know... DYS from many readers this morning. For those that are confused from that sentence guess you'll just have to read Healing Heartaches!

Reflections are powerful medicine. And we are testament to that...

To all of you reading this today... think of your friends, those special moments, celebrate the moments, cherish your friends/families of choice, they are indeed a wonderful start to any day to be sure. Pick up the phone, text a message; send a card (novel idea indeed a cared, in the mail)... send a memory say "I love you.

Walk In Beauty


chris said...

life is just a breath away-I wish Laura and Mitch peace--knowing that their Aunt Sharon has celebrated her life.

Anonymous said...

DYS Dr. SES! How can one ever begin to say thank you? I am at Grandma's now and just pulled your blog up for her to read. We do so appreciate the kind words of truth for my Auntie Sharron, her love will carry us through and live on long after she is gone to the next place. She planted many great seeds in our lives, especially love and laughter. Grandma thought your blog was beautiful! I've added you to her favorites!
Love and peace, Laura and Grandma and St. Mitch who is off getting a new battery for Grandma's car!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the beautiful tribute to Lori and Mitch. I can't imagine surviving without them.
They are always"there for you."
Thank-you for your kind thoughts of Sharron. Everyone who has met Sharron, loves Sharron.
She has always been a daughter to me rather than a daughter-in-law. Though we can't understand the reason God is taking her, we do know that He doesn't make mistakes.
I've been picking out bits and pieces in your book. There is so much "food for thought." Awesome! Wishing you much success with it!
Mostly thank-you for your love and concern.
God Bless! Grandma