Friday, November 20, 2009


Beauty Surrounds Us

Good morning everyone... remember how to do the dance called "The mash potato?" Thought it a fitting title for today's blog with Thanksgiving right around the corner!

OK, a little bit of housekeeping this beautiful morning. I have 3 questions for you along with some info~ There is a comment section at the end of this blog and you can (a) post your thoughts, (b) post your suggestions and (c) answer my questions there! Clever eh?
Question 1. Do you find these blogs too long?
Question 2. Do you find these blogs boring?
Question 3. Do you find these blogs worth your time/effort to read?

Now, let's get to the blog, shall we? haha

7 more days until Thanksgiving; did you find/create a Blessing yesterday? What about today? Write down one thing today, just one... that you are thankful for! YOU CAN DO IT, I just know you can.  C'mon, I believe in you!

This morning finds me ever so thankful that I have not killed my Pomeranian, Jeepers as I just looked up, and found him standing in my hibiscus plant ever so happily throwing dirt out of the plant! He had been kicking that dirt with wild abandon right out of that beautiful plant with those little white legs for who knows how long as I sit at the computer, head down, filled with my thoughts... what was once a 4 pound white pom; now is dirt filled and quite delighted with himself, and dirt is all over the lanai! And he lives to tell the other four-leggeds the tale of his deed!!! haha... well at least he is happy about his adventures a mere 7 days before I was going to treat him with turkey bits... He can only hope that I forget his antics by then. Ah but I digress.

Today I will share with you the Little Frog Totem as so wonderfully captured in the photo I captured, thanks to Dot (my Mom) who pointed it out while we were on vacation together. If you see her, thank her won't you!

The frog totem is the spirit guide that symbolizes Transformation. We have all heard the expression "I have a frog in my throat", and at times have probably experienced that!  While uncomfortable, it just may have happened for a reason; it may be a message from a child on the other-side, a spirit, or a moment to collect your thoughts; a hot second to come to oneness with reason, with reckoning of words or emotions. This little frog spirit is a symbol of coming into your own; reminding us not to get "bogged down" in our own lives; in our feelings, thoughts, hurts, grief, issues, troubles or the issues, lives, drama or expectations of others.
The little frog spirit is a totem representing water. Remember or know that water is a necessity, it is powerful and it is healing. Water is cleansing (not only for the necessary scrubbing to make us smell sweet either!), but cleansing our soul, our hearts, our energy, our very life force. Its purifying and healing effects have been noted throughout history, some places known for their natural healing springs and waters across our nation.
Frog reminds us of that; many people carry cherished little frog totems (little kids like to surprise us with the real ones from time to time!) and tuck them in pocketbooks, and pockets as reminders to stay grounded in times of trouble, of sadness, of grief. They hold totems in their hand when feeling "out of sorts" tapping into the energy if you will asking for what they need, or drawing energy to reclaim their warrior within as needed. Totems like this can be found in healing/new age stores, bookstores in your local area most times. Healing Heartaches talks about ways to find your special totem through journalling, you may already know what your special animal totem is!
Powerful emotions/tears are associated with "water" you've heard the expressions, "waterworks", "cry me a river", or even, "aw go jump in the lake!" and the list goes on, all associated with healing water... and the little frog may find its way to you, may be talking to you. Saying, "pay attention, get in touch with you, your feelings, cleanse the negative out of you, your life, honor your grief and live your life, through tears there are rainbows and life, find your path..."
And lastly today; little frog may be saying,
"Be Glad YOU are not a Turkey For Heavens Sake!"

Walk In Beauty,


Vicki said...

#1...the blogs are not too long...
#2...the blogs are not boring..
#3...and YES they are worth the effort in reading them!
OK...Keep up the good work!

chris said...

#1--no not too long at all
#2--they are not boring
#3--yes--they are worth reading. I always take something from them.
what I am grateful for--my friends--they have been there for me thru thick and thin. I'm not sure if I would have made it without them. I try to tell them often how I feel.

Anonymous said...

not too long, not boring, worth reading because you have the ability to teach with humor...
those of us who are not bloggers are can only post as "anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Hey, I must not be a blogger either because I can only post as anonymous too. Never to long. Thanks for all I learn form your Indian Teachings. Often what you say brings me back to a more positive place. A better place.
Loved the "run turkey, run"

Irene said...

Never too long
NOT boring
Worth reading EVERY word
Keep ' em coming !

Anonymous said...

Not too long, never too boring,you have a great way of teaching my Indian friend! Blog on! I kind of like the anonymous thing! Makes you wonder doesn't it? HAAAAAaaaaaaaah!