Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Challenges we all have them

Olivia and Joan
Welcome to February"
We are surprising Olivia
tonight when Joan brings her to the
hotel and knocks on the door!
We will be rejoicing
when she looks to see
open that door!
Maybe that will get her little mind
off the upcoming
surgery on the 4th!
Coffee is great, as I sit and try to think if
I've packed all that is needed
HOPE that all is taken care of!
The Creator is with me
so all is great here.
How's things with all of you who gather here?
Blessings to you today and all days.
Hello February

It's time to fly
"friendly skies"
I go
where the air is cold and they are saying words like:
"ice" and "snow"
sure has been lovely here
75 yesterday!

Everyday Challenges, oh my ... challenges can be viewed as opportunities for some, as great obstacles for others... Life is not always so kind to great people and yes, bad things happen to very very good and kind people. I am continually amazed at the resiliency of the human spirit particularly when touched or when kindness is extended along the way.

Perhaps, it depends on who it is experiencing what and how and what the story has been and who has extended care or a hand along the journey I guess.

I believe that we must face adversity with personal strength; sometimes having to dig deep, really really deep.

With the sure knowledge that we can weather any storm, and come out the other side stronger, better able to face future challenges with confidence.

Adversity reveals character. How we choose to deal with it. How we stand up to these events speaks volumes about who we are as human beings. We need not face adversity alone. We can lean on others when we need borrowed strength, and we can be the pillar of support for others when called upon to lend a hand. Often, just standing with someone as they weather their personal storm is enough to make a world of difference.

None of us developed our personal strength by ducking and weaving to avoid the daily bumps in the road. Small steps lead to great strengths.

Character is developed by facing adversity head on. How we handle it reveals that character. Sometimes we come out of the darkness kicking and screaming, but often it is because we are unused to the light!

So let us not wish for a life without adversity, but rather, a strength of character that takes life as it comes, the good, and the bad, and view each event as an opportunity to measure up.

 We are warriors, together prepared to fight tough battles.
 Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are.
Bernice Johnson Reagon

We are friends standing strong for and with each other. We are family, of birth, of choice.

We are strong enough.

 We are already all that we need to be to survive and thrive. STOMP

The fire is burning is burning brightly and its embers are hot. The sage is fired up now, with hope in healing ways on the wind to all.

Walk In Beauty,

That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches,
Stories of Loss and Life

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there ya go, and now time for me to hit the road friends!
Be well.


Irene M said...

February is here ! I would love to see the priceless expression on Olivia's face when that door opens to reveal the NANA in person.
I wish you safe travels, DYS, up to the frozen NorthEast. You will have all the warmth from your family. Heck with the snow, ice and cold.
We will be blessed with another Florida day, more normal temps, while the rest of the country is gearing up. May this new month bring us all a chance, peace, calm & healing.
Firmly smiling , eating ICE Cream.

Anonymous said...

Fly off into the wild blue yonder. The snow and ice will melt with your new DO and the smile for others will melt it away. Blessings to you on your journey. Olivia will fly into Nana arms, hope she does not read the blog this morning, you know how she is about keeping up with Nana. What a wonderful day that is planned right down to the minute. The people who are waiting to meet the DR. SES and the wonderful message you will give them. As Irene said above may this new month bring us all a chance, peace, calm & healing. Great message for us to remember and practice. Blessings for our soldiers and their families. Peace be with all. Safe journey home. God Bless USA

Anonymous said...

happy flying !! Wow, Olivia is just gonna be soooooooo very , joyfully jumpimg happy when she sees " her nana ", what a great way to begin your trip.. hope your time is filled with all the moments you wish, and many beyond.
I sure do not envy you, dealing with mega winter weather, much rather slip on my flipflops and head out for a short walk ! Have a great day everyone,
hugging my angels, sign me,
still digging and digging,

Anonymous said...

OK, so... Dr SES got off to a late start due to driver/alarm failure. Got to airport late, had to change flights.... the good news is she was rerouted to Charlotte and the original plane to Philly got iced in and had a five hour delay. No hitch in the giddy on the Charlotte to Balimore leg so all is well.
Ice ha NE already socked in according to airport staff. Not the best way to start the trip, but all's well that ends well and I cna't wait to hear what Olivia has to say about her big suprise.... Nana in person. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

If the doc asked ME, she would have arrived at the airport in time to NOT catch her flight................

Anonymous said...

Ok Friend...the Creator has you walkin and talkin. I know that you will do great. Creator uses you well friend. I expect to hear about all the hearts you fllled to the brim.
So glad you made it there. Weather is horrible all over it seems.
Hugs on the wind
gotcha covered with the fire burnin.