Friday, May 28, 2010

~ CELEBRATE ~ Just Do It Cos' It Feels GREAT

Lily The North American Black Bear
Back Together
Lily and HOPE had quite a vocal and loving

There's a party going on... it started when the words flashed on facebook:
and then later under the watchful eye of the full moon... Lily and HOPE had a joyous reunion...
Lily making sounds that could be heard throughout the forest... HOPE heading straight for the milk supply ~

AFter they ran to each other, butted noses and knowing looks, knowing touch "bear to bear"
sounds of human tears could be heard in the background of the video, and pictures have been posted of Dr Lyn Rogers luring our HOPE from the protection of the Cedar Tree.
Boy those Cedars in MN are not like the Cedars in Virginia!
And then yesterday the facebook was lit up like a holiday ~ and my face hurts from smiling.
Now on the second pot of coffee, and doing a happy dance yep, a happy dance this early in the morning... still feeling
"sparkly like a holiday".
So I'm thinkin...
It's a good day to
Celebrate the joys in our world
So, what better time to CELEBRATE is my thinking...
Celebrate HOPE and Lily and their reunion in the wild...
Celebrate YOU
Celebrate all that YOU are
Celebrate the ability to choose
Celebrate the ability to SAY YES TO THE DAY
Click here, but don't forget to come back...
I'll wait...
la la ho hummm he da da lee la

Are ya feelin me NOW????
That was done by a buddy of mine, Randy who is ever so talented... You oughta see the eggs that were done at Easter time with Lily and Hope's picture! There's even one with my picture on it too ~ Randy just went over the top with genius on this Celebration though, staying up half the night waiting for the reunion of HOPE and Lily!
Stand UP, say YES to this mornin!
 ~ Celebrate my friends ~

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." {Dr Seuss}

Oh what a beautiful morning... OH what a day to
celebrate... a day to smile at every single soul you encounter, every circumstance you walk into, drive by and are a part of in this great world. Today as we find ourselves privileged to be alive as a result of those who are fighting to keep us free in this great Nation of ours.
Put a box of skittles in your mouth and have a rainbow as one reader suggested... wash it down with a coke and have a razzle dazzle explosion of wonder kind of Celebration in your mouth and your  brain ~

Our friend Jill is almost finished with radiation out there in the Mid-West... I think her hubby has had to tie her to the couch to keep her from sneaking to MN to join the search party for HOPE... He probably has had the neighbors to drop in and give her food and water, filberts and grapes in order to provide sustenance over the days...
But I rather figure there is a guard at the door as she would have been in Ely saying,
"Hope, Lily ... It's Me Auntie Jill"
 from the get go!
She is a Warrior and she has her warpaint on at all times... a force to be reckoned with she is!

celebrar, festejar, tener fiesta, tener clebracion, tener festejo, tener alegria

  • observe; behave as expected during of holidays or rites; "keep the commandments" celebrate Christmas, Observe your sacred times

  • have a celebration; "they were celebrating HOPE and the reunion of a North American Black Bear being united with her Mom Lily in Ely and across the globe";  they were celebrating with laughter and food and stories of wonder as a Cancer Survivor returned from New York... warriors all welcomed her with love, understanding and applause, a Warrior who kicked Cancer's ass!

  • At the end of the week a celebration was in order, so they met on the banks of the river... their echos of gladness could be heard for miles

  • While reading these thoughts I felt a celebration coming on, and I just felt like I had to stand up and STOMP with happy thoughts in my happy place ... CELEBRATE

  • While watching Randy's celebration video, my face was hurting by smiling, my toes were tapping, my head was bobbing with the music, I felt a celebration in my heart, a dance coming on in my soul, I just  had to celebrate
So there you go... thoughts on the way to get your party started this morning...
By the way...
How about that Flower moon last night?
What a wonderful gift to CELEBRATE our bears and humans alike... Now talk about a reason to celebrate!

We can thank the First Americans for the names of full moons... all taking us to seasons and cycles... Full Flower Moon – May
In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time, and the hibiscus are just beautiful here on the lanai, but out in the yard, I am ablaze with color and butterflies dancing everywhere.
My pal Tink is ever busy with keepin a watchful eye on the catter-pillers and their growth... being the butterfly expert that she is! And boy oh boy are they amazing ~ Butterflies in the making ...

Orange, black with blue tips, yellow, white, butterflies yesterday doing the dance of new beginnings and remembrance...
I've also heard of this moon by the name: the Full Corn Planting Moon,and Milk Moon... that Ms Sassy HOPE probably crawled high in the Cedar thinking she could get a drink from it reckon?.  LOL
Call it what you like, sure was an outstanding moon for a cub and her Mom to be reunited last night under its protection and bear spirit!

OH yes...
Might just be a good day to hit that drive-through and buy a stranger a coke... then drive up slowly and watch their expression through your rear view mirror... just imagine the Celebration their mouth will have after that first sip... heehe
Random acts of Celebration are FANtas-tical
Have a party ~
Enjoy yourself

The fire is burning, its embers are hot... the prayer bowl is surrounded by the smells of sage, cedar and sweetgrass as thoughts and prayers are being sent on the winds to all Sending thoughts on the wind and HOPE in healing ways to those who have asked, those who are struggling along the path, those who are Warriors: 

Together again: Lily The Black Bear and Baby HOPE,
Dr Lyn Rogers, Sue Mansfield, Nita, and the NABC, and all who assisted out there in Ely MN,

Jill, Chris, Vicki, Cindy in NC, Cindy C, Laura, Mitch and family, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA,Judi, Matthew, Matt, Mark's family and many friends , Andrea, Jimmy, Marie and family up in New England, Pat, Dorothy, Angela, Elijah, Ode, Linda M, "Southwest VA", Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr P and family, Charlie and family, Booker, Bernice, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Irene, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Monica, Luci, Brandon, Joyce, Gina, 2 time Cancer survivor Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa, Pam, Virginia, Stacey, Sara Cook 2 time Cancer Survivor, Kevin Edward Belevich and his Pops Jack Phelan, Elizabeth,

Those men and women and service animals serving this great country of ours, those who have served, their families and those who have died serving... my gratitude and prayers as well as those who are on this page to you and yours ~

For all the precious children gone too soon

We are Warriors here ~

ST O M P ~ ~ ~ CELEBRATE YOU ~ ~ ~

We are here, we are with you in thoughts, prayer and spirit ... along with some powerful angels

Walk In Beauty,

author of:
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

May you find comfort in knowing you are not alone along the journey... along the path we are with you always...


Anonymous said...

Never knew a Friday that I couldn't find a reason to celebrate! This one is particularly special because of the bear reunion. Jill, so glad you are making suuch great progress. Are you going in the Guinness Book of World Records with the shrinking of that tumor. Amazing results form treatment! Awesome! You go girl... Lots of love nd support commin your way everyday. Lots here to celebrate. Chris's cure, Irene's life change, and everyone elses good news. Special place to visit and get my day going. High energy in this blog. Thanks doc.

Mom said...

great video of Hope & Lily; absolutely Heartwarming. Ready to start the Holiday weekend with Fam and friends and celebrate. Happy Memorial day weekend everyone !

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dr. SES, thanks for the beautiful blog and the pictures of the bears. Good advice also about bears. In my area there are black bears sighted very close to homes and there have been pictures taken of them and their cub. I often wonder what I would do if I saw one and now I can say talk calmly and walk away. Not so sure about that I would probably panic and start running as if I could outrun a bear. Cant even outrun a little kid. I saw a awesome sight yesterday as I was traveling the interstate. I was driving South for a dreaded appt. with the Dermatologist and looked over to the right lane and there was at least a 1000 motor cycles headed to Washington, DC. state police, veterans and all of those who go each year to honor our soldiers. All of the North bound regular traffic had been stopped to let them go thru and then a lane was held with state police cars following them probably to the next boundry to pick up more. Wish I had my camera. Back to the Dr. appt. it was quite suddenly I got the call to be at the Dr. office the next day at 12pm. I had a biopsy on my leg 3 weeks ago and they wanted to do another. I am telling you it was a scare. They cut out the big C and now I have stitches 2in. long and it does hurt a little but today is PJ day and goodness I have not even made up my bed. This I do before I come out of the room. Oh well, I will probably sneak in there and make it up. Cant stand unmade bed. My leg is gonna be ok and I can take up STOMPING again. No Stomp today. Thanks Dr. SES

chris said...

happy Friday to all--it certainly is a good day..Hope is back with her MOM, and all is right with the world. My cancer is gone, the kids are actually growing up and moving out soon and I will have time for me now!!
must be careful-I'll give myself shin splints again--but that's ok--I can stand anything..It is all good!!!!
To anonymous--don't bother with the bed--let your leg heal. I know what I am talking about--I'm the idiot who made her bed less than 24 hours after surgery..NOT smart.

Anonymous said...

HOPE... Celebrate, REMEMBER, thanks for thougths today doc ~ HOPE that legs heals well, Chris glad to see you stomping... Rolling Thunder wish I could have been with you on the appointmkent and to see that what a sight to be sure...
To all: Happy weekend, safe travels, NO STOMPING while driving and dont forget to check in when you get where you're going....
Thoughtts of all with greaT fondness.
whose MOM?

Anonymous said...

so happy to everyone's good news
what a great start to a MEMORIAL
weekend,,,, thanks and prayers to all who are
currently serving our USA,,,,
THANKS to all whom have gone before
in an effort to give us the FREEDOM
we enjoy
Whatever your weekend holds, be safe.
Be Happy and appreciate each moment...
make this a memory making weekend !

Anonymous said...

Friday Night and I have been stomping all week. I actually think I have stretched out my shoes. Thy are flopping around my feet. Can this really have happened to my favorite shoes. So sad. Oh well, will drag out a differnt pair and make them my favorites. Great to hear all doing well and gearing up for Memorial Day. Enjoy the long weekend.