Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OH SO MANY MEMORIES ~ Here on this Wonderful monring ~

The Cherry Blossoms Were
Beautiful in DC

Good morning sweet morning ~ Coffee sure is splendid this mornin ~ I'm thinkin it sure is mighty tasty indeed~
Poured two cups... ready?

I'm thinkin ... just sittin here and thinkin...
Good Memories, Good Times
yes... there have been not so good times in life, but that is just not how I roll... would rather sit and think of the good times...
By the way... notice how Joan did NOT comment about how "she was IN the picture with Nana's girl yesterday" but always lets us know when she's not!!! Remember all those many and varied little "where's the mama" comments ~ heehe
And then there's Chris in NY... sure she had to rat me out... had to let you know that I called her out for not giving the angels on this page their due ~~~~ so Chris with that NY attitude ... our Warrior stompin in NY... heaven help us when she steps off that plane home again in Florida... ready to "celebrate" being home.... We are so very happy for Chris' great victory and rejoicing news... Did I mention...
                                  CANCER SUCKS...

Sweet Jill is climbing and resting this week, preparing for battle... Next week is her last week of chemo and we will be with her, warpaint on.... ready to be with her in her battle!

And morning here is coming, he/she is getting ready to do it again... The sun is gettin ready to "shine" and I'm getting a jump start on OUTSHINING THE SUN!
Sure did enjoy the comments of yesterday friends; they gave me a wonderful chuckle ~ new memories to add to my wonderful memories.

I'm sitting this morning with thought and my memories...

Special memories are like little treasures that we store in our hearts. We can call them up when we need a lift, or savor them like a sweet treat we have taken the time to unwrap over and over. Sometimes, I sit with a special memory and look around my mind for new details. Memories are always in living color. The shine and sparkle like a holiday.

Though they may prompt a tear, they are sweet tears. They are tears with a smile just a moment behind. Try in some meaningless boring moment to let a treasured memory take a walk though your mind. Remember every little detail. Recall the feeling you had then and be deeply grateful for the experience. Pops me out of the doldrums every time.

I might not remember why we laughed until we cried sitting around Granny’s kitchen table, not the specifics of what was funny, but I can in great detail recall the booming laughter of my Uncle Frank, my Granny chortling, Aunt Betty at the sink trying to put an end to the silly behavior of us all.
 My Mom, adding to the rousing laughter with her quick wit. Pappy wanting us to quiet down and then reaching for that deck of Rook cards and getting the grown ups to the table for a game of cards!
"Why is it that our memory is good enough to retain the least triviality that happens to us and yet not good enough to recollect how often we have told it to the same person"
(Francois DeLaRochefoucauld) 

Ah... that excitement around the kitchen table at Granny's house...
What a great memory. The curtains at the window had checkered borders, the table Formica, you know, the old ones from the 50’s and 60’s. Everyone’s cup half full of coffee, Mom’s black, Granny’s with milk, Uncle Frank’s laced with a little something. Hum, maybe that is why he laughed so loud… he was a character my Uncle Frank was indeed ~ and oh how we would dance to the music in Granny's house... the bop, the mash potato, swing... you name it we danced to it.. And yes... we danced to the STOMP dance ... we sure did love to dance, laugh and have a grand time... But there were many a tear that fell in our family as well. Tragedy and heartaches were no stranger in Granny's home nor mine...

We rarely used the front door of Granny’s house. That door led to the covered porch and was clearly for porch sittin and for smokers. Sometimes on special occasions a few stragglers came in through he front, but almost everyone popped in the kitchen door where we hung out, visiting around the table.

Coconut cake, ready to be cut, crowded on the side-cart with buttermilk pie and homemade fudge. Everybody brought something to share.
These memories, and so many others are replayed in my mind often. Us kids would sneak down to the dirt floor basement... grab Pappy's nail and a hammer... get busy with a bottle of pop! Just nail a hole right through the top of the cap; and we'd be right "up town" with our bottle of pop! Sneaky little kids were we ~ Knowing that we just couldn't be figured out... daggone flaw in the bottle all right ~ well ok, that was way way back in the memory bank,.. think real real little was I back then ... LOLs
Into the garden with a salt shaker, (lifted from the stove)... eat us a tomato right off the vine... YUMMY ... back into the kitchen... and watch the card game... yep, slick we were ~

Wish you could join me there.
I’d gladly share them with you.

I have an entire encyclopedia of memories like these.

Filled with tears, and laughter, food, always an abundance of food, family, friends and music too.

I remember many ice cold nights huddled under Aunt Hazel’s handmade country quilts in the cabin on New River (only river that flows NORTH, perhaps older than the NILE too) ~ Many a time spent in a little boat with a little trolling motor on that river ~
 There the night is so dark you couldn’t see a single shadow, can't even see your hand in front of your face most nights either!
The outhouse, (yep you read it right.. OUThouse)perched up on the hill behind the cabin {works too}. Cold too. Even in the summer, the nights were cold and dark, but oh how we slept.
Bundled up on those old iron beds.
Many a cookout around the fire pit. Swimming on the sandbar, fishing with our dear friends Lavie and Jerry, Ocie and Kenneth. Guitars playing until the fire burnt out, Willie Nelson, Waylon,  Jessi, Dolly and the rest could be heard along with us of course sounding ever so good... our echos bouncing off the mountain side! .
 And in the early morning, as the sun came gently up, a heavy fog rose up over the water, obscuring the trees on the banks.

Good times, great people, fond memories.

And, so I am sure, as I share these memories with you, each of you can recall your own special moments. The memories that you hold dear. That speak of loved ones, of the treasured connections we have had, and still have. Enjoy the memories. Spend time recalling the details. Tell and retell the stories. They are in your heart because they are a balm for our souls when we need or want them. Ask friends and family to recall there special memories with you. It makes for great fun.

Perhaps you will have details they have forgotten that will enhance the memory as you call it up later. Everyone has there own spin on the same experience.

I can remember our dear friend Bighi regaling us with stories, memories from his days traveling the world in service with the Red Cross. Every story shared a precious gift. And what a story teller he was. Bighi could wander around a memory, paint a word picture in such a clear and poetic way that we were mesmerized. Sometimes when I think about his tales of adventure, I can almost convince myself that I was there, in Hawaii, Bangladesh, Northern Italy, China… Well, well, that took me to another set of fantastic memories. Of Bighi, and of all the places I went through him years ago.

So, this memory thing is good.
                                                           It is necessary.

It weaves into our life’s tapestry a richness, a vibrancy that is with us always. We can choose how and what we want to remember... and in what ways.
 I strive to make new memories that will in the future be these treasured pearls for my family and friends. Honor traditions, or make new ones.
Just click here and take a listen to one of Granny's favorite songs: it says alot about her old friends that used to gather at her table back in the day:
great guitar pickin too ~

Celebrate in big and small ways, often, with your whole heart.

The fire is burning, its embers are hot... and the thoughts are being sent on the smoke through the winds this morning...
To those who know who you are ... those that have asked and those who haven't... (that biopsy my friend is goin to be ok, I just feel it will be OK)
The names are often seen here...
You know who you are... Chris, Jill, Liz, Lee, Molly, Dorothy, Shelby, Matthew, Joanie, Jude, Judi, Tonya, Mary, Laura, Tom, Joey, Andi and Mom, VIcki, Irene, Phylis, "southwest Virginia", "TN", Monica, Luci, Joyce, Charlie and family, Lavie, Sue, Linda, Joanie, Cindy, Rhonda, Denise, Jim . . .
We are with you we have our warpaint on...
we join with the angels who have their arms around you always... you are never alone... Keep the Faith!

May you find comfort in knowing that we are here, with you always...

 STOMP   when all our work is done... bless my life and count me one ... old friend... at least one...
old friend....
                                            S T O M P

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Anonymous said...

Might be a bit early to call up my memories. Kinda early and I can't remember where I left my shoes, in fact if my feet weren't attached I might not even find them this morning. You are so right, memories are always in living color. I like to look around my memories and enjoy the visul details. Like how people looked, how they sounded. The details are always remarkable. I'm sure that I fill in the blanks on the fuzzy ones too. Loved the blog, but then I always do. I like to look back a few days and check on the late comments. Always a joy. Thanks Doc

Anonymous said...

GOOD morning everyone~! Hey I beat Irene here... Loved the blog... HOpe everyone goes back to the "days before each day" for the blogs.. Re read em and then re read the comments... they are enough to really give you a good time plus some... readers do like to comment late into the night and oh what a joy. One thing I am learning... these thoughts are more than any blog I have ever read... they are food for the soul and quite an addition to Healing Heartaches! thanks doc! To all that are being thought about I am right there with ya, warpaint is on... Sure hope everyuone is getting it... Love each other NOW... forget about the small stuff, it is all after all SMALL STUFF... love each other like this is the only day you got. Ain't that what you are really talkin about doc! Let's get this party started .... STOMP... YOU are a sly one doc, in htat fedora I get the messages... LET'S JUST STOMP and really really get to it... This is our moment to care about each other and live the mometn of taking care of saying all the tings we need to say to our sister, our mother our friend ~ Let's go... Pay it forward right here right now.. What a great community this is right here... Have a STOMP worthy day friends, thoughts on the wind doc and everyone here... I'm all over it, PARTY ON OLD FRIEND ~

Anonymous said...

Good morning all! I talked to my dear hubby this morning on AIM...the wonders of technology. He has been away since Mid-March. He is currently on the west coast on his way up to Alaska on the cruise ship Infinity. I will join him in July. We talked this morning about has helped us get thru this separation. Although 4 months may not seem long to military spouses, it is more than we have ever been apart in over 18 years, and it has been difficult. My memories surround the feeling of his arms around me, the sound of his laugh.....and I will have it all back soon.

My family will sit and tell "Dad" stories, or "Grandpa" no end. There is the "cherry pie" story, the "mailbox" story, the "utensil on the floor" story..and on and on....they always make us laugh. Stories about those pull down blinds that never seemed to stay down, stories of a stuffed duck called "irving" and how he used to "flap his beer bottles".....stories of the "boing boing spider" in the shower one I"m really down memory lane....

It will be a good day.....

Blessings to all

Anonymous said...

Memories, oh those precious memories. Memories of my brother and nephew of long ago playing pranks on me. One of the many fond memories of my dear departed nephew and brother taking the scare crow out of my Pappys garden putting it up againt my door and keep calling me to come down to the house, just waiting for me to open the door and scare myself half to death. Oh so funny. Those two were funny things waiting to happen. Going over to my summer home and making the impression of a man with shoes and hat laying in my bed, I almost wet my pants on that one as my husband was away with the National Guard. I told them they owed me a mattress as I put it full of holes from my gun. Again they rolled in the floor thinking I really did shoot the mattress. If only I had them back now what a great life it would be with their sense of humor and love and laughter. That is one of those thoughts IF ONLY I could laugh, cry and just hold them one more time. Those we have today to hold sometimes will not just relax, laugh and remember Each Day is a Gift. Thanks Dr. SES. Hold on to those Old Friends. I do.

Anonymous said...

Good morning every one Wow, great news Chris and so funny a start with "where's the mama" great photo Dr SES. thanks for the memories! I felt like I was sitting at Granny's table a river that flows NORTH? outhouse? love love the stories absolutely love Healing Heartaches too... have re-read it and gifted it... a must read and must talk about, hope it makes a best seller and Oprah too.... back to the thoughts ot others and Lizzy it must be hell being aprat for so long. prayrs and thoughts to all STOMP indeed we all will with warpaint on and high heels too. where are you speaking next Dr Showalter, can anyone share that has heard you speak? I would lke to have a visual of you speaking to go with the book the stories having never heard you speak, I would love a voice to go with the stories. Any body heard our Dr speak? What is the voice behind the storeis like really?
These memoreis have stirred up some of my own, think I have to make a phone call or two today!
thoughs of everyone here today and still smiling over the many comments of yesterday, think I will buy someone a coke today just to see there face in my mirror. gotta run and make a party and a memroy or two., take care everyone i will check back here later tonght great idea I'm thinking STOMPING IN NY... maybe I will see Chris!

Irene said...

Oh, those cherry blossoms, brings back many
memories of Branch Brook Park in New Jersey.
Hum, memories, a subject that makes me sad
at first, then joyous that I still have mine.
My mother squashed my memory and stunted it for
10 years due to her Alzheimer's. I could not
say to her " remember this, remember that ?",
so I suppressed that part of my mind until
recently and N O W I can recall fond, lovely memories of days gone by, ask my siblings, cousins, friends: " remember this?"
So a re-birth of remembering is taking place.
Thanks Dr.SES for shaking me up this a.m.
but DYS, the tears flow and flow. I feel alive, able, happy, grateful, joyous, humble,
helpful...... ( STOP ME !!!!!! )
Have a great day of memories all, Hump Day !

chris said...

Good Morning All-it sure is a beautiful day! It's raining and dreary up here in NY but the grandkids and I will be stomping in puddles when they get home from school!!(making memories for their time with grandma) I'm thinking that it will give them a laugh when they need it.(they already laugh about the 'crazy' grandma)Sherry is right--the warpaint is still on and my 'tude is back in full force. I figure that it will take a month before it fades again.(Fla is a very gentle place to be campared to NY)can't wait to go home! 4 days and counting!!

Anonymous said...

hI EVERyone, just caught up several days worth of thoughts and my head is going to explode STOMPING to thoughts and comments oh my what a lot of thoughts to be certain. thoughts to all in their day, their battles, their choices being made. HOPE for all and yes CANCER SUCKS. Just the thought of CANCER SUCKS. But then the memories part and that party like there is no tomorrow hit a chord with me doc and all here. Just last week I had asked my brother what he thought about something. he had a short answer and it ticked me off. we ended up mad at each other with me thinking i was right once again on my own high horse of stallions in the making. now i'm thinking what real damn difference does it make anyway, when i know we both want the same things for my nephew we just dont really listen to each other for some stupide reasones i guess! guess i need to hug his neck and just tell him i love him huh, and get on the business of living life and party on and remember that is a memory i dont want to have to regret. thanks for the comments and the thoughts. dont' know what this page is, but it sure is FOOD FOR THE THINKING and wow what a lot of thinking it is. LOVE IT AND THINKING ABOUT EVERYONE WITH GREAT ENERGY NOW AGAIN TODAY. THANKS DR SES for the images and the memories might just borrow some of yours until i get my head on straitght LOL one more week Jill and rock on Chris and LIzzy you are pretty funny with that wit. where is the mama?

Anonymous said...

What a great way to begin my day.
I love to read all the comments provoked from
the idea's put forth by Sherry...
A trip down memory lane, hell, I need
a week off for that....nothing quite so heartwarming as a conversation about "remember when"... or looking at an old black and white photo, and the colors come alive vividly, and voices from long ago speak clearly once more..
Bittersweet some memories may be, but at least they are mine... It's odd how I can't remember
what I did last week... but I can recall sweet
happenings of a lifetime passed with clarity
and warmth...LOVE THAT FEELING...
Great to hear of Chris; welcome home! CANCER DOES SUCK, so just keep KICKING ASS!
Have a joyous day filled with all your best
memories !

Anonymous said...

OH WOW... I just took a trip in my mind... great memories thanks DRSES for the prompting. Great news for Chris, hang in there Jill we are fighting with you. CANCER DOES INDEED SUCK.
Praises and prayers to all who gather on this sacred page. Lizzy hope you have a joyous reunion and memories are yet to be made. what great comments and such a joyful community brought together by Healing Heartaches. sure do hope everyone is buying up the books and giving them as gifts. Memories. sustain us and keep us going. hopefully they teach us lessons too. great song btw... old friends nothing like them. Hey doc, when your work is done I'm here to tell ya, you will count a whole lot more than one.. count me NOW will ya i would be honored and thank you for all you do for all of us here and there ... On with the party, now I have to re read yesterday!
thanks everyohne for mentioning my name in your thoughts... let go of the small stuff, and dont wear your heart on your sleeve, put give your heart to another and make a memory to a thousand... what a day i am thinking,...

jgrusso1 said...

ok-have to defend myself. yes it was a lovely pic of Olivia, but i prefer to edit any pics of me - OMG, GUESS I BETTER STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT "WHERE THE MAMA IS " I do love a good memory, especially the ones that make me laugh till i cry; one does come to mind, when staying with a friend ( in her own home mind you ) and she had no clue where the salt was ( i wont mention any names :)) makes me want to pee my pants when i think about. Thanks for the memory !

Anonymous said...

Ooh JG, I jnow who can't find the salt....
You are too funny. LAO

Anonymous said...

Can't hardly wait to read whatever tomorrows BlOG will be about. Hey doc, how about a tag line each day with a "comming attraction"?
Jilly ROC ON, You will beat this too.

Anonymous said...

Picture this...rather deep, someone slowly walking around a room...touching people not only by the warm voice, but the touch on the shoulder, the soft grip that keeps you grounded in the conversation, but allows you to think freely while still absorbing your surroundings. Someone who while speaking one sentence in that calm rather deep, sometimes rhaspy deep voice, can make you think, laugh, feel pain, cry, allow anger out, provoke unbelievable thoughts. And that's before she has you close your eyes and describes situations, places, usually you are so relaxed you're jello, or you're so ripped up from the thoughts and places she sends or brings you to without having been there herself that you are in your own salt water puddle...henceforth, DYS. Sometimes ending with sage, sometimes with rocks to rub when you need, sometimes shells with sand some rough, some smooth from the years in the ocean waters, surviving all the storms. But always with the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders, and ALWAYS with so many ways to think of things, so many ways to allow yourself to feel, without the guilt of feeling that way, because once you have traveled your journey with someone, whether it continues or has completed, you have food for thought with that warm rather deep voice that reaches deep into your head and deeper innto your heart. Do you hear her now? My memories are still on Mother's Day, last year my Auntie Sharron was up north in Indiana fighting her glioblastoma cancer, CANCER DOES INDEED SUCK! This year a butterfly flew under our tent at Ozona Blue right after we all sat down, my uncle and I were the only two to spot her. She was there, just a flutter away!! 5 generations in the church service that morning...what a gift that was to my grandmother. She is 90, all the way down to my grandson, her great great grandson, nearly 2! Even enjoying, yes Dr SeS, I said "enjoying" the company of my mother...there I said it. Then onto a wonderful afternoon with future family, not chosen like you Doc! Remembering forgiveness is vital for peace of mind and joy in your heart. So there, I can't go on anymore, cuz I am the late one always. (Hope to be late for my own funeral!) Stomp all you people, stomp with courage for whatever you are facing, fierceness if needed, joy for whatever brings you happiness, and peace in your heart always and in all ways, even though sometimes that creates your own little salt water pool if you know what I mean...but always, remember. I remember caring for a woman in an alzheimer's unit, mean as a snake she was. But if you walked into her room and started singing, "let me call you sweetheart", well, dimes don't turn that quick! Putty in your hands she would be, but better still be singing if you gave her a hug, or you'd get pinched or, it's unpredicatable, but worth whatever struggle we are dealt with that deck of cards!