Friday, May 14, 2010

You've Had A Walk IN MY MIND ~

Jean Bergaust, Dr Bernice Catherine Harper
"Elegant and Wonderful Women"

Friday Friday, hello Friday ~ Helllo Friday ~ Are ya there?

Did ya know that a crocodile cannot move its tongue?

Sittin here this morning waitin on my old friend... c'mon sun I got coffee waitin!
Had a lovely chat with my friend Jean Bergaust yesterday, she is such a wonderful woman. She told me stories of "back in the day" and oh how I so love hearing them. We talked about another wonderful woman,
Jo Magno... a brilliant woman, a Mother, Oncologist, one of the first in the Hospice Movement, founded some of the first hospices too.
How I miss her and her smiles, her hugs, her bedside manner, her love of patients, her education of doctors and her smile. She was born in the Philippines and moved to DC many many years ago... She was a breast Cancer survivor and her experiences as a patient made her more aware of the needs of patients, the needs of families, and the needs of awareness in care and compassion.
After her own Cancer was detected she underwent radiation, chemotherapy, gruelling at times...
She also lived through the emotional, spiritual, and physical pain often experienced by those with terminal illness that were around her.  Dr Magno often shared the stories of her realization that the medical profession which focused on curing those with illness had at that time, had relatively little to offer those who were dying.
Josefina Magno decided to change that!
After recovering from her own disease, after regaining her strength, Dr Magno traveled to England to study with the first hospice program... she returned and became involved in the first pilot program at Georgetown University where she created a pilot program, from there she opened Hospice of Northern Virginia...
I met her there, I hugged Dr Magno, and embraced her the shared vision, the mission, and
HOSPICE many many moons ago.
Dr. Magno became the first executive director of the National Hospice Organization in 1980. In three years in office, she persuaded Congress to pass legislation to include hospice care under Medicare.

And along in the day, she organized the International Hospice Institute to provide training opportunities for doctors in the management of terminal illnesses and in Palliative care. There she enlisted the help of Jean Bergaust and Dr Bernice Catherine Harper along the way... that was followed by the formation of the Academy of Hospice Physicians with evolved over time into the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM)! and here I go just screaming the HOSPICE message today.... and so it goes.... and it is good... the circle continues... and from there so much has happened... Hospice Nurses Palliative Association... Nurses with specializations in palliative care, social workers with specialties in palliative care and loss and trauma, and loss and grief OH MY...

A Little school house in Arlington VA was given to Hospice of Northern Virginia a long time ago... In that sweet little building that mercy built are still nurses, docs, CNA's, desk folks to answer questions, to calm and soothe weary ones as they enter the door;  aides, and more volunteers than you can count if you use all your fingers and toes... that grows and just grows... It's name seems to have changed over and again... the patients and families change over and again... an old friend Stacey still there from long ago, once we cried together holding a patient at the end of their life, once we laughed together as we changed bed linens, once we escorted a body to the hearse late a night... many a time we were together... once there at that little building once a little school house one time long ago and today Stacey is still there, but now my friend is the clinical supervisor, running the place and walking with assured knowledge that she has been there, has walked those halls and around that old oak on all levels and at all hours... with grace, with laughter, with tears and with joy... She has worked with some of the finest, those with hospice hearts, and those who were just passing through...

you can tell who is who around and in hospices... you can see it in their eyes... and in the house that mercy built... you can see the ones that have hospice "in the heart/in their DNA ~ ~ ~ LOL
Once was young women sitting at desks there in Arlington VA, sisters , answering the phones, working the schedules, translating Spanish when asked for many of us... now grown with families of their own, living their lives... One an RN, one in school and working two jobs ~ both remember those special days back then, both with hospice memories to this day...
Janeth and Melissa, hospice hearts they both are!
Many a day, many a night... lives forever changed by the house that mercy built, the hearts brought together by patients and families there... the babies, the adults, the Elders ~ walks around at night, walks outside to say so long ~ walks and talks ~ tears ~ coffee pots ~ busy ~and many lifetimes shared ~

compassion has wings, has listening ears.... has hearts united in pain at times, has hearts united in heartaches and memories etched under a mighty oak on the grounds of a little school house and healing ways
Arlington VA
and to think... Dr. Josefina Magno walked those halls once...
a legend in hospice ~ a legend in her life ~ a warrior and a survivor ~ a woman who lived life on the edge of the roof ~ She was a woman who "kept it real" and who lived right up until the moment she died with amazing grace and beauty... I still miss her smile, her hugs and her brilliance ~ She was a remarakable woman
and a friend to many including,
Jean Bergaust and Dr Bernice Catherine Harper
and me

Dance in the lights of heaven Dr Magno
Today I celebrate you with gratitude, you've had a walk through my mind ~
Today I
                                       S T O M P

"Hospice happens, hospice is a wonderful resource for those living with a life limiting illness, and those who love them"

OH and the places you will go.... somedays in your mind!

The fire, oh the fire is brilliant today, its embers are hot!
Thoughts on the wind the smell of sage is wonderful delighting my senses... I hope you smell it as well.

Chris, Jill, Liz, Lee, Molly, Shelby, Tonya, Joanie, Phylis, Irene, Virginia, Joyce, Victoria, "Southwest Virginia", Linda, Dorothy, Cindy, Denise, Andrea, Matt, Jim, Julie, Andi and Mom, Booker, Monica, Luci, Kevin, Joey, Tom, RileCat, Cindy C., Bill, Rhonda, Beverly and family, Matthew, Jude, Natalia, Ken, Dr Bernice Catherine Harper, Josefina Magno's family, "TN" ~

Thoughts on the gentle breezes and prayers of strength and HOPE in healing. We are with you here, we are fighting strong with you. Warpaint on, we stand beside you... You are in the presence of strong angels here and there... May you find joy and comfort in knowing we are here, beside you ... always ~
                                            S T O M P
                     S T O M P

Wherever you are... whatever you are doing... Have the best day ever ~ Ever had one of those days where something or someone just "crosses your mind"?
Boy I sure do...
I've been having that happen all morning!
OK, just click here, but don't forget to come on back and take a look at yesterday's comments! I just love hearing from everyone ~ You all just cross my mind often ~

Make a phone call, holler out to someone and let them know you are thinking of them today!
SMILE, laugh out loud, you will like the sound of your voice ~  Do NOt Sweat the small things, or small minds.
Many college graduations taking place this week-end ~ "Props" to Eileen Dohmann's son Patrick graduating at Va Tech... the last one to throw that cap in the air of the Dohmann tribe  ~ Congrats Patrick ~

Walk IN Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

c'mon do something outrageous today ~ smile at someone with a "knowing smile" after all YOU know YOUR truth ~ LIve out loud ~ have a party in your minds eye ~ enjoy the view ~ Need bookmarks to share with others? Send me an email, we'll mail you some ~


Irene said...

Good morning ! In my mind, swirls much stuff.
Jo Magno, thank you for Hospice, Dr. SES, you
are really something. Rest those typing hands, rest your mind, but only AFTER you share with us, your avid readers, thoughts for the day, videos, songs, visuals on sunrises, moss on trees, dogs runnin' 'round the pool,
how good the coffee is...........
Happy FRIDAY, live life, love, smile, let go

chris said...

Happy Friday to all--2 days to go!!! That sure feels good--loved the blog today. It certainly does take a special person to be a Hospice person. I know--I know a number of people who work for hospice and live the hospice way every day. Sherry is one of them.thank goodness we have people like her here on earth. God's Angels indeed. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday everyone~ Hospice story for a Friday, great picture, great story weaver. Jean Dr Harper and our doc ~ Jean Bergaust has been a political force in DC for many many years and a hospice pioneer as well I am told. She was and is an inspiration to many along with Dr Harper the professionals professional. thanks for the music too, what a lovely blog today. You are such a great storyteller Dr Showalter, I now will look back on yesterday's blog as I am trying to catch up in more than one way on my week. Best to all mentioned here. Have a great time once you return home Chris and yes you are a surivior, time to celebrate!

Tonya Mae said...

I noticed under the picture of Jean Bergaust and Dr Bernice Catherine Harper you stated they are beautiful and elegant women.. but you forgot to mention yourself.. I mean you ARE in the picture.. You ARE beautiful.. You ARE elegant!

Anonymous said...

Good Mornin All,
Enjoy this day. Thanks doc for sharing the very beginnings of Hospice here, and for honoring it's founder. Glad you are up early leading the charge into this weekend. Start everyday with the blog and coffee, no better way to get going with a full heart, and a clear mind. Focused on this good moment and all to follow.

Anonymous said...

YOU now the doc are on a roll... great picture i might add. Cancer /SUCKS, many are warriors here on this page too... through laughter, anger, acceptance and great times we share, we read we add to the thoughts with our own. we stomp and play and pray, i am a long time to all of that it seems. I will join with others to weed out the negative of anyone here, the crzineess the stalkers of evil too.
The beauty of photography and the power of the music is awesome as you are doc ... any book siging in DC again coming up or speaking engagements for those of us that HAVE SEEN YOU AND FELT THAT TOUCH OF YOURS! oh yes... hospice has been in my homem I have been in that little hospice home that mercy built too...i have walked those halls, hugged that big old tree and even sat in the gazebo more than one time... several walked with arms aroun me right out the door with my loved one on that strecher we all hate to see when that dreaded time comes... we had a quilt covering her, but not her face that on that dark night. we wanted her face to feel the cool dark breeze one more time, jsut one mroe time... and we made sure it happened. we all gathered round her in the still of that night. the man let us take our time (*hospice folks made sure of that one( and togehter we touched her face,we cried and talked, and cried some more... and we sang softly together and it seemed to grow more beautiful and louder in the night air togeher we just stood right ther together ansd we sang through our tears (ANAZNG GRACE) and it was just that. a night of anazing grace in large part thanks to hospice ... u remeber bear? u were there right there with us then. grateufl still after all these years in VA. and yes after all this time I am whole and yes CANCER SUCKS... but you still walk with me in my mind and memories of those times... thanks to all in that little school house and thanks to those guys from the funeral home for taking time to let us just do what we wanted to and to be with her and to sing so long ago. i will remember allways. just ordered Helaing Heartaches. {{{grateful}}} i will be looking for you to return and once again visit that house that mercy built and to remember... thank you bear from my family but mostly from my mom, she loved you as we still do, now a dr bear? i just love it. btw: the songs are great and so are the thoughts of yours and all who write. prayers to everyone for everyone.

Anonymous said...

thank you to all who are invovled
have a wonderful, healing weekend !!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Friday night and it's been a great day. Tomorrow's lookin pretty promising too. Saturdays always do. Hope everyone has a bright and beautiful day tomorrow to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Great read today thanks .... WOW reading the comment. stuck on the story from the woman in VA... the story ... OMG, {{{tears}}} can't stop reading it, seeing it, feeling it. thank you thank you for sharing it with us here. Dr Bear? OMG, Healing Heartaches II maybe

Anonymous said...

This is to share with you the sad news that Jean Bergaust died on August 30, 2012. An obituary will be in the Washington Post in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

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