Saturday, November 13, 2010



The World Wide Candle Lighting
The Precious Children
All Ages
Gone To Soon
here locally to find out directions and to submit
a photo of your precious or precocious child
for this years event
for information around the world and to find
a local chapter near you!

Beautiful Saturday Morning Fiends wherever you are reading from, I wish you peace,
I wish you enough ~

So happy to see our Warrior and friend Chris is back on the page, hooked up with a new puter and ready to roll ~ Welcome back Chris, you have been missed~

Irene/IceScream/FIRM has been down in Siesta Key, sailing, playing and having a great time `
while Laura has been working and doing and going and such since we've all gotten back to things since the car wash for MS and out in Texas
Shauna is training for that MS150 ~ probably passing 157 miles a day, and Dotti B back home in PA by now...

Andrea should be getting home from NE and
word has it that Lily the Black Bear and HOPE are snuggling in their dens out in a cold Ely MN....

Newsy aren't I???

What's up with you readers out there this morning?

Sissy 2Wolves out in SD is busy getting ready for those Christmas orders making Native American one of a kind outrageously beautiful items, check them out on each crafted with "true customer service and more than that crafted with kindness, compassion and love!

And, somewhere out there today folks will be shopping and doing things already for the holidays today!!!
Wonder how ole' Hillary at Visionworks will be treating people on US 19 in Palm Harbor today? Someone suggested she was having a bad day? Nope that wasn't it... I watched as I walked in and ... didn't look like a bad day was being had, prior to her case of nasties TO ME.. just looked like she "chose" that and me to be ugly to. 
Would not go back to that store if someone handed me a crisp 50. and a punkin spice latte.

Today I get to have a Punkin Spice latte at Starbucks on Nebraska Ave in Palm Harbor (known for their lovely customer service) with Sue G... another from the Lily Page!!! go figure, another that I will meet face to face for the first time, who I have known only by HOPE a cub on facebook,
as she brings me a photo of Granny and me she has put to fabric.,
The gifts of Facebook, brought together by a North American Black Bear named Lily who gave us HOPE ~
Life is wonderful....

Starting to remind folks obout That special evening on
December 12
parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends
will gather
they will meet; some for the first time
while others
have walked the uncertain and long
path through the uncertainties
of loss and grief together
they will
stand together
sit together
laugh together
on a night
the Children.

Will you join us?
At 7:00pm wherever you are,
I invite you
to light a candle
to whet your breath
for the children across the globe
who are gone too soon
To send thoughts and prayers
for the friends and families
that will enter the holidays
 remembering and honoring
the children
finding their way
back to the lights of life
as they re-join the dance of life
differently than ever before.

with great gratitude
that if only briefly
we had the children.

Have a wonderful week-end
Embrace the light.

The comments of yesterday were wonderful,
I'm thinking a mini-series of
"Corporate America"
Wake UP
is in my thoughts
for next week.

Until then,
The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot,
thoughts and prayers to all that will be mentioned tomorrow and all that enter here
those who know who they are
and some that have no idea they are being
held UP
by so many.

Blessings to you and those you love.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE
Healing Heartaches



Anonymous said...

I have attended the Worldwide Candle Lighting as a volunteer a number of times. It is a lovely opportunity to gather and remember the children. Many familys return each year and offer there support to each other. Compassonate Friends is a remarkable organization and meets a special need in the community.
Let's don't forget as we make Thankgiving plans, to buy a bit extra and donate it to our local food banks. There are many who cannot provide a meal for their family and I for one am happy to do my part to share.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris! So glad you have replaced you computer and are back with us. You have been missed. To everyone else.... hope everyone has the most wonderful restorative weekend. Make today count!

Cathy M said...

I'm glad to be back. I've had a funky week. I just caught up on the last 3 days and boy you've about covered it all. Oprah, veterans day, customer service... I have been in the business of customer service off and on most of my adult life. Began as a telephone operator, PBX operator, worked in Miami while my husband was stationed there in the Coast Guard as a receptionist, husband began a Variety Store business and worked with him, have worked with two department stores, and was lastly a receptionist for 10 years before being laid off Feb. 27 of 2009. I need a place of employment and can't seem to convince anyone that I'm still worth employing at 61 years young. I'm about the best at meeting and greeting folks and helping out wherever needed. Just had another interview Wednesday and the young man interviewing me was 10. No, I'm kidding but if he was a day over 25 I'd be surprised and he's the Operations Manager. I was his first interview for the receptionist position they have available. I've had about 7 job interview with companies seeking a receptionist and about 3 with temp agencies and they have all be unproductive. I'm thinking they are looking for someone who's 22. blond and cute. I've got the last two atributes but it's been many years since I've seen 22. LOL. It's been a difficult time for me. Just to give you a heads up about retail. Retail sucks when it comes to salary and how you are treated by employers. It takes a special someone to fill those shoes day in and day out when you don't see any increase in you paycheck. I still think if you take a job interacting with the public you need to put your best foot forward but Hillary might have been having a very bad day. Don't get me wrong, there is no excuse for being rude, but you just never know what happend before you walked in the door. For someone young she hasn't learned yet that it's not all about her, that she has a job to do, even if she's getting paid a measly 7 dollars an hour, she must put on her happy pants and ignore what's cratering and sucking in her life and do her job. I will have to take a job at Wallmart before too very long because unemployment will run out in about 4 weeks. I will make 8 dollars an hr. when I was making 37,000 a year before I was laid off. This will be very difficult for me and a humbling experience. Retail is hard work for little pay but I will be grateful if they give me a chance because thus far the corporate world has too many 22 year olds out there applying for the same job I am. Sorry I seem to be stuck in a funky state of mind.

Irene M said...

Jeepers, creepers, where'd ya get those peepers ??? Woke up " funny " this morning.
Sooooooooooooo happy CHRIS is back on line !
We really missed you. World class IRONMAN
happening here in Clearwater, Dunedin's Wine the Blues is today, my Jersey friend is flying home today, so a trip to Tampa Airport is on my list at noon. Weather is stellar here in FLA. Enjoy everyone, stay happy & FIRM.

chris said...

Good Morning all. Thank you - I missed you all too. Am leaving the house soon to hook up with an old friend to get caught up with everything. Can't wait. Of course, I went and saw some of the Ironman competition. (just the bike race part) Good grief are they good. Scary good. Dr SES may I suggest that when you get ahold of Vision Works corporate office that you demand that young lady be given some training on customer service? There is a lot to be said for Miss Manners or Emily Post. They both have said that good manners and courtesy are what counts the most. THE ME GENERATION IS SLAPPING US IN THE FACE! Methinks we have no one to blame but ourselves. Time to get off our butts and demand better service and care. Of course nicely so that we don't become part of the problem! Enough for now--I have gotten back on the soap box again-Sorry about that! Have a great weekend everyone--"talk" to ya soon..

Anonymous said...

To the blogger that says she is 61 yrs young---Im in the same boat. 55 here and not blonde , but I can pass for cute :-) I also have many years of CS , but they pass me by for jobs that I know I can do. We could certainly teach those young "whippersnappers" a thing or tow. Why wont they recognize our value? It is very frustrating. Yes, employers dont treat those folks well, but when applying for the job, they chose to take it and at the rate of pay offered.It may have been a last ditch effort and they feel they are stuck, but the only way to get out is to network with vendors, acquaintances they meet through the job and try to move on to something better.Shine like you never shined before and someone will notice the light that eminates from you. Be armed with stats of what you bring to the company when asking for a raise.! You have to be your own best advocate in the workplace, dont be afraid to toot your own horn, just make sure it isnt part of a dead car! Love ya Dr S and those that post here.