Monday, November 15, 2010

Just IMAGINE ~ Dancing On The Desk on a MOnday

Standing UP
with Pride

Good Monday Morning
Sittin here with my coffee and the dark of mornin

How's this time change treating ya?

Monday morning, always makes me think of my
Facebook pal Joey Graff
who once used to
dance on desks
he loves Mondays
so much!
Talk about an attitude of gratitude...

Time to get your "game on" to jump start this
week of "go get em"
your weekend was great.

Seems this one flew by us...
Loved the comments of
"Corporate America"
last week,

I paid close attention to what YOU had to say.
I'm holding those up with energy that are out there
on those interview, and know that
you are walking in those doors with the attitude and
the energy needed to
get what you need.

Meanwhile here in Florida, I was keen to notice
as I was in a few stores
and to pay attention to that thing
'customer service'

Yes, I did notice that some comments in kindness
noted that perhaps
ole "HILLARY" of
VISION WORKS might have been having a rotten day
got bad pay and treatment and such.

I only know this: she seemed to be having a fine day, as she was interacting with customers and interrupted herself from them to address me, to ask if she could help me, only then to "BLAST ME WITH RUDENESS"
unprovoked and unnecessary... she did seem to embarrass her colleague the nice guy
Thomas (as noted by the vein in his neck popping), and amaze other customers who appeared a bit stunned as they looked around...

I don't know what VISIONWORKS pays,
but in these times, I think little Hillary might just be happy to be working since so many are not, and I would suspect that it is "she/Hillary" who walked in and applied for and accepted the job!

Vision doesn't work, if customer training and service does not and is not present.
Everyone has a boss; or at least most everyone that is.
I was going to call Hillary's manager,
but then thought that would be too easy
so now am in process of finding the
Regional manager of
thinking that they should know
of those on this page
looking for work
those needing training, supervision
those named Thomas who are willing to take the
extra steps to help someone who walks through the doors of their establishment.

There is no stronger teachings, recommendations than
that of
no stronger advertisement of business
kindness, compassion
bad service either for that matter.

Sometimes you have to stick your neck out tall
like our winged one in the picture.
You have to take a stand~
even when you think you don't have what it takes,
or think you are too little.
NOtice the legs on that winged one?
If skinny little bitty legs can hold that
lovely winged one,
provide it the strength to walk
and to take flight
can walk
stand tall proud
also be what you need to be
to show
your self in all your glory~


So as I tole em at VisionWorks, if
I had taken my only glasses outside after that rude treatment, placed my only glasses under the tire and then ran over them, I would still not do business there.
That was my "choice" and result of being treated

Rather than run over my glasses with my car, I kept on my shades, re-adjusted my attitude,
stopped at Starbucks for my
fat-free punkin spice latte.
Was greeted by the lovely staff there, who you can pretty much guarantee to be pleasant even when busy remembering the names of the most ridiculous combinations of things, "frappe/mocha/vente whipped double expresso latte cinnamon/with a splash of whip"
and then ask if you want something from the bakery while calling you by name~

Made a phone call from an internet search under eyewear to:
where I spoke to a delightful person by phone
about my pitiful one armed glasses!
She happily told me their hours, yes they sold silhouette and would be happy to fix them, and then
provided directions to me!
I go there the very next day, she remembers me from the phone call, and
my glasses are fixed with a part, I meet the manager
who does the job for me!!!
I tell them of my experience at VisionWorks
pay them $20 for the part he had just ordered days before...
And guess what?
They have a new customer...

So, need glasses, adjustment to yours,
live in Palm Harbor

3434 East Lake Road Suite 3

GEt this: they even had little muffins under glass for ya!


We are savvy consumers out here
We get it,,, these are tough times,
We get it, folks are needing jobs
We Want you to get it,
Many are looking for work
you have options for hiring

It takes the vision of an Eagle
to have the staff you want
to give your consumers what they deserve in
customer service
and be on top~

Anyone watch the new show;
Undercover Boss?
Help me with this... why is it those CEO's don't make their table of executives get out there and walk the walk,
work the front lines and see what is really happening?

Why is it, we are not seeing reality in those shows, of the reality that some people do NOT like their jobs, do not do them well, some places are dirty and not valued by the "top"???

Wakie wakie prime time,
Let' s get real here.

I'm all about training, pumping up staff, and educating.
I may not give you what you want,
but you can count on me to give you what you need.

Wake up.
The heart beat of America is Calling.

We value our youth and those from MIT/and the newly graduate,
we also recognize the wisdom that comes from years and experience
that need/want and show up with
enthusiasm, heart, and dedication in the workplace

The fire is burning brightly with thoughts on the wind to those that enter here and all you read their names yesterday...
We are with you always.

With great gratitude,
get that
Warrior Attitude on

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

I have had two pair of glasses from Vision Works and both have required multiple repairs. The lenses pop out of the frames. So maybe poor customer service is only ONE of their problems. I'll add them to my short list of businesses that I will avoid. The other one is Best Buy. They ripped me off 6 years ago and I have never returned. In fact, I use every opportunity to inform EVERYONE that they are a bad place to shop. I tried time after time, up and down the chain, managers, region offices, area managers etc to no avail. They just ripped me off and were satisfied that I was not. So lets be savy consumers and stop spending hard earned money where our busines is not valued. STOMP

Irene M said...

Morning all. I learn and use the thoughts / comments on this page, for example: I walked into an ice cream place with my friend on Sat.
The place was MOBBED with a line out the door.
ONE middle aged woman was the sole server, $$ taker and ? answerer. She had a SMILE, patience and information for EACH customer.
When it came to our turn. I made sure I told her that I was observing her customer skills for the past 15 minutes and how remarkable she was under the pressure of impatient hungry people. I really laid it on thick so others could hear me ( in true Irene fashion )
She said, it made her day that I noticed at all and then took the time to tell her what an excellent job she was doing. Now THAT's worth my time. She was working to pay bills, support a family, feed herself and MY AGE !
Yo go, girl, do it with a smile......
Can't help the rant, however, that's how I woke up. Keep on, keepin ' on. FIRM

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, that bird for some reason reminded me of my Mother. She was a strong, beautiful woman who stood tall in all she did. I am wondering about the woman who was so rude. Was she under a lot of pressure, was she carrying a burden too much for her to cope? Sometimes there are people who are in the public this happens. I have been known to write letters of complaint and most of all write letters of praise. I recently wrote a letter to the Cancer center where I was treated. It was a painful, wonderful experience to walk in the doors and be greeted with a wonderful smile and they even knew my name. I wrote the person in charge a letter telling them my experience with the ladies in the front office, the Doctor and the Nurses. The next visit they were beaming and I found out the Doctor had received the letter and posted it for all to read. A good group of caring people. I have also been known to write letters of complaint for rude people. Lets face it there are so many young and old people that needs a job so if you cant be polite and kind to the public give the job to someone who can treat people with a smile and caring. A smile and a friendly hello will get you lots of love. Keep on, keeping on. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the bad day thing, but you should NEVER, EVER take it to work. The bad day excuse wouldnt have worked on the day of the interview and it has no place in the workplace. Stay home, if its that bad. And some folks are just plain miserable and want you to be too. How they got the job is beyond me. I always taught mine work ethics. Motto from mom was "if you can lean, you can clean" I got phone calls from their boss telling me what good employees they were , while in high school. I learned that from my 1st HS job at Dairy Queen and never forgot.Im sitting here with so many stories in my head , it makes me dizzy. There is no blog big enough for the CS horror stories. I watched the Boss Undercover show about great wolf lodge and they called a poo in the pool an AFR--accidental fecal release. the boss undercover had to clean it up. Im thinking corporate America needs to do this in many workplaces for the "poo" their employees are putting out. Good day!

chris said...

I think we all have horror stories to tell about bad service..but here is challenge for you=have you ever gone out of your way to tell a boss about the exceptional job one of their employees did? I try to do that, because after working in customer service and with the public for a very loooong time I have come to the realization that the managers just blow off the complaints or they may just 'talk' to the person. I have found out that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I get responses back from many of the bosses. There is only one person that I can think of (recently)that blew me off. And it was a doozey! She lost many many people to her service because of what had happened. I just wish I could meet her in person but of course, that isn't going to happen, so I just tell everyone about her and her attitude. It was a real eye opener. Well anyway, when someone tells me about bad customer service in a store, I try very hard not to become their customer. Just like this computer--I listened and did not go to Best Buy but to another store who gave me great service and was very patient with me on my questions. My store was office depot. In that store-they were great. and so I wrote a letter to the manager of the store and asked that it be forwarded to the corporate office, the manager called me and told me that he sent it on and to whom he sent to..So I hope there will be recognition from corporate to the store for their good work. Vision Works bad, bad, bad...Office Depot good,good. I hope it works....ok enough for now--talk to ya tomorrow.
PS--it's Monday! did anyone notice how it snuck up on us???

Anonymous said...

Not only did Monday sneak up, but it flew by. I like long Mondays and short work weeks. I had an interesting situation at a seminar in Tampa last month. The venue was under construction for remodeling. Poor planning on the part of the organizers. As a result, we were in a room beside a jack hammer, all day.
We got started late, took a twenty minute AM break, an hour and a half lunch, twenty minute break in the afternoon and then were released an hour early. So... 3 hours and 20 minutes of instruction time. Got a blasting headache. And imagine this, I paid $150 tuiton for each of us. So I wrote to the company and within a week, got a letter of appology and a full refund. Just sayin, miracles do happen.