Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You VETERANS ~ and those serving our Nation

Thank YOU
Those Serving
Great Nation

Many men and women have written at some point in their lives a blank check payable to the United States Government for an amount that has been up to and sometimes including their lives.
They have fought on behalf of their fellow brothers and sisters of the USA, with all their hearts, all their might.
They have given their lives
to serve
our Country
some gave all
gave more than we could ever imagine

Its' Veterans' Day

It is my sincere HOPE
that we all will go out of our way
cross the street if we have to
"thank you"
to men and women who have served
are serving
for our
for us
we remember
honor them
Veterans Day.
Steeped in rich history is Veterans Day
that will be celebrated in small towns, big cities across our vast Nation..

The 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day in 1918 was when a temporary armistice was signed bringing an end to hostilities of World War I. 

Congress approved the creation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony inaugurating the memorial happens on Nov. 11, 1921, and the official federal holiday goes into effect.
If you have never visited there, I strongly urge you to make that trip someday, to sit in pride, awe and honor as those men walk that walk 24/7 to
protect and honor the Tomb of the Unknown.

 Congress passes legislation making Nov. 11 a legal holiday and calling it officially "Armistice Day." Federal offices would close, as well as courts and banks would do no business on Nov. 11 to mark the occasion; Federal workers now take the Monday preceding Veterans Day off, Postal workers, Banks all are closed, as are many other businesses as well.
Of course that excludes health care facilities and HOSPICE
whose doors are always open .

President Eisenhower would later change the name of Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954. Additionally, Eisenhower would create a Veterans Day National Committee that would oversee any observances planned within the federal government regarding Veterans Day. It wouldn't be until 1989 that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs would chair the committee when the Cabinet-level position was created.

Congress passed the Monday Holiday Law, making four Mondays throughout the year a federal holiday, including Veterans Day. The official celebration was the fourth Monday in October starting in 1971. When confusion set in as to when the actual Veterans Day observance occurred, some states moved the observance back to mid-November.

No matter what day of the week upon which it falls, Veterans Day has been observed in American on Nov. 11 since 1978. Parades that honor living veterans occur in cities and towns all across the nation. Flags fly in the nation's capital as Washington, D.C. honors soldiers who have fought in wartime.

So there you go, a bit of history,
a lot of love and memories of those who have served.
With thoughts today of our beloved:
Enso Bighinatti (Bighi), Gilbert C Eller, Frank Eller, Bud Eller, JT Eller, William Brown, Warner Osborne, 
George Outlaw, "The Code Talkers", Col. Dallas Cox,
Frank Mancinelli, Mr Cone, Vinnie Scelzo,
the many others who served in WWII
The Korean War

Those who served in Vietnam
John Lyons, John Dennis, WIllie Schaeffer, Mike Mathis, Ross Collins, Jimmy K, Stephen M O'Connell, Joe,

Desert Storm

The Middle East

Those who are SERVING

We thank you
your families

and we pray for you always
and hold memories as treasures
with each glimpse of the red white and blue.

ARe you flying your
flag with pride today?

each and every day
pride and honor.

There was a time when many visited the VA Hospitals often, celebrities too. Making the rounds, cheering those men and women up as much as they can.
Yesterday I listened as Montel Williams told
Oprah that he does that, and then went on to say
"celebrities aren't doing that much anymore"
they are not knocking on the doors or walking into the rooms of Veterans and those who have come home
after leaving an arm or legs over there"

Take a look at
Arlington National Cemetery
where more than 300 burials are happening daily
look online at the many white markers
listen to the sounds of
"Some gave all"
All gave more than I can imagine,
returning to families and children
and parents and grandparents
forever changed by their experiences
we are free
sleeping in our beds, showering with hot water
Freedom is not free
Thank you those who are serving
our Great Nation
and for caring for me and my family.

Our colors do not run,
they never have and never will.
We are the

I give tremendous thanks
to our Veterans
and those
who serve
and so it is!

To those who are serving,
we want you home safely
we want you home NOW

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot with thoughts, prayers on the wind to those serving our nation, our Veterans and those who know who they are...
Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

God Bless our troops old and young, God Bless them always whether they are serving now or done!(Doubt that they are ever really done.) God Bless the servicemen and women who gave all, God Bless the ones currently serving in big ways and small! Be safe, you're appreciated! Did I forget to say Thank You to all vets? Thank U!

Irene M said...

The first comment says it ALL.
Bless all that gave, are serving, are enlisting and the families connected to all those mentioned.
Please display our FLAG with pride & support.
I whet my breath, Dad, you are my hero.
Have a great day everyone. Irene

Anonymous said...

God Bless our troops!
God Bless our Vets!
Great blog Sherry.
We have our flag flying proudly at all times.
I too watched Montel on Oprah yesterday and was so moved by his plea. Hope it helps!
God Bless America.
♥ glenda

Anonymous said...

Dr. SES I knew in my heart you would have a great blog today. You have been with the many veterans that have served and served proudly. I volunteered for the event of Veterans Day honoring our veterans. I talked with many of them and one in particular I have know for a long time told of him breaking the code when he was in service and think about it he broke the Japanese code for our American soldiers. What a day it was to be able to make these veterans who are now in a nursing rehab. center happy. We had speakers from the VFW, American Legion and our own retired Col. Dallas Cox. He showed a picture of our veterans cemetery being built right here, right now in our little town. He refers to it as our Monument to our soldiers. It will be similiar to the one in Arlington. Col. Dallas Cox was instrumental in getting this cementery to honor our Veterans and their families. He is a retired Col. of the U. S. Army Special Forces and he spoke about leaving the spouses at home and what they go thru raising the family. It seems there is not enough done for the spouses and as I looked around the room I saw tears flowing and one was our beloved employee of the Rehab. center. She has just been left behind with the job of raising 3 kids and working to help out. She is young, beautiful and very brave. Lets all today say a prayer for our soldiers and every day. Dont forget to shake a hand and speak to our soldiers and let them know we are praying for them and their families. Thanks Dr. SES

Anonymous said...

I, too, watched Montel on Oprah and wept when he pleaded to go and see our vets. He so eloquently said "put your time and money where your mouth is" Those soldiers need to know, that we as people care for the sacrifices they have made! My son is in the army and returned this past may from afghanistan.He was stationed at an outpost referred to as "Camp Hell"(Mike Boettcher was embedded briefly at this place and you can check it out online) Let me tell you , for this momma, it certainly was camp hell at home knowing that he was in this wretched place.He returns next summer to do another year long stint. His precious wife and children do their best to remain strong while he is gone. Let us not forget the families of these men and women who are there. Support them too. The holidays are upon us. Find a group that sends boxes to the soldiers and contribute.A 12 inch x 12 inch x 5 inch box can be filled with a lot of love from home. <3 Let us never forget those who are serving or who have served this great country!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a nephew that just came home safe and sound from afganistan..We all are grateful to those who have served and will serve. Our lives are richer because of them. God bless them all..