Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I hope you don't miss a thing!~

It just doesn't get any better than this

Just sitting here, me in my home, in my robe with my coffee... counting my blessings ...
so very blessed am I!

The 4 leggeds have already decided to have
NASCAR in the dark, so keepin an ear out for the
into the dark waters of the pool just in case, I'm on the
ready to take the plunge should one of them
get pushed over the edge by the other.

I'm filled with thoughts today of that picture I was able to take... Sometimes it takes
spirit talk.
For this
I give thanks
so It is!
This is a small clip from the ceremony in Sedona
just posted on You Tube
the great voice of
"There is NO Distance"
There is no distance of our God within" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08vTqKgdwEQ
Do Not Miss a Thing friends!
You can feel the energy that was out there
on that most remarkable day
of those light workers "walking the walk"
it brings back the memories
and I was there!
God is "inside of us, right where we are,
never far,
There is no distance"
When our loved ones are beside us
in the next place.
Keep that as your devine truth.

I was spirit talking to those beloved dolphins I was!
And then it happened;
not only did they grace me with their presence,
then they returned for the
then they both looked at me
as if to let me know
of the depth and the intensity that was felt in my soul.

This all happened after that wonderful and joyous time spent with Aunti V the dolphin.

We never know, just how precious time is, what remarkable things may occur unless we are fully present.

The thoughts of this day are short, to the point:

Be present! Alive and in the moment with all the senses.
Allow yourself to know the amazing grace of those around you, the magic that is yours to see, to be involved in at all times.
Whether it is loved ones, a remarkable sunrise or sunset!
Take notice of those things that are yours
if only you make yourself available and open to them
to the gifts and the love of all living things.

Revel in the moment, for this is the only moment that we have, that we know.
Yesterday is but a memory, if it fills your heart with gladness, rejoice in it~

Worry not about tomorrow...
HOPE in this day,
live in this moment~
Give it all you have~
This winter there is going to be North American Black Bears watched all over the world by folks tucked safely in their homes... and at some point in January there will be a cub(s) born and it will be witnessed by thousands!
It will be awe inspiring, on that you can be certain.

there will be tragedies along the way; there will be loved ones who die after long illnesses, those who die sudden and unepected deaths... children, babies, Elders.
And hearts will bend badly, and the need for tenderness, love and support will be ongoing.
All even more reasons, to get out there and
Live it with gusto, with grace, gratitude, and greatness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo_0UXRY_rY

I don't want you to miss a thing!

I've been very active in the kids' lives... very very involved I tell ya.
I am still trying to wrap my head and heart around the idea of my #1 Godson Buddy Pal graduating from High School next year...
 I just can't get used to the thought of that.
Where has the time gone?
I don't want to miss a thing ~
he comes for the holidays, for time in the summer,
he's my boy...
and still,
I wonder?
Have I loved him enough, told him enough, shown him enough, given him the foundation I wish for him enough.
How can it be, that he is going to graduate from
High School next year?
Does he really in his soul know
that he is loved to Pluto and back many times over
and is that knowledge enough to encourage him
to soar with the Eagles?
Oh Creator How I hope so!

And then there is Kamryn and Olivia, both 10 now...
oh lawd, please help me find a way to put
duct tape on them,
keep them little for as long as possible.
We don't want to miss a thing!

I'm thinking
JUMP, move, get goin
I don't want you to miss a minute
not a breath
of the day
So much to see and to do
to be and to tell and show those that you love
of your love and devotion!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing
Do It
Just get out there

The fire is burning, the cedar is filling the air with thoughts on the wind to all who enter here.

Butterflies have the Creators' ear, a wish whispered to a butterfly will be taken to spirit-land and heard...

Walk In Beauty,

The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle Lighting
December 12, 2010
6:30 pm
For info and to submit your child's photo

for more info!
come on and bust some suds with us
and eat too!


Irene M said...

Morning, all...... very touching video from Sedona, voice like an angel. Felt as if I were there. Thanks for sharing.
Kids growing up, I watched but missed 10 years of their maturing, my neices & nephews. There is alsways time to catch up, but they are all adults now and the innocent years are gone.
I am blessed, regardless......... enjoy today and always stay FIRM

Anonymous said...

I wrap my arms and my heart
around my children each day...
glad to have not missed a thing..
truly blessed for having the chance to
be a Mom...
loved the blog... love the idea
of whispering to the butterfly...
Angels carrying our wishes with them..
There were at least a hundred
dancing dolphins at honeymoon on
Saturday.... even saw a mama and her baby !
Awesome... Best day to all..
lovin the rain !
sign me,

kelly 2 Wolves said...

Beautiful post Sissy, Indeed make the most of the moment you are in, because you never know how mmany you will have. Smell the flowers listen to the birds sing their songs , watch the ants, whisper to the wind the secrects that you hold. And Dance!Laugh and Pklay! Smile at a child make funny faces at your nieghbor shake up a solom memnet with something rediculas and Laugh till your stomach hurts! Life is only as beautiful as you make it don't waste it on, sorrow, regret and hostilities.Breathe in the beauty of the world and exhale this beaiuty out for others ! Have a beautiful day with whatever you do Love to you all ! Life is a wonderful gift go out and unwrap it !!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog today and every day. I really loved the picture with the Dolphins. My heart did a flip when I saw the Sedona graduation and the wonderful song. What a special time and place and you touching your heart and sending to your family your love. My heart is full now and then. What a wonderful day. Am grateful for each day. It is time to STOMP real loud and be heard. We only go around one time and indeed it is time to love, laugh and live. Our hearts ache for the ones we have lost and always will we should now embrace the ones we have left and let them know how much they are loved. Wrap our arms around the little ones and dont let them get far away and let them know how much they are loved. We are so blessed to have each other. Have a wonderful day and lets give all of those butterflies messages to take to our loved ones. Happy day to all.

Anonymous said...

Rough Day. wish I had read the blog this morning before a bad day at work. Might have made all the difference. Will STOMP tomorrow and make it a better day. Loved the post doc.
Make your move. You are the bomb diggity. Much love, and thank you for the dolphin photo, and the utube. What beautiful music at your graduation ceremony. What a heavenly voice

ODE #51 said...

loved the blog..and of course you did everything right! haha i love you to pluto and back 10000000000 times!

Anonymous said...

Wow that ODE #51 is a man of few words, but wonderful words he said. How many times is that 10000000000000000 to Pluto and back. Wow, love it. I will have to be of few words after that one. The blog is great, the dolphin and the utube knocked off my socks. Keep up the good work as we all know you will. Blessings