Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday ~ Are ya still full? On the Road yet?

Did you eat it all?
This was... uh, er, ehem
Jeepers Thanksgiving,
that's right see him looking?
It was for HIM
not mine!
no he didn't eat it ALL
had to save room for
Pecan Pie!
Good morning morning~ It was just like I imagined... The pictures came in texts this year... Angie sent them of HER PLATE... (full of everything I love too) Corn puddin, green salad, turkey, dressing, green beans, mashed taters)
I sent text that said:
"Hope you drop it like it's hot: In your lap!"
Happy Thanksgiving phone calls were made and received! Messages from Warriors here were received,
I am blessed by all and the many comments of yesterday. 
Did you recieve the gifts?
The many and wonderful gifts that are yours
if you "choose to be open to them"
Oh how I hope that you did~

Many will not have time for thoughts here today,
many are already among the throngs of shoppers
I guess!
"Running With the Bulls"
stores have been open all day on Thanksgiving
all night, folks lined up waiting
anticipation, pulses racing,

For the doors to officially open
some as early as
for those
super duper off the chain sales!
Things you just cannot do without for you and others!

I HOPE you had a blessed
Wishing that you were able to gather with friends
family around tables with love in your hearts.
I pray that families gathered in the true spirit of the holiday, giving thanks for each other while holding the memories of those no longer there.
I know that there are many who sat with an
"empty chair" at tables, as they remembered
those no longer here.

It is with a full heart that I pray folks will have enjoyed
"Hallmark" magic; casting aside feelings of insecurity,
of pettiness, of those family dynamics that often rear their heads and make no sense in the grand scheme of things. Life is too short ... Much to short for things that cause stress, drama and discomfort.

Children grow up so fast,  so quickly, if we are blessed to witness them growing up at all. In the quickness like a firefly in the night it can all be taken away; a loved one, an event, an opportunity.
We have this day, this moment, this breath.

I so hope that all are realizing the importance of this opportunity, the gift of this life, this friend, this family, of birth and of choice ~ Value it, treasure it, honor it.
` ` ~ ` `

Today is reported as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, for those who are brave enough, strong enough, patient enough and have the nerve enough to wander out with a plan and comfy shoes!
The paper said that 80 million folks shopped on Black Friday last year!
One in three arrived at stores by 5am!
The only thing I usually see at that hour is my coffee cup and this screen at that hour, but I mostly enjoy seeing the insides of my eyelids to be honest!

It has been said that one should check online before heading out, to see what you can save there first!
Others report you can in fact have
FUN shopping on Black Friday
although.. I can't really imagine that!
Some even suggest it can be
stRESS Free!
Go figure.

What I can tell you is this.
One year the family was in Florida, and the 6 of us decided to "Do Black Friday".
10. RUNS WITH BULLS>great description

As much as I love my family, as much as I love the idea of gift giving.
Black Friday and me do not mix.
I would however enjoy going to Starbucks
grabbing a punkin spice latte
and sitting near the door
comfortably seated mind you
just people watching!
The people are a true amazing sight to listen to,
watch; yep I could see me doing that
not at 0'dark thirty!
Be careful out there folks, remember to use
kindness and compassion with those poor folks who have to work that shift. They are just humans, just doing their jobs. They are not trained in what is going to be thrown at them today.
Be gentle with yourself, hydrate, watch for elbows and ugliness... Shield yourself well, do not take things personally!

Radford High School
Will be on the Prowl
fighting for the playoffs
in VA
Godson D'Vante #51 will join his team on the field
as they fight it out
one win closer to winner take all.
I'll be here in FL in my
BOBCAT shirt
rooting for those BOBCATS!
I HOPE you will join me~!~~

The fire is burning brightly, with sage and cedar filling the air, healing thoughts of HOPE, strength and prayers on the wind to those who know who they are.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE
Healing Heartaches


Irene M said...

Morning all ! The only "BULLS" that you should run with is RED BULL , lol, lol
The only black Friday is here in my backyard where the Fla. sun is NOT shining today.
Had a GREAT turkey day, gave thanks and had many phone calls, texts & pictures from the snow / sleet / rain land of the Northeast.
Be happpy today, do what you do and know that I am staying put............. FIRM-ly planted

Angie said...

Morning Cuz....sorry I did not drop one drop of my food nor did Aunt Betty put Green Salad in my hair as you asked!! haha
Great lunch way to much food but would have been better if you & Bun would have been there. Loved texting while eating and not getting in trouble by COB! :) She was way too busy piling her platter up!! LOL
I remember that Black Friday very well and I also remember one when I lived in Chicago and just had to go get "whatever was hot that year" at KayBee toys for D'Vante and when they opend the "gate" I got pushed all the way to the back and it took me almost 45 minutes to get back out the front door! NEVER again!!
D'Vante & Dashon are at breakfast before the big game. Tried and tried to get them to go to sleep and get some rest but guess they are too excited. I am too excited! I am so proud of the Bobcats and especially Ode w/his knee and now his finger. He refuses to give up!! Be sure to have your cellie charged and I will be texting you!!
Have a great day and try to relax before the big game!!
Luv you "whole lots"

Anonymous said...

Happy day after Thanksgiving. I am sure Jeepers, Gpsy and Patches and a dozen other people could have eat off that plate. Oh my, how sweet it is or was. I had the smallest plate in the house and tiny helpings. Too much food and you know I dont want to waste anything so I kept eating. I counted 21 dishes and that included the pecan pie, choc. cake and peanut butter pie. Peanut butter pie made by a great friend of my LITTLE niece. Good friends and family. Real excited with the boys and tonight ball game, will find the Bobcat shirt and layer down. Rainy and cold it is gonna be,these boys want stop winning and it seems I will be freezing the butt off until Easter if they keep winning and you know they will, the beast #51 is right on. Yea. The worm will be spending the night with me and we have great plans for tomorrow. My love and blessings go out to all. Pray for our soldiers and their families. Keep the Merry Christmas greetings going on as you cant find anything in the stores that say Merry Christmas. Lets all send the President and his staff and the Senators a Merry Christmas card. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

had a peaceful, fun holiday
my son in law"s 1st attempt at
cooking the bird.. YUM...
I do not shop today.. cannot
imagine sacrificing my energy.
Am getting recharged to head to
work later.
Thanks for the read here today.
As usual, words of wisdom well
Angels in my heart and yours,
Sign me.

Anonymous said...

Love that plate doc, bet you and your tribe put a great dent in it too! Great read today, great and sage words indeed. those hallmark moments are only moments that is for sure. wishing all safe shopping out there, i prefer the online kind and giving experiences as gifts, you know trips and times out to do things with those i love (dinner/zoo/times that make memories and a few Santa gifts seem to appear) yes i do believe!
Blesssings to all the gentle warriors here, so good to read all the posts, but i do know that many read are shy to post...
may the good Lord take a likin to all.
sign me
happy that you take the time for all of us here.
<3 keeping us laughing/crying and loving each day with amazing grace in beauty

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving was perfect in every way! Can't wait to attack the left-overs tonght. Yum....
No shopping for me today. Enjoying the glow from yesterday. Now to begin getting ready for the Christmas Holiday. What a lovely time of year. Great memories of holidays past with loved ones long gone, but never forgotten.