Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Standing In The Light

Hand Wash
Joe Cool seen in back ground
caught on camera
none other than IRENE!
At the last car wash, our first car placed a cool
$100.00 in Laura's hand
then the third little clean car to be
did the same thing!
When I got this picture from Irene, I laughed and laughed, thinking
"Only FIRM/EYESCREAM/Irene from our page of
warriors would be the one to capture the
picture of ME
washing the biggest of the big
the cheapest of the cheap!
I am thinking though that I like doing car washes when I have on less clothing and am more interested in enhancing my tan, rather than layering up and
blowing my nose! Just sayin...

When I gave that change, "Eye-screamed"
Forgot to mention yesterday, when speaking of the blessings
Irene coming to cheer us on
told us all
that it was her beloved Mom's
was also watching us from spirit-land
and I'm sure was smiling on all of us.
Rose and her beloved Frank
now dancing in the heavens
gave us
a warrior here on this page, usually the first to
comment each day!
Fast with humor, and quick snap of the camera
she is a hoot and a holler!
Thanks Irene, for your support of Laura
our efforts to
wash out

The first comment of yesterday
asked if I forgot it was the 7th day of the week...
To be honest, I didn't forget,
but just knew that we all knew that part
but now that I think about it,
should have begun the thoughts with that
"On this most chilly 7th day of this month..."
thanks for keepin me on my toes!

Our next fun-raising will be once again prompted by the events held at
Steak N Shake
when Andrea told us that she is
joining up with Julia at a church event
January and getting a table for a craft "thingy"
of course we quickly said
"sign us up to join in"
you better run
we will be raising more dough
with a huge, I mean HUGE
bake sale at this event
Details to come!

~ ~ ~
So warriors
how was YOUR Monday?
was your weekend?

I do hope that you found something to be in
awe of
A message that filled your heart and your soul
that you heard your own laughter fill the air, the room or another's' heart.

This mornings' thoughts are of the woman I am going to meet and take out boating to hopefully see the
majestic eagles soar!
Her name is Dotti B. and she too is a warrior
of this special page,
a fan
Lily the North American Black Bear
Dotti and I have been pals on Facebook
"captivated" by Lily and HOPE
along with 115 thousand others from across the world!
I was tickled to life to hear from Dotti that she would be coming down to FL to visit and staying with family about 60 miles from here.
So we decided to get together and meet
face to face!
North American Black Bear
her baby
has brought us together
for a day on
Lake Tarpon
to witness the majestic Eagles
as they soar
to visit!
What a gift to receive from a shared respect of
North American Black Bears.
Sure HOPE the weather and
the Eagles shine for her!
I feel rather certain that they will.

Many times I think we just have to
"roll with it"
just trust that all will be exactly as it is suppose to be.
know that it will all be just the way it is intended.
for today,
I wish you all that you need
to have the best day that you can have.

At work, at home, at play
with family, with friends:

if it is rough
if those around you feel toxic
put on that gas mask
get in your happy place and lock the door
stay there safely
do what you must
Leave the rest

Soar with the Eagles

Wherever you are

Know that YOU are
all that you need to be
Let that be your strength and your truth

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot
Sending healing and strength on the wind
you know who you are and it is coming to you

Walk In Beauty


Irene M said...

Happy 2's day everyone. Thank you, Sherry for the shout-out and information about Rose & Frank. I was so happy to hear about your boat ride with Dotti B. Another busy day on tap with my visitor from N.J. Went to wall springs park yesterday, Tampa's Hard Rock and many other places in between. Still brrrrrr
but gettin' warmer. Enjoy all, FIRM

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, this is a nice cozy morning, weather at 55deg. last week much colder. Got the LA home winterized just in time. I know the car wash was lots of fun and lots of work. Thats what it takes to make MS start running. Hope all of those who have been sick will stay well after that wash. Would have hated to have all of those clothes on Dr. SES that was in the picture, I bet they got wet and cold after awhile. You better watch out when Irene is around you never know what she will be doing next. That is why she always signs FIRM. Going to a Veterans day celebration today at a local Nursing Home, will be the ones to push the Veteran residents into the lunch room for the ceremony. Invited our retired Col. Cox who has been instrumental into bringing in a Veteran cemetery here in our little old town. He is a person who walks the walk and he cares about ALL veterans. We are growing in leaps and bounds. All we need now is some of the factories that went to Mexico to come back to our town. Why is it we sent all of the factories to Mexico and all of the Mexicans came over here???? Oh my I am rambling this morning. Have a Blessed Day. To all of those volunteers washing cars for MS, doing volunteer work our hats are off to you.

Anonymous said...

Great blog doc, Happy Birthday Rose ~ Guess I am sensitive to those connections now since reading about "MS" and Jaren's strong presence. Not surprised doc at you holidng out on us doc about thsi strong connection and holdiing Rose for today... and
do I win the prize for noticing the "click of today" THE ROSE on the front of Healing Heartaches and ROSE being the name of the one mentioned who had the birthday on the day of the car wash too!
Gotta tell you that made me have some chills especially right after reading about the "connection" of you and Dotti on the black bear page and now the connection of soaring ad meeating face to face and the circle of connections, and my mom was a Rose
and Healing Heartaches brought me here too!
wow the power of this pagel
blessings everyoe! stomp! great read each day.
Almost Veterans day, thanks to all for serving

Cathy Madden said...

O.K. was going to comment yesterday and had even began but phone rang and life happend. Nothing spectacular, another job interview for tomorrow at 10:00. Although I will be ready and will show up 15 min early, I know how many young folks I will be coming up againist so lets see if they go with the ole gal this time. I don't want to seem ungrateful especially here with all the uplifting you all are about but I just get weary and then I get scaird. It's a human thing that I pray God will take over and fill me with his power to overcome. There, I feel better already. Just gotta keep givin it over to HIM. Now, about the 7's. What an amazing observation. My daughter was born 7/15/71 @ 11:07. Wish I could say she weighed 7lb7oz but she weighed a whopping 9lb51/2oz. Whew! Shauna had a great day for a ride here in Texas on Sunday. Weather for just gorgeous. Hope it's that good in April. Great about you getting to meet Dotti Doc. You guys will have a great time talking bout Lily and Hope and I'll pray the Eagles show up. I know you have already begun channeling them to be there. Again, blessing to you all. Everyone here is getting a little more wordy. I like that cause sometimes I felt I was taking up too much space.

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Morning All! ROFLMBO! at the pick with stingy man how funny is that? Would love to see his face if he saw his pick here! Happy to hear you'll be meeting a FB friend LOL its always fun putting the human to the page, I have been blessed with being able to meet many people I have connected with from Facebook. Hope the Eagles fly for you when she comes! And Hope you are feeling better and not chilled to the bone after being soggy all day Sunday! Blessings on the wind wishing you all well this fine 2's day !

Anonymous said...

Loved all the comments today. Feels like a homecoming event! Most everyone back? Good to hear everyones comments. Car wash was not as wet as Jly, maybe because we were all hose shy as it was cold. Great event, important cause.
Already digging out my favorite recioes for the bake sale in Jan. Can't wait!!!! Hope all locals come out and grab some gourmet delights, and/or bake some for the casue. I already have two guys volunteering to man the ovens for a one day bakeathon here. Just gearing up. Jan is not that far off.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Of all the photos to have...Mr. Cheapo Durango! But he was insignificant in the big picture. I'm sure if he hung with us long enough we would've gotten at least 7 bucks out of him! LOL, AGAIN, THANKS TO ALL, EVEN THOSE FAR AWAY. tHE SPIRIT OF WARRIORS UNITED IS INCREDIBLE! On to our Veterans, Thank you, Bless You always and in ALL ways! Kathy best wishes on your search, remember to be patient with yourself. As very good friends of mine will say, put it out there in the universe, positive thoughts and plans. Ask for it!Great day ya'll, even though it's bedtime as always! Nite nite (have to say...hate it that it gets dark so stinkin early!!)