Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just sayin...

This oughta tangle
"Granny in the good ole days"

I got this email this week,
I just have to share it with you!

There are some really great Nursing Homes out
there in the country, so if you are one of them,
please do not take offense here,
there are some great, really really
Assisted Living Facilities as well.

I met a woman recently who has chosen to live
rather than an Assisted Living Facility!
that is an idea that I think is really worthy
of pursuing...

Humor, it's all about attitude and humor
especially in the dark months,
particularly as we approach the stress, the
of Thanks-Giving
and the day after
the ga-zillions will be out in force
with coffee in their systems
a wild and crazed look in their eyes
and hit the malls
for those
90% off sales
and that one of a kind most remarkable gift
in their minds

Now where was I???
Oh yes, the email that I am just bound to share with all who gather here...

Here's the way it should be:

Let's put the seniors in jail and the criminals in nursing homes.
This would correct two things in one motion:

Seniors would have access to showers, hobbies and walks.
They would receive unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment, wheel chairs, etc.
They would receive money instead of having to pay it out.
They would have constant video montering, so they would be helped instantly... if they fell or needed assistance.

Bedding would be washed twice a week and all clothing would be ironed and returned to them.
A guard would check on them every 20 minutes.
All meals and snacks would be brought to them.
They would have family visits in a suite built for that purpose.
They would have access to a library, weight/fitness room, spiritual counseling, a pool and education...and free admission to in-house concerts by nationally recognized entertainment artists.

Simple clothing - IE. shoes, slippers, pj's - and legal aid would be free, upon request.
There would be private, secure rooms provided for all with an outdoor exercise yard complete with gardens.
Each senior would have a P.C., T.V., phone and radio in their room at no cost.
They would receive daily phone calls.
There would be a board of directors to hear any complaints and the ACLU would fight for their rights and protection.
The guards would have a code of conduct to be strictly adhered to, with attorneys available, at no charge to protect the seniors and their families from abuse or neglect.


As for the criminals:
They would receive cold food.
They would be left alone and unsupervised.
They would receive showers once a week.
They would live in tiny rooms, for which they would have to pay $5,000 per month.
They would have no hope of ever getting out.
"Sounds like justice to me!"

Ride on
across the galaxies


Are ya laughing with me this morning?

Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
Give it your best!

The fire is burning here
with thoughts on the wind
to all.

Walk In Beauty,

Looking for that one of a kind
amazing gift for the holidays?



Irene M said...

Yo ! I'm right there with ya, sista.
My experiences with Assisted Livings / Nursing Homes was "very enlightening".
A handful of kind, diligent workers passed thru my days of worry regarding my parents & aunt. Turkey Day approaches ! I have seen the "look" in eyes of shoppers, I have avoided the roads. O M G ! Stay safe everyone, Irene

Anonymous said...

Black Friday is our equivalent of the running with the bulls.I avoid it after doing it one year with my daughter.I saw 2 men get into a fist fight over a computer, for heavens sake. Scared me and i decided then and there , that shopping experience could be left to those desperate for the bargains.
My granny was in a nursing home and had her nose broken by an employee.All we , as the family could ever figure out , was that although she was in a body that no longer cooperated, her mind was sharp and so was her tongue. She must have been telling this person how it was and got punched.My sweet granny died 2 days later with both eyes blackened and probably with a broken spirit. The blow didnt take her life , it was sepsis due to a dirty catheter. If your loved one has to be in the care of a nursing home, visit often and come at different times. Your loved ones life depends on it. <3

Anonymous said...

Love you Doc, and sure do love these pictures of your belvoed Granny. Bless her heart and her spirit that she most def passed down to our esteemed Dr Showalter. Thank you for all you do. I'm right with you today and the person who commented above, you have my prayers and my sympathies. May your Granny now be with those in heaven knowoing that she is at rest, at peace and safe, loved and honored by those living her legacy. sage advice from the writer and Warrior above, happy Thanksgiving all. Be Safe on Runs With The Bulls Day!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of Granny too.
love the thought of being free to ride
the galaxies.. and beyond...
Nursing homes can be horrendeus.. I think
the idea of jail/nursing home swap just
might have the answers..
my Dad , after a month of fighting brochitis,
dehydration, and personal strentgh issues,
beat them all... came home with bedsores
on the back of his ankles ! The bedsores
are still healing and holding him back.. and it's
been 3 weeks... no excuse for such things
to happen.. Cruise ship is the route
for me when it's my time....
Happy Day wishes to all.
Sign me,

Irene M said...


however, the above comment about the broken nose in the nursing care facility tugged at my heart. I am just sick over reading that story. OMG, I can't shake the thought of it.