Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Every year
She rides her butt off
for money
in honor of her Mom
Laura Roorda

Gearing up for that car wash at the
Steak N Shake in Oldsmar this Sunday!
Goin to turn up the tunes,
and get our
swagga on to bust some suds
once again!
That Laura put me to shame I tell ya on the last
She washed and washed til the last car was shining
our butts were draggin the ground ~
when it was over?
We were ever so happy,
our butts were tired!
I've said it before, but for those who may not have read it that day... I'll let ya know.
Laura has MS
MS will "never, ever" have her!
she has

And out there in Texas, Shauna is training, riding and running and doing all those things that she and thousands call "training"
(I on the other hand would call it sheer torture).
Spin Classes, tune ups, bikes in pristine condition,
bodies in buff condition
They are Warriors and will not
Until the cure is found.
I cannot imagine being Shauna
riding and riding and riding
through the winds, the rains and the
UP hills and drafts out there in Texas
she does it,
year after year
Laura flies out there with home made bite size
muffins made by
91 year old Grandma Edith
to fuel her on!
Laura is there each mile of the way
ultimately standing at the finish line
screaming her brain and vocal cords out
with the pride
of the majestic
as her Eaglet
crosses the finish line for another year
closer to the
Ahhh Muleque
what a celebration is had!

Here's just one view of that journey out there in Texas taken by so many each and every year!

Oh how I pray it is this year
that this dreaded disease is cured once and for all.

are a powerful band of
capable of greatness.

If you ever think you are too little to effect change, to make a difference...
you have never been in bed with a mosquito!

Remember that little pebble thrown into the creek?
The ripple just grows and grows, its sight a wonder to behold along with its effects on each and every thing.
The saying:
Touch one, reach one...

When you have been blessed
it is indeed heaven
To know the heart, the soul of another
nothin like it I tell ya.
When you are inspired to step UP
and to move onward
step outside of-self
into other
you are living life to its fullest.

While you may ride alone as Shauna does on that bike of hers, you are never really alone!
You are with the Universal Oneness that lives large within, the force of the true onenss that moves all.
you are contributing to the greater whole, with the love and support of more than the eyes can see or the body can feel the touch and depth of.
Know deeply within yourself that it is

We always walk with others,
whether we see, hear, or feel them
they are here
the next place.

Let that be your truth
settle into it
make it yours and smile with the knowing.


Know that everything, every season has its own rhythm, its own season, its own dance...
Whether on a bike pedalling with all your might to cure MS
Whether busting suds at Steak n Shake to raise monies for research to
cure MS
Whether finding a way to get along with
and family

As Maya Angelou says:
"Nothing will work unless you do"

Let's make it a party and get out there and work
for the greater good
of others
celebrate living while we are doing it!

The fire is burning brightly today, its embers are hot and the smells of cedar fill the air with thoughts on the wind for all in the prayer bowl and those who enter here.

Walk In Beauty,
That, is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches

NOV 7, 2010
9AM TIL 2pm
monies matched by
Laura's brother @ Home Depot
C'mon out and join us
for more info!

Please visit:
and get those photos in for
The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle Lighting 2010
December 12, 2010
Candles will be lit world wide at
7:00pm local time here in FL
Gulf Harbors Civic Center
4610 Floramar Terrace
New Port Richey 34652
Precious Children
Gone Too Soon"


Anonymous said...

Good Morning World and friends. Go for MS and stomp it out. Go out for the car wash and wash until it hurts. Collect that money for MS and you will STOMP it out. It takes friends, family and new friends to fight for a cause and someday we will see it leave us. Good luck to Laura and her beautiful daughter helping her fight the fight of her life. She will win as she is a winner and a fighter. Go Girl STOMP it out. Blessings to all

Irene M said...

Good morning all. I witnessed Laura's strength at the last car wash for MS. I was truly amazed at the energy, determination and confidence she had for raising $$. I give Shauna a lot of credit for taking her body to the limit to RIDE FOR MS.
I especially read this morning's blog where you said we are NEVER alone. That statement will get me thru today and days to come.
Thank you for accepting me as part of this daily blog, listening to my comment and giving me lots to think about. Best of luck, FIRM

Anonymous said...

My cellphone message has had "Im never alone" as its greeting for years. Although I get lonely, which is much different,I find comfort in that simple phrase.You rock ,Doc and Im sure you will be washing cars til you ache. Im thinking you never do anything half-arsed? Hehe
Love to you and thanks for your daily dose of inspiration.

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Putting your all into it Im sure Sissy, Never give up. Move forward don't stop!! Your the best you Warriors out there! Tell Laura to try some White birch oil, when shes feeling low on energy pure essential oil, she can just sniff it and should give her a little pick me up. Same for anyone with MS. Worth a try has work for others before . Blessings All on this beautiful day!!

Anonymous said...

Let's wash a thousand cars Sunday gang!

Anonymous said...

WoW! What a beautiful always, so kind! I am very humbled to say I am the mom of Shawna who rides her butt off every year to make sure we get rid of MS. That 180 mile grueling ride, along with 13,000 other people! It is an honor to be at the end of her ride when she flies across that finish line, both days, and more exciting each time! But I have to tell you, we are more determined than ever! However, that wouldn't happen without the help of friends and family who keep me grounded, focused, and encourage me through so many different ways, like my "committee" who said Oh NO, we can't rest until we can get this goal for next year... not only the 10,050.00, but the end of this ridiculous disease that makes NO sense! They also encourage self care when I'm not so sure I'm on solid ground, feeling feeble, vulnerable. Without my earthly angels, I may only be able to "stop", but with the awesome prayers, and love that surrounds each of us, I have to STOMP! I so appreciate the way my friends are willing to work their BUTTs off to help me look forward to a future of being free from MS- not just for me, but the 400,000 others affected by this disease! Let me tell you, planning this happened for a reason on Nov. 7th. Andrea opened the door, her daughter will be there watching over her (as always)and us~ loving the 7th. Shawna begins her first training ride geared towards the MS 150...on the 7th. Who knew one single digit could matter so much, but it does! I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, and I know Shawna does as well. Bring on those dirty cars, hold our spirits up (it may take a heater!), make us laugh, help us raise funds, and awareness! Stomp people, STOMP! Bless you all, in the best ways possible! Thank you, Wado my friend! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all in advance who will
help out and make the car wash a huge
success... Laura, you ROCK !
I have a ton of admiration for you and your
attitude.. Also, DocwickedcoolSES...
you are the BEST !!!!
STOMPing every day,
sign me,

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping for those thousand cars, and the strength to wash those thousand cars! Thank you to everyone for their support of my mom, Laura! It comforts me being so far away to know that she has such a wonderful support group. I may not be with you physically at the car wash this weekend, but as I am on my bike for the first training ride, I will be thinking of you all!