Thursday, November 25, 2010


to you and yours

from my home to yours

To my beloved family up there
Southwest Virginia
I send my love, my memories of
Thanksgiving blessing ways past.
As they prepare, as they laugh and
share stories
and send me pictures of my 
full plate
Turkey, mashed taters (mouth watering now), GREEN SALAD
(that Angie will gorge herself on now that she does not have to share with me),
baked sweet potatoes, Mom's green beans, Lins' home-mad macNcheese, dressing to die for
 (mine baked in round and great cakes like Granny and me used to like the best). pecan pies, and oMg
I can't just can't continue...
Sending blessings to family, to friends, to every living thing,
we are all connected!

Today we give thanks and giving; to our Ancestors, to each other...
In compassion an in Kindness we walk, we gather with mindful purpose, to offer thanks.
We have gathered and we see that the cycles of life continue.
We have been given the privilege to live in balance and harmony with each other and all living things.
So now, we bring the Universal Oneness of our Creator together,with our minds together as one as we give greetings and thanks to each other as People.
Now our energy, or hearts, our community are joined with the Creator and
our minds are one
on this
Thanksgiving Day!
And for each of you
I give thanks,
It is!
And it is good...

The fire is burning brightly, her embers are hot, the sage and cedar are filling the air ~ ~ ~ with thoughts on the wind to all as always.

after your Thanksgiving parade... after your bellies are full...
ARE you ready for some

How bout' those Tampa Bay Bucs?
Ronde Barber #20
40 Interceptions/25 Sacks
NFL History was made!
Congrats Ronde my friend
I hear the
Hall of Fame has called for
your Jersey!
A man of honor, integrity, and humility
couldn't happen to a greater man!
Now, rest up this evening, go to bed early.
Starting at about 3am, it will be time to
"run with the bulls"
uh, I mean those who shop!
it will be
the time and age old tradition
where it is perfectly ok
to lose all sense of reason
and storm the stores to save
and get all that "stuff" that has been available all year long!
Happy Happy Trails and paths and joy!

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in
Healing Heartaches

I recognize that these holidays are difficult for some, painful-loveliness as we remember those who are not with us physically...
Remember, you are never alone, there is
No Distance...
'I'll stand by you'
as Ms Patti Labelle sings so profoundly!
For those who are serving, for those who are experiencing a difficult journey,
for those who are grieving...
May the Creator shine upon you with protection and gentleness and the rainbow always touch your shoulder.


Irene M said...

Good morning & Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I am NOT up early, cooking a bird or preparing for company. I have NEVER cooked a turkey in my life ( shame on me ), but this is my favorite eating holiday. I will drive to Palmetto & spend the day with my cousin and her lovely community in the club house with 60 people. I watch the NYC Macy's Parade, eat, then football. Does it get any better than that ? Been weepy for a few days, holidays are hard for me, but I will put my face on and JOIN IN, not SHUT in. Life is too short. Enjoy everyone ! I r e n e

chris said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you-esp DrSES and family. Lots to be thankful for this year--I'm here!! Thanksgiving has been hard for the past couple of years but the creator in her own way taught me how to give thanks again. Will be watching the parade and enjoying the day. I wish you all peace. Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving all. What a song, I'll stand by you! What greater gift can we be thnakful for than the ones who love us and stand by us no matter what. I am grateful evryday for th people in my life that make it all matter, for the opportunities I have to mak a contribution, and to the universe for the beauty that surounds us all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day, that menu sounds so good I can taste it now. What kind of mad? macncheese is that? Your plate will be running over with love and kindnesss, much laughing and lots of food. Will freeze you a plate are two. We are thanksful for so much and we are most grateful for family, God, and our men and women serving our country. Pray for them each day and hope they will soon be coming home. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Im thankful that this year my soldier is home with us to share a meal and good times with family. Last year he shared dinner with his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. Remember those this year who are still deployed and are away from their families. They are making great sacrifices for our freedoms.Next year he will be there again :-( This is my 1st Thanksgiving without my mother, but I made her infamous dressing just like she taught me!!!She is always with us. Have a peace filled day and dont eat too much LOL

Angie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cuz, Bunny & all who gather on the blog. I hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day.
Yes Cuz I will make myself sick eating your half of the green salad!! I can't wait to still my head in it!! LOL
Waiting on Ode to get home from football practice. They have practiced daily to get ready for the big game tomorrow night! I don't know who is more excited :) You know I will keep you posted.
Wish I was there enjoying you & Bun but it won't be long and I will basking in the rays for a week!!
I love you and hope you have a great day....
How about Vick?? He's doing his thang!! I can see the Eagles in the Superbowl :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving,
To give thanks to all the good life
brings our way, dreams and hopes
which fill our heart with the deepest love,
in knowing that love truly never ends, is only
a "heartbeat" away,
with understanding and acceptance that we
may never know what the next day may bring, or take away,
to revel in each moment the awesome
power to help ,heal and move forward ,
in each step... not looking back with
regrets or sadness,
yet with a glow of inner love that
will always live for eternity ~
Angels in our hearts today, helping
to make the "season bright" !!!
sign me, with gratitude,


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, all of the above blogs is telling it like it is. We should all be grateful for the love and friendships we have with our family and friends. There are so many families that cant share with each other because of some evil force that must show its head during a wonderful time. Maybe God will take the evil out and put in the loving, kind person we need in our lives. Lets hope it is not too late like it has been in lots of cases. May God Bless all of us this day and forever.