Friday, November 19, 2010


Little Nana's Girl > gnawing on it!

Good and beautiful Friday morning ~ Are ya ready for the week-end???

It is Friday friday FRIDAY!!! Coffee is hot, dark is still darkest here, as I sit out here and look around at the quiet, ah what a morning it is~

It is going to be an OUTSTANDING DAY, I can feel it.

I sure bet that D'Vante, aka "Buddy Pal #1, aka ODE, aka, #51 THE BEAST, is pumped up... jazzed with everyone else at Radford High School today in Radford Virginia....
Tonight they will take the field in hopes of a BIG, I mean BIG WIN for those BOBCATS to give them a place in the "play-offs" this year!
Let's goooo, BOBCATS: get on that field with the pride and the passion and honor that is yours ~

Today, I will close out the thoughts of
Corporate America, and customer service!!! (maybe)

I have had a few or rather many emails about the thoughts of the last several days... fun reads all including the many comments here!

Just this week, I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of stores: One of which was: TOYS R US

Talk about a place that is preparing for a wild ride and already experiencing one that I would not want to take!!! The shelves are filled, some already empty as adults and kids alike fill the stores with glassy eyes and "big ads and books grasped tightly".
I of course was curious... and rather amazed at all the many offerings, becoming quickly so confused I forgot why I had gone there!

I did however meet a sweet young man who was very informative and told me of
"Black Friday" at Toys R Us ~
I became immediately afraid!
 I told him it sounded like a great day
to call in sick or dead. 
He got a "serious" look to his face and said,
"Oh no mam, that is a fire-able offense here".
when I say serious, I mean he was serious!
I tried to lighten things up by asking about the
"hot toys of the year"
but was interrupted by an irate parent
demanding to know where the item was that she was looking for!
He being ever so polite tried to tell her they were out of stock, but a truck would arrive Wednesday evening and be unloaded Thursday morning
so it would be best to call when they open at 9am.
Wow, what lovely customer service
this woman was not to be appreciative nor happy
with his kindness
and proceeded to tell him that was not good enough
she wanted what she wanted
she wanted it 
I'm thinking;
we are fortunate to have 
great customer service, great presence in employees,
great variety (*been in one of these stores lately*)
it will boggle your brain cells!

With all of that, there are still folks who just
cannot be pleasant, kind
accept NO
not now, what you want is not here!
I was quite amazed at her ugliness, at her insistence
and at her attack on this kind young man.
before you go and say,
"maybe she was having a bad day", let me tell you...
After it was all said and done,
she turned on her heel, and proceeded to have a fun loving conversation with the person she was with
as they left the store! The poor guy had just had his
A** chewed out for something he had no control of
never did he lose his temper,
walk away, or lose control.
once she finished her verbal abuse, she turned on he
heel and then had the gall, to laugh and pick up a perfectly fine conversation with her friend!

that is life in the real world.

I in the process forgot why I had come into that store, patted the guy on the shoulder and told
him, he was a better man than I was...
and left.

I see a
woo hoo
My friend and I make a run next door,
now I can remember why I would want to go there!

It is an experiment for thoughts on this page,
Corporate America and Customer Service!

Add to that
Uncle Walt's Shrimp!
yippee skippee

We were greeted by the hostess at
RED LOBSTER in Clearwater,
no wait, straight to the table for us!
Then a lovely young woman arrived
just like that (snap)
and took our beverage order, greeted us with
genuine smile!

Next thing you know she has taken our order
arrives with a fresh basket of those
yummy biscuits and fresh crisp salad
is still smiling and pleasant!
what a day!

Meal arrives and is ever so delicious,
lovely presentation!
So much so, that I take a picture of it with the
cell phone and send to cuzzie Angie to let her know
I am thinking of her!
She does love some Shrimp of Uncle Walt,
it was Granny's favorite place to eat, and brings
back so many years and memories of shared
family gathers and great times!

I can't help but notice the Elders that have arrived, the generations that are there having an early dinner together, listening to the laughter brings back many memories of times passed!

The place is
The staff is

Corporate America
We are a powerful group here,
This page is read by folks across the globe

Wakie Wakie
We are savvy consumers,
consumers with a voice
with a request of sorts:
we want you to pay attention and to take best care
of your customers, your staff, your services.
Train your staff, pay them well, set the bar high.
With those things in place, know that some will and will not work out.
there are those experienced out there looking,
they will show up and show out.

We will have choices to make,
we will make those choices based
how we are treated
compassion and kindness and cleanliness
go a long way in my book.

Speaking of books... Read any good books lately?
I will be doing a talk and book signing
Tarpon Springs Library Saturday
Nov 20 @12:30
come on out and see us if you are local!

Also please remember to get your photos in
for the
World Wide Candle Lighting
The Compassionate Friends
New Port Richey
Dec 12, 2010
for directions and to submit photos this weekend.

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot, with healing thoughts on the wind to all in the prayer bowl and those who enter here.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches

 Kisses from Nana's girl !

8 comments: said...

those pictures make my heart flutter - i can't wait to show her when she wakes up - I know she will do the pucker for me, i'll see if she will let me take a pic- although it will probaly cost me :)
signed- paparazzi mom

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Good Morning Sissy! LOL up before the sun shines this morning,Ahh the days of customer service I barley remember when , Although some places here demand that every customer is greeted with a Hello, It would be nice if you knew they really meant it LOL,And we do still have home town service I like our post office get greeted and teased by name especially when I forget my keys,Have even had them call me to tell me I left them, Hows that for customer care! My Insurance company s the same way , know me by name and we always have friendly little chats while I'm there waiting to pay my bill. Thats small town edicut for you. To bad every place doesn't treat you like samll town business. And yet we still have those places (I won't shop) because of the attitude when you walk in. Get ready for scary shoppers in big department stores, customers may be uglier than the staff trying to avoid conflict, good for that young man who kept his cool with the nasty lady! Some people just like to dump on unsuspecting employees, then they wonder why staff will sometimes dissapear they are hiding! There is no excuse for being rude on eigther side Good luck Holiday Shoppers! Hey why not just come see me for some real personal customer service for you Holiday needs instead!2 Wolves Creations on facebook, Sorry Sissy Had to Love on the wind and many Blessings !

Irene M said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrr for me.
Great blog once again, Ms Sherry. Friday and
Red Lobster, yummy, one of my favorites, too.
Hope those BobCats score big tonite.
Had 3 pleasant customer service encounters while out yesterday. It's all in the approach.
Big day coming up, big weekend, enjoy everyone.
Stay calm, safe, well, but most of all (say it with me: ) F I R M

Anonymous said...

for your one of a kind gifts online/great customer service from Kelly2Wolves out there in South Dakota that is!~

DRSES said it~!

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Hello sweet friend. I love the photos ! Great customer service is always available at my shop

JoAnn L said...

Sherry, many mornings I've read your sweet words to get me going on the right path. As I head out shopping, you've reminded me that the customer isn't always right and I need to keep my kindness on for those people who work so hard to please and serve. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I try to address workers by name when the have a nametag. Makes i more personal. Can't say I have been in any stores this week, think I am allergic to shopping right now. May brave the grocery Sunday to get my stuff for Turkey DAy. Thankful for so many things. Great weekend to all.

Anonymous said...

finally up and at it after coming
home and getting my butt kicked by the
"flu ".... have managed to catch up on
my much missed reading of my favorite blog..
I so do agree with how important great customer
service is... I live it 50 plus hours a week..
Quite trying at times but so worthwhile for all
the great people I meet and come to know...
Personally , I avoid the stores as much as I can,
not a shopper by nature... Tis the season..
to be kind, compassionate and thankful..
Bahhumbug to all the mean spirited people..
I try to handle those ones with even a bigger
smile.. kind of funny that they then become even
more grumpy...
I'm looking forward to the season of holidays
flying by as quickly as they have arrived...
Too much phoniness out there for me..
I DO look forward to quiet times with my family,
a visit to Honeymoon Island, and reflection
of love and laughter which I hold most closely,
every day of the year !
Angels singing sweet songs...
sign me,