Friday, November 12, 2010

Thoughts for Corporate America

Wake UP

It's time to get it America
those who are hiring
those who need to
those who
are consumers

in businesses like

so many other places across the country

on a tear here this morning.

Heard on the news that folks may be working til' they
are 70 years old...
where I ask?

Then I wonder...

Wonder do I.

Where is the
we used to call


Remember that?
You know,
that thing called
customer service,
"Hi may I help you today"
"Have a nice day"
"Please come back and visit"
"How may I make your day better
assist you today"

Perhaps it is
"KINDNESS" in public places
I am thinking of.
kindness, that's it... or maybe it is just the thought that
those employed would want to take the time
to greet a customer/potential customer with
a kind smile and a word
as a part of their
in the workplace. Just pretend that you really care that you have a job, you know... that you like it even, after all you are being paid, some are getting benefits... most even "chose" the place!

I'm thinking, that is not too much to ask.
These are hard times for many; many here on this page
report often of searching for jobs, jobs being scarce.
I think I have figured out
that there should be job openings
if the
managers/supervisors/regional top dogs
paying attention
or perhaps
dressing up as someone else
coming in disguise as a potential customer
feeling first hand
what many do
when greeted
and treated
less than stellar.

Then perhaps those looking for jobs would
find the market more open,
we as consumers would find
more cheerful folks in the workplace.

Just maybe the
folks working would be
more colorful
smile more
be more pleasant to those they are
working for and with!!!

Yep, think I have figured it out.

For the record... if you need to go to an eyeglass store in FL...
I would suggest you avoid
VIsion Works in Palm Harbor
on US 19

I was there yesterday, just had to walk in to see if they could repair my glasses for me
with my lovely disposition and a question.
When I was then treated so very rudely by a young
that I was truly amazed and taken aback by
her choice of being so very rude.

Thankfully a young man named Thomas
who also worked there seemed as appalled as
and offered to give me a number for the folks who make my glasses
after her refusal, out right refusal I might just add!

I did thank him for his kindness,
also asking for her name
and sadly let him know
that if I were to take my glasses outside and lay them under the tire of my car, and then need glasses desperately,
I would drive without any
to the next eye store
before spending a dime there.
He sadly understood why.
Ah yes, Hillary was her name, I remember now.
I plan to find out the regional manager;s name
Vision Works on US 19 in Palm Harbor
share my thoughts with them
perhaps they will find
someone who
to be joyful
in their job
who chooses
to be helpful to a potential customer
a resource
if possible when possible
I think that is always possible
based on the kindness of her colleague Thomas.

Kindness costs nothing, it is a simple religion particularly when compassion is added.

However, a business or individual who chooses
to be
can cost much to the individual
to the future business
particularly when
others know
how one is treated.

It has been said, that kindness is seldom rewarded, but I do not believe that to be true.  I hope to be able to tell this regional or district manager of a young man named Thomas, and his plea with a colleague to give me the number of "silhouette" the company that made my eyeglasses, only to be rudely told
and then that he took the extra step in spite of her ugly looks
and took the time
to provide that for me.

there ya go!
Corporate America
choose your peeps wisely...
Consumers have many to choose from
when it comes to business
we deserve to be treated well
with kindness
VISION-WORKS could offer jobs to our many
Veterans home from the Middle East
who now say they are having trouble finding jobs.
They have keen eyes
we could thank THEM for walking through the doors
of businesses
we could thank them for
"their service"
while providing service
to them
providing jobs
we already know they
They would probably
as they show up and protect and serve 24/7
to keep us free
Customer service in businesses what a novel idea.

Kindness and compassion my friends,
as the Dalai Lama says, is a simple but faithful religion... It has been mine as well,
for many many moons.

Little Godson Kamryn, 9 years old, the character that he is, has lept and jumped since he crawled and walked... Just finished his football season, due to start basketball next week.
Yesterday, after school while playing football, he
has now had his first broken bone!
What you ask?
Only Kamryn
the next Michael Jordon
would break
his forefinger!!!
We have Olivia healing from terrible ankle breaks, including the "growth plate", D'Vante with knee surgery coming after football season, and now Kamryn has jumped in with his forefinger days before basketball season! Guess it is only fitting since he is the youngest that he gets off the lightest!!!

The fire is burning brightly, prayers and thoughts on the wind to all who enter here, wishing you a blessed weekend.

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, the blog this morning will hit the nail on the head as the old timers would say. I have been known as making phone calls, writing letters of likes and dislikes dealing with the public in public places or just living. My family always say when I dont like something write a letter. I once wrote a letter to Hardees head quarters. You see my dear Pappy was in the Va.. Hospital. He had alzhimers. He loved his milk shakes and I usually took him one, he loved vanilla. Me, I love chocolate. It was one morning at 10:30am, they refused to serve me a milk shake for my Pappy. All they had to do was turn around and put the milk shake in a cup. That is not too much to ask. They said I had to wait until 11am. I was in a hurry and said no thank you give me the phone number to Hardees hdqr. I called them and I received a few coupons for milk shakes at any given time and the smart a--person there was given their papers. My pappy was happy and so was I. I just wrote a letter to the Hospital where I was treated for cancer, I wrote the letter on how wonderful the whole experience was from the front desk all the way thru. When I went back they were all happy, the letter had been posted so everyone could see it. A wonderful bunch of employees and the doctor and all staff was very grateful someone recognized their service. A cheerful hello, we dont know what someone is going thru in their life. Blessings to all this cool morning. Irene where you be????

Anonymous said...

Sherry , you are so right , why does it take so much work just to be nice ...I drummed this into my children, hence I have nice kids! that's all it starts at home and goes to work with you. I don't have to try to be nice ,I just am because I was taught that being nice is NICE! Real simple, but real hard????
Have a nice day friends & and strangers too!
sue scarantino <3

Anonymous said...

Oh DR S, this blog page could be filled with stories and stories of customer service donts!I worked in customer service for yrs, as a bottom rung employee and as a manager. Ive worked in places that a call would come and then the command "Hurry, clean this place the owner/supervisor is coming!" I never did things that way. It should always be clean and ready for customers because the customer is the "owner".They are the ones who pays your salary. !!!!If they didnt come into the place of business , you wouldnt be getting a paycheck. I will seek out a store manager when I see a well run establishment and tell them so. A little recognition for a job well done goes a long way. I ve made calls and written letters and got action more times than I can count. My youngest son threw up during a 2 hr flight to LA one time and I was treated horribly by the attendants. Like it was my fault? A call was made to the airline and I was told the situation would be used as a training item.UH shouldnt they have been trained in the 1st place?? I was compensated with a RT ticket , but never flew with them again.I now see folks on their cells, computers playing games at work and wonder what has the workplace come to? A mini blog series sounds like a great idea!!!!! Blessings

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

LOL Looks like we are on the same page Sissy was just talking with a friend last night about a hardware store we have in town We have 2, And wondering How this one stays in business when you can't get anyone to get off their butts when you walk in the store! Literally 3 people will be sitting at their little table and turn their backs on you when you walk in! They never know where anything is, and even if someone is at the register Oh My! They are usually on the phone and you can stand there for 5 mins waiting for them to say anything to you while they are busy chatting with a family member or friend, And believe me they cannot multi task! Talk and check you out at the same time. While the other Harware store They are always Pleasant, consideate ,they know where everything is and will even tell you when their next orders are comming in if they are out of what you need! I used to work for a Phone servy company, we did seveys on Customer service from actual customers for T-Mobil_ and I will tell you I will Never use that company! The customers would tell me their nightmare stories trying to work with that company, and you would be amazed!,The Nasties are not in a local area. All over the country people reported the same customer care, That when they tried to get help with a situation custome service actually told them F%^K off! we don't need to do anything for you and if you don't pay we'll ruin your credit!! All over the country OMG! Makes me glad I still live in a Town where for the most part you walk in to a store and get greeted by name, especially our Post office. I'm with you Hire the willing, Fire the lazy and get real! Blessings onn the wind to your young ones Love to you all!

Irene M said...

Morning all. ON A TEAR, I'll say......
And, you hit the mark with customer service in this country. Where the HECK are they getting these unfriendly, ungrateful people who are grumpy from the time they clock in to when they leave ?!?!??! I am right there with ya, everyone. We NEED kindness, sincerity, diligence and attention on all levels of everything customer service. That is all.
Irene M, FIRM, EyeScream, just me

chris said...

Hi everyone--I'm baaaaaack! Just in time I see..I really do think we as a nation need to assign a month ever year --a kindness awareness month, or maybe we should be teaching our kids how to parent instead of being 'friends' I see very few companies out there who appreciate our business...oy vey don't get me started!! My mind is reeling with all sorts of things about blog? it might turn our to be a full blown blog and go for months!! talk to ya tomorrow!!