Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gearing up for that shopping season...

Are you ready for
Are you ready for
The Holidays
(more on customer service)

Good morning morning
all who enter here,
coffee is ready

It's that time of the year when folks are already
out there, preparing and getting ready
The ads are out, the stores and
Corporate America are gearing up.
Folks are making arrangements for those
"Hallmark Moments"
of gift giving
times together
whether in person or from a distance.

some are wishing they could be anywhere
but in the crowded malls or at home!
you can do your shoppin online and avoid all of that,
at that NABC
where Lily and HOPE live
folks are shoppin away at
and buying everything "bear" you can imagine
with no hassles, great customer service
and helping the bears at the same time!

Yesterday there was a huge campaign of raising money out there in MN called
"Giving to the MAX"
and the Facebook page and generous and good hearted "bearheads"
were donating $10 here and there to be
the largest group of
"Unique Donors"
to get the most money for the bear center
I just know they will STOMP in there
and blow everyone's mind with the results...
their efforts at a good competition is
a force to be reckoned with
we some kinda love
North American Bears
the research being done
Dr Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfeld.
The bears are now snuggled in their dens
for a long winters rest
a live den cam will be there soon
for the world to watch
another live
of cubs in January
to see what is happening and to be
by these magnificent
Black Bears
while also being educated!

Just keepin' it real folks, you know how I just have
to keep it real for ya!

After all, had to let you know that if
you shop, be aware of where and where to not
go for your glasses,
comes to mind as a "not" to go to place
if you do go...
Choose to not be treated unkindly.

I was just having a moment of
re-living my most
delicious birthday surprise
The Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship
and trip to the Bahamas
now talk about
"customer service"
kindness and going the extra step!
Those folks work non-stop
to provide you a wonderful experience,
I am so happy that I walked and walked
laughed and played
fell into that hard bed
slept the sleep
then did it all again.
What a wonderful experience it all was.
I highly recommend
Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL)
if you want to trip the sea fantastic
Get out there
do it all!
We were so blessed to also be on the open sea
during the most wonderful of full moons
what a sight that was!

With each breath, each look there was a feast for the eyes, humor surrounded you,
it was just a hoot and a holler
all the way around.
I must tell you,
I don't know who selects, trains, and maintains
the staff aboard those ships,
but my hat is off to them.
The staff stays with a smile, a pleasant word for all
folks can get a bit over the top on cruises as I am sure you can imagine!

While I know that work can be hard, stress can be enormous, and the need for constant training,
uplifting words from supervisors and CEO's a must in the workplace in order to keep things rolling;
there is also
a must need
for those at the top
to remember to walk the walk of those on the front-lines in order to know the needs
and to see the realities that customers and staff alike
see on a daily basis.
As consumers we must try to remember that
there is some truth to the saying
"you get what you pay for"
sometimes that is more true than we can imagine,
while other times not so much!
But these times and days we all try to save some greenbacks where we can while still receiving
good solid customer service.
speaking of saving some money; if you live in
you can easily save some money on your electric bill every month just by switching up with
You keep the same supplier and save about 20% on your bill!
check this out and tell those you know:
tell em Dr SES sent ya.
Savings are savings and you will get personal
help on how to do it "just like that"!

Remember the saying,
"nothing works unless you do"
We live in a world with many choices, much competition in the businesses we support,
so it stands to reason that we must
pay attention
to that service we are seeking,
that service we attract, pay for and receive.
It is good, outstanding... take time and
let folks know with a "good job and thanks".

If on the other hand, it is poor... or not kind or representative of the company... it is also our responsibility to stand up, let those who can effect change do so... making the way for change, and improvement
choose differently
as I did
with an establishment that will not get my hard
earned dough when I need glasses!

Seems everyone has a story, a good/bad/
story of business, events, relationship.

I can remember a time when a large, very large
bank of america
was a little bank,
many many names ago; so many that I cant remember them all.
But once many many many moons ago they were
Nations Bank or
whatever the name was before it was that even!
and they had a little trailer in Northern Virginia
which is now a tall very tall and big building on the same site!
Anyway this little trailer is where I opened a checking account and oh how proud was I!
The ladies all knew my name and they knew my
Granny too, we lived across the street back then.

Anyway, not being one for change, I kept that as my bank throughout the years, even when moving to Florida.

Then one day I walked in and introduced myself here
with quite a large chunk of change since I had just sold my home in Virginia and oh those many many moons of banking history too.

in my attempts at going modern I had gotten myself confused with this online banking thing and after
what seemed as though them being "unimpressed" with my wanting to introduce myself to them,
I asked my online questions, asked questions about their bank here in Tarpon Springs
only to be told
they didn't have time to help me
while acting as if they could care less about
me and my business.
Then a few other similar
unfriendly things happened at this
large and unwelcoming at all local branches,
all tellers, and all managers (I might just add)
"bail me out NOT" institution bank of america
one day I finally got just "fed up"
I happened across the street to a bank
right here in
where I met a manager there named
Sandy Arnold
Luci Pemberton
who actually offered me a cup of coffee
and welcomed me
my business in!

Later on, I was honored and tickled to find that the entire staff of professionals were the same;
{even though some were going through times of loss/grief}
and I know the entire banking staff of ladies
Diana Demarest
Trish Daily
Renee Galbo
Prudence Cohn
Crystal Kitchens
Kelly Smith
(feelin me here?)
Theres a new staff in town, who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting,  but I am told
"he" is great as well!
So  can't wait to meet

40786 U.S. 19 North
Tarpon Springs
with Lucy, Donna, and the gals + /Frank there
my friendly, professional, clean, compassonate,
caring, kind,customer centered bank,
where they say hello at the window, or when you walk in the door; offer you a cup of coffee, want to really know how you are:
"Hello Dr Sherry, how are you today"
"Need anything else today"
"Hi Sherry how are you"

where they are

Now that's what I'm talkin about my dear ones
Customer service, pride in ownership of your workplace, detail oriented, clean environment
smiling people who truly care about what they do,
a business that wants their customers to return and build longevity.

By the way,
when do we get bailed out?
Is that still being said these days?

I think this is a great day...
When you are out there, preparing for those meals for Thanksgiving, those visits from loved ones,
making plans and doing and going and running...

Remember this:

Choose wisely for yourself.
Be kind to yourself and to others.
Take on small tasks so that you have success
not stress in your day.
Plan on doing something for someone else who may be having a rough time this year out of kindness

With that said,
Did ya know that out there in
Ely MN where Lily and HOPE
the North American Black Bears
are denning

there is
Lovely to look at
but as for me?
I'll just stay here in sunny FL!
Did you know that this page is now being read by folks all over the world?
England, Spain, New Zealand, New England, California, Africa too... and probably by
the North American Black Bears out there
in Ely MN!
We are powerful gentle Warriors here
and some powerful angels are watching over all,
both here and in the Next Place!
"Wakie Wakie Corporate America"

I wish you enough
HOPE you have all you need
to motivate you
to move
and to keep you
keeping on!

The fire is burning its embers are hot, the smells of sage and cedar are wafting into the airs
with thoughts of healing ways
on their way to you
from my home to yours.

Walk In Beauty,

Looking for one of a kind gifts for that someone special this year?
Want someone compassionate, kind, sensitive
all about YOU
in the designing of your gift
Check out my dear
Kelly 2 Wolves
you will be amazed at the things she is making
and all that she is and does.

Send Joan an email and get on with saving some green with Viridian
you will find something to do with the extra money you save and help our earth in the process!
Step out of your comfort zone and ask her about it!


Irene M said...

Yet another banking story: I just yanked my $$ out of the BOA, terrible customer service.
AmSouth, now REGIONS Bank, has my business. Yes, Sherry, they KNOW my name, face, account info, smile, greet, help & advise. Wachovia is trying to measure up, however, the young-uns have a lot to learn. That is my rant for today. Will make it count, big time ! FIRM

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we are all on the same "banking" story page. I just took my 39-year-old account (many bank names and changes, but I, like Sherry, conveyed) to a new home, along with my credit card, savings, debit and all other banking business. I may run out of credit card companies and banking institutions to do business with before I die, but am confident for now that there are places out there that actually want to do business with those of us that actually pay their bills on time, do not default on mortgages, and believe that your meet your financial responsibilities before you eat!

Anonymous said...

I keep my money in a penny jar, thus I have no bank stories... But loved the blog doc, exactly what kinda coffee did you drink this morning? Keepin it real, keepin us anchored.
What a blog today. PS Beautiful ship.

chris said...

looks to me like Regions Bank has many satisfied customers. I too bank with them--and yes they greet me every time I go in there. With all the life changes I have been thru these past couple of years, they have sat down with me on many occasions and just talked and cared about me.They didn't try to sell me anything or get me to change anything, just talked and listened. I think that's pretty damn good. So I guess I'll be staying with them for quite a long time. See what happens when someone takes the time to care? Happy middle of the week to ya later.

Anonymous said...

Wow Doc, jst catching up on my reads here... powerful thoughts and messages, thanks! YOU are on the money with the "customer service/corporate america" and i am loving "wakie wakie"... I amstomping
I am heaing out this week and opening my Regions or rather moving to Regions with an endorsement like that, and after all I have been through with i wonbt mentin boa but i have had it too. the comments above me after your read have made me know i can empower myself and take the time to do it. jst didnt thnk it would be differentany where else but now i know it can be different! thanks everyone. i love this page and funny, guess i got used to just settling, but oh boy i am ramped up with my warpaint on and ready for battle. look out world i am unleashed.
maybe a cruise? have a good oe thanks doc for keepin us on the road of good and standng strong!