Monday, November 29, 2010

What Do YOU do? To Get READY...

REady to jump
A Table
Start the Week

Let's Get This Day Started!

Good morning Monday...
My friend Joey Graff who used to dance on desks
on Mondays set the stage for my Mondays
as I always think of him with his
Monday attitude ~
Attitude is indeed 98% of everything...
let's just jump on desks, tables (even if in our minds)
and get this week off to a great start!
It is
Cyber Monday out there...
so I am a bit delayed in the thoughts of the day
as I've been web surfing while holding my computer in one hand, hitting the keys with the other
while standing on top of the table here.
Quite a sight I must say, since I have to enlist the
4 leggeds to hold my coffee!
So far I can't seem to find those
bargains that the world is saying are out there though.
So now I will take a break and enjoy my thoughts
my coffee!
and have a seat in a chair!

So, after a rotten Sunday of football
I'm wondering
"What Do YOU do"
to start your day?
To prepare for the day as your eyes open each day
is what I'm wondering.
Do you wake up smiling?
Does your day start off with
or do you stretch into it gently.

Are you a MVP
 no matter how the day goes
at the days end?

I've heard it said that when those football players leave the locker rooms, they are
pumped up... they have huddled, had prayer, had a
word(s) to inspire, to motivate and are
ready to take the field with
attitude, focus
some "hitting the wall" as they exit
some filled with such focus they never remember leaving that room and find themselves on the field.
What do you do
to prepare for your day?

Are you ready to have the best day today?
It's no so much circumstance, history, chronic pain,
craziness in what the week-end was like
even conflict
IT is
about how you prepare
how you choose
to live
and think about it
prepare well
get pumped up about this day
"Dance on your table, if only in your mind"

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot
with thoughts on the wind to all of hope
healing ways.
YOU know who you are
and there are some who have no idea!
But, we hold you UP always,
you are never alone...
Walk In Beauty,

Happy Shopping
Happy MOnday


Irene M said...

Hum.......... something to ponder, jumping dancing on a table this MONDAY, no thanks for now, perhaps tomorrow. Coffee is good, moving slow this a.m. BUT in an hour, I will be zooming like crazy ( in true Irene fashion )
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, eating, shopping, visiting and the like. Happy that Ms. Sherry brings us to our senses with encouragment, suggestions and ideas to keep upbeat. Thanks, friend.
Always, Irene

chris said...

Hi everyone-great blog today Doc..I look forward to Mondays! I know it sounds crazy but I look at it like a blank piece of paper. Of course, by the afternoon, that piece of paper is crumbled and scribbled on, but for that few hours it's a brand new week! STOMP! See ya next week! but talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

I love that Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, that was a comercial some years back. It had some great vibes and that is the way I feel today. I am going to feel that way for lots of days. I love your saying I AM NOT TAKING TYLENOL FOR ANYONE ELSE. It has just hit me when I read todays blog and talked to my great friend. Why should I worry about anyone else who wants to make life miserable for all. I am here to say NO ONE is gonna stop my ZOOM,ZOOM, ZOOM. I declare this day my freedom day. No one is gonna get in my way of my happiness and happiness for others. I say to all of you let the ones who want to live in misery, let them stay there, they are the only ones who can work themselves out if they want out. If they dont want out, stay there. If anyone ask me about them I will say dont know, dont want to know and if you do, find out for yourself. I am here for anyone that wants to be in my Happy Place. It is good here, why dont you join me? You gotta be happy. I am free and loving life with the ones who want to share it with me. Havent felt this free in a long time and it is now the time. I love it. Blessings to all.