Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friends ~

Me n Laura
out on
Lake Tarpon

It's mornin already, coffee is hot and good.
Babies did well on NASCAR, no one fell in the pool
it was all good!
I think Gypsy won, but it was really too dark to tell
but from the sounds of her
happy dance and bark
she was sure celebrating something!

It's National Social Worker Month
if ya know of a
Social Worker
be sure and tell them
Happy Social Worker month!

It's also
National HOSPICE month
those hospices across the country
are getting some great treats
from vendors!
They used to come through the doors with
great foods and goodies for staff
during this time of the year!
for all that you are
all that you have been through the years
for so many!
I tip my feather to those out there
doing the job and the volunteers
taking the best care
of patients
those who love them.

I am thinking this morning about
the upcoming
Car Wash
to raise monies
for research
so we can cure
once and for all.
Did I mention

One of our warriors here on this page and a fan of
Lily the Black Bear out there in Texas
Cathy Madden
has said she plans to be at the
MS150 in April!
She wants to meet
Laura and her daughter Shauna.
Isn't that great?
I'll hook them up with cell numbers as we get closer
to the date, so they can connect
the more support the better
is my way of thinkin!

does not sleep, it is sneaky, it is a B**ch
it will all of a sudden
sneak up on you
when you are out there having a great time on the water
having a great day
you have to lay down right there right then
weakness just takes over
you just have to lay down.

This weakness thing is powerful.
Along with that you can be walking along
and then find that your balance is off; maybe a little
maybe a lot
it all depends on those neurotransmitters
and their short-circuiting.


This is a moving clip with Montel, Dr Oz
and Oprah:

MS can bring on some pretty dark moments for folks,
depression is ordinary and will just
"pop up"
It becomes critical to find the "right way relationships" to walk the walk with you, to develop
Warrior Traits for daily life and living
in order
to own YOU.

Laura has MS

MS will never ever have

as long as she has her
Warrior self, her warpaint on
her family and friends walking with her.

This applies to any and all fights, illness and life threatening disease.
Remember when we talked about "labels"?
We must use caution to not live into or up to
labels... they can beat you down, shorten your lives.

When you discover that there is a mountain in front of you; there are decisions that must be made.
1. sit at the bottom of the mountain
2. run away
3. do nothing
4. start climbing
5. find your way around it

There are always options and choices
choose wisely

My friend; Laura, my family of choice
is a "scraper", a "survivor",
We walk with her.
When she is hot from the suns' heat, we will cool her; when she is tired, we will be sure she rests, when she needs a steady arm, she will lean on us, when she has a sad day, we will allow it briefly and then
kick her butt into action
We she goes to battle
We too battle.

Mitch and Laura Roorda

Let's wash out
November 7
Steak N Shake
Oldsmar FL
Tampa Road
Good eats too, so you can eat while we wash!
You can wash
I'll eat!

The fire is burning, embers are hot... cedar is filling the air with prayers going up for those in the prayer bowl and thoughts of HOPE for all who enter here.

Walk In Beauty,

December 12,2010
The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle Lighting
Where families and friends will gather around the world in lighting candles for one hour to honor and remember children who have died at any age from any cause.
Candles are lit at 7pm EST creating a virtual wave of light remembering our
precious children.
to get info and submit a photo of your child


Anonymous said...

Calling for volunerrs to help Sunday at the car wash! Anyone interested? May be cool so wear a jacket and come on out. Stay all day or pitch in for a few hours. Would love the extra hands. I promise we will have a good time.I'm so excited I could start today, but that would mean washing my own car and I'm afraid it would fall apart. Washed it twice this year already. Excessive.... great day to all. See ya Sunday.

Irene M said...

This Thursday morning I say :

Let's pound a STAKE & SHAKE M S

That is all.............. Irene

Anonymous said...

Bless you Sherry. Your words are an inspiration to me. My Father's birthday is Nov 7, he would have been 86 this year. I miss him terribly, but I know he is happy now,dancing with Mom in heaven! I've asked him to smile down on your car wash/MS fundraiser, since it's on his special day and bless you with a huge turnout and mucho $$$$!
Love and blessings, Mary Ann
P.S. My father made me a little warrior and now I honor him everytime I go to battle!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dr Sherry ☼
Welcome back from your Birthday celebration trip! Hope it was joyous!
My daughter's best college friend Ashley just completed a 3000+ mile run across America to raise funds for MS research in honor of her Mother Jill who has suffered with MS for 28 years.
She has a website, blog, facebook page and is still trying to raise funds. She is working hand in hand with Montel Williams.
info here:
Wish it wan't so far for me to drive to get a car wash! :-)
♥ you!

Anonymous said...

loved the read today, I,ve been a bit of
a slacker the past few days and am
finally catching up...
I,ve put a few flyers out for the car wash..
working on finding extra hands to help..
either way, no matter the weather,
The WASHING OUT M.S. .. will be a success,
I can feel it in my bones... wish I was not
having to work so I could be more help but I'll
keep the coffee brewing fresh !
love Laura, she is so strong and yes, a WARRIOR
amoung the best of them...
STOMP ! see you on Sunday...
sign me,

Anonymous said...

You know what a powerful force we have here? Beyond extraordinary I say! I look forward to meeting Cathy in Texas at the next MS 150. I look forward to sunday's car wash and "double dog" dare ya to come and help either to wash or get washed! I dare you to make that difference! It may seem insignificant to you, but lemme tell ya- it's huge! It's incredibly HUGE! Thanks for keeping me focused on the fact Dr. SeS & fellow stompers! XO world!

Cathy Madden said...

Laura, I will be at the start and will be at the finish rooting your daughter on to the finish just as I will stand and STOMP with you while they find a cure for this MS. My daughter runs Marathons and they've tried to get her to ride in the MS150 but she hasn't yet. Wouldn't put it past her though. I look forward and am putting this on my calendar right now. Sherry isn't it great how our bears have brought us all together? Blessings to you.