Monday, November 1, 2010

11-01-10 November Hello To Ya

Another great picture of
Diana Burgess up there in CT
Notice that great
Reflection of her

Those magnificent colors will soon turn to brown,
their splendid leaves on the ground,
crunching under foot...
as fall is definitely under way.
I've even heard that out in MN there has already been
that "S" word for snow~
and in southwest Virginia
during Godson's ball game on Friday they were pretty darn cold in those stands where the temps were
38 degrees~

Out there in South Dakota where 2Wolves lives
she has told me of the cold weather earlier in October
and Susan S up in NY Allegheny parts she has her fuzzy slippers and "ole blue" the robe round her tightly!

Yep, it is
denning time for the North American Black Bears of Ely MN  (
and for many living around the globe
it seems, as
November 01, 2010
says hello to us today.

Where has the time gone?
Seems it goes faster each year I'm thinkin.
I can remember Granny saying that as she aged too...
hmmm, could it be that I'm aging with her?

The stores are a "buzz" with their trimmings for
Christmas already, the shelves stocked... for those
fast and furious shoppers who will grab the
half off priced candies today while digging in on bargains.
Here in Florida we are being interrupted by
"canned phone calls" by politicians and commercials of politicians telling us to vote for them
as a result of the other guy being useless...
No time for ads for the holidays yet, it's time to
hear of the politicians now.
Seems none are touting why they are the better choice
just the "default" choice!
The great news about that is this:
Nov 2 is election day, so by November 3 we won't have to hear about that anymore.

So my question for this day is:
How in the world would we know who to vote for, who to trust when none appear to be honest or with integrity since they talk so mean spirited about the other?\

Got a call from my dearest friend Laura yesterday, you know Laura, she has MS and we are having a
Carwash to WASH OUT MS
November 7 at
Steak N Shake in Oldsmar

Well, seems Grandma, aka Edith Vaughn who is 91 and rather independent and stubborn like her granddaughter, was wanting some weeds pulled.
She grew tired of waiting for some help so she sat on one of those cutsie little things close to the ground to do it herself....
you know the ones you see on TV that roll?
So Grandma (who is a Hospice volunteer) was bending there, pullin weeds and minding her own business having a great time:
fell over (ass over tea cup) from her little perch while doing this a couple of weeks ago.
Her hip has been hurting ever since, and by yesterday she was in excruciating pain. She had been to the doc who told her to "take it easy", but "did NOT" take x-rays.

Yesterday she could no longer stand without screaming, so Laura texted me from the ER with Grandma as they waited to be seen...
Callin out all warriors today,
we need some strong prayers for Edith Vaughn for that hip... No update as of yet as to what the update is.

Feisty Grandma don't ya think?

OK, it's time for you to get thoughts together as we begin to approach the holidays...
Time to be thinking of how and what is on the list of
wanting and being able to do this year.

The Compassionate Friends here in Florida
will be holding their
If you would like a photograph of your child to be included in this year's video presentation they must receive it by November 20th.
You can download the form
for submission on the website

I am honored to be speaking at this event this year.

If you have a child who has died, a grandchild, a sibling,
go online and find your local chapter
The Compassionate Friends
to see where they are holding
DECEMBER 12,2010

The Fire Is Burning Brightly ... its embers are hot, thoughts to all who enter here and remember
we are all with you always,
along with some powerful angels
both here
and in the next place

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

Newsy poat today doc. No snow here eve, and can't say I mind Sending good wishes to Laura's Aunt today. Hope it is NOT broken. 91 and still volunteering. You go Edith!
As for the car wash... Count me in. Sunday Nov 7 at Steak and Shake in Oldsmar. What time are we setting up? hey guys, anyone else coming out to volunteer? If not, bring your car, vans, trucks, bicycles out and we'll shine um up for ya. What a fun time we had last summer and good $ raised to fight MS. Hope to see you all. For those not able to attend, is there a way we can send a onation directly to Laura to count toward the fundraiser? Great day to all wherever you are.

Diana B. said...

Hi Sherry ! I just want to say "Thank you !" and to let you know that I am sooo pleased that you have shared another one of my photos! We still have some trees with yellow leaves, but most are now "rust" colored!** The "winter birds" are arriving to my yard, so I can look forward to the bright colors of the cardinals and the happy calls of the chickadees etc !**And now, to all the friends who visit this page, I send you happy thoughts and healing prayers ! **

Anonymous said...

beautiful picture..
autumn is sooo pretty..
prayers to Laura's gramma,
I hope I'm still fiesty at that age !
See you all at SNS on Sunday !
sign me.