Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More about The Places We Do Business

Palm Harbor FL
Great food
Fantastic Service
Paul Hittos owner
of a family business that has been around for years

Good morning morning

here we are Tuesday already,
stores are popping with those shoppers already out
looking for bargains, looking for that
"hot hot item of the year"
Customer service is at an all time need of being
"on the mark"
stress levels soon will be at an
all time high.

One of my all time favorite restaurants here in Florida
Tiffanys here in Palm Harbor.
You can bet the parking lot is always full,
the service is always friendly
Paul is there (*the owner and proud pappa*)
you are guaranteed a hug, a smile, a laugh,
and great conversation.

He assures you a great meal, a great experience in dining and conversation and you are always
Talk about customer service,
it is no wonder that Tiffanys has lasted years there
in Palm Harbor, the staff all ages
all ethnic backgrounds,
kind, pleasant and service oriented!

I'm sure they have bad days, customers with bad days, loss histories and issues
they always leave those issues outside the door
providing a great dining experience.
Paul Hittos got it right.
Other businesses could benefit by contacting
Paul, consulting with him
about how on a larger or smaller scale
to train, hire and sustain staff
in such a good way
when working with those in the community~
How great it is to have our
Warrior Chris back with us
New computer from Office Depot
great service, patience and
Speaking of
Office Depot
while at our
very own
Office Depot here in Tarpon Springs
I was greeted by the two delightful women
that usually are there
and bought one of those
ink jets for the trusty ole puter...
Telling them I had forgot my "rewards card"
and shrugging "oh well so sad for me"
they both chimed in together with
"we'll put your name on it Sherry and just hold
it, those things expire you know"!
how's that for two employees
with customer service
knowing how to just make ya feel like
being a repeat customer ~
That's what I am talking about here.
So, I drove home, got my little card
was greeted at the door
"Hi Sherry"
saved $54.00
on my ink jet~

Corporate is taking care of their staff
Office Depot
their staff is taking care
of their customers
see how easy that is?

As we approach the holidays,
enter the stores
on that search for the perfect gift
the most remarkable
for that special person
know this:

the energy will be chaotic where you go,
the pace will be fast.
Know that you are with others on the same mission
and keep the faith
with lightness in your heart.
you are a consumer
you do have choices and after all
it is your money
your power in spending
being treated with kindness and care
is a part of the package
customer service
Be not afraid to ask for a manager
to ask for the name of who is providing you service

We do have a voice
Take the time to give praise for good service
Some go that extra mile
Some give you more than they are required to give

Many are out there looking for work these days
after a long time of unemployment
or circumstances
To you I say:
Get that attitude of
empowerment on
Stand strong knowing that you have gifts and talents
to offer
Get that in your system when you go out there
so that you put that message out there.

Best of all things to all today,
know that you are all that you need to be
to succeed
and that what else you need
you can find and get
energy begets energy

Corporate America
we have so much talent and desire in our people here
People that can make your organizations/business
and do it with pride

Wakie Wakie

The fire is burning and its embers are hot.
Thoughts on the wind to all who enter here and all held in the prayer bowl
We are never alone.

Walk In Beauty


Irene M said...

I am UP, wakie, wakie ( as Sherry says )
First to comment again. Your blog made me so conscious of customer service that NOW, I listen, look & wait for the approach & handling of my experience in all aspects of my purchase or visit. I agree, TIFFANY'S is the top notch when it comes to excellent service.
Y'all take care on this 2's day in NOV. Irene

Anonymous said...

boy i love this page, making me hone in my skills and choices of where i do business tho' instead of just rushin on in and out of places, that is a good thing i'm thinkin! thanks for keepin us on our toes doc and keepin it real. now hungry, after seeing the sign for tiffanys' think i go there to eat! haha take care, where everybody at? xmas shopping? oh no, not til i eat my turkey... take care everybody

chris said...

S T O M P! what a great blog!! maybe we should be sending this out to some corporate offices! Don't you? Imagine if a whole bunch of egg heads got their e-mails jammed up with this blog. Just a thought... happy Tuesday everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wow, finally home from another looong day. I am so used to crummy service and bad attitudes in businesses that I am shocked each time someone does it right. Now isn't that a shame. It like being conditioned to expect a bad outcome more often than not. So sad, I'm quick o praise, and quick to thank. Worst is that most empolyees do a poor job of customer service because their bosses treat them badly, many customers are rude, and they hate their jobs. I agree, that people should do work they love and are committed to, but employers set the tone too. So treat your staff right, be resonable employers, as customers, let's just be polite. Manners go a long way.