Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Moon Out My Window

Bluuuu Moooon
"Granny came to visit again last night"

Good morning

Sittin here with my coffee, still lookin at that
you left me standing alone

ssh, don't want to wake the neighbors or the
4 leggeds this mornin.

Those Tampa Bay Bucs
sure did go out there
show their stuff yesterday
Can you say,
Ronde Barber #20
40th interception in his fabulous career
Can you say,
"Hall of Fame"
~ ~ ~

I'm thinking Godson's game
The Bucs
were the positives of
rare and special
Bluuuuu Moon
this week.

Full moons do appear to bring out strange energies,
and not always in a particularly great way
for many.

Blue Moon out my window... 
Wonder how Lily The NOrth American Black Bear and HOPE are doin in their dens this mornin in snow covered Ely MN... and Shadows Clan
and Dr Rogers and Sue???
Wonder if everyone took the pledge of caring for each other over there on discussions at Facebook on Lily's page?
Wonder why there is such mean spiritness by some?
BLUE MOON maybe?
or just choices...
Sending love to Dr Rogers, Sue, The Bears and folks of good spirit and ADmins there this Monday,
HOPE all are dancing~
We see it in stores, in moods, in energy too.
I think the dark months play on the energy of some
play on the moods, energy, words
of most most of the time.
live in a world of
do it now
expect much
offer little
now that the holidays are in full tilt
during this week of
it seems that we will see the very best and very worst
of folks.
Plans are in the works for travel to family, to friends,
over the river through the woods.
Congested highways, by-ways, down the street,
expectations of
"Hallmark moments"

On this Monday morning
of this Full Moon that is headed to rest in the creek
while sister sun
I give you this thought.

BREATHE into your day gently.
Be KIND to yourself,
start it out slow, with a stretch and a
moment of gratitude.
Think of something amusing
me/you/something you saw on TV
muster up a laugh.
to be light in each step this week
lower those expectations
and others.
are human BEINGS, not "doings"
we are all a work in progress...
Set aside your judgments of others, they are the same as
YOU, doing their best...

"Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are." ~Author Unknown


The fire is burning, the embers are hot, with thoughts on the wind to all mentioned yesterday and some who are not, you know who you are.
Best of Mondays to all ~

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

I had no idea the Blue Moon was to be so bright! Not blue, but lit up the whole neighborhood. Hope everyone got to see it. Full moons do bring out strange behaviors. Read online some interesting opinions on the pull of the moon and its' effects on te brain. Seems there si alot of debate about this. I never pay attention to when they are coming, but can tell by how wacky people act.
Hope everyone is getting ready for Thansgiving. How perfect that we hold at least one day a year out to be grateful.

Irene M said...

Howlin ' at that very Blue Moon ! What a sight
I learned a " tip " from yesterday's comment.
I will pack along the question to my next server: What does TIPS stand for. Thanks for the lesson. Oh, the hub-bub is upon us, in stores, on the road, EVERYWHERE..... Stay focused on what exactly to be thankful for.
How 'bout those Bucs & the AMA's ? Go PINK !
Have a nice day everyone, stay calm & FIRM

Anonymous said...

hellooo !
Love the blue moon , love the
clouds passing by... will always
find peace star and moon gazing..
For real.. the snow birds and all
the visitors are here in full swing,
been crazy busy at my job, staying in
a " polite " state of my mind...
Wishing all a great week !
Dancing angels in your heart ~
sign me,

Anonymous said...

Great read doc, awesome picture of you and your Granny too!

HOW bout those BUCS!~~!~ I'm feelin a playoff with young team...

RONDE BARBER #20, a deserving and so fine man, can't wait to see him in the HALL OF FAME.
Thanks for all you are to so many, waiting to hear that the Tampa Bay Bucs want YOU to talk to the team, motivating and moving them in to those play-offs with HOPE!

Thanks doc and Happy Thanksgiving to all.