Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wandering as I wonder this Morning... Congrats Bobcats!

I just am wondering

With the same intense focus
Nana's Girl in this photo!!!

Good morning Saturday,
blessed and beautiful Saturday to all.
The Team got a trophy on the field
Coach got the ole' water soak by his players
in 32 degree temps!
The Excitement continues next Friday
as they go forward to the next level
on their own
turf in the play-offs.
whew, I was exhausted ;)
That Godson #51 of mine
put on those black "thingys" under his eyes
and last night
they had
our Great Aunt Effies initials written there
in her memory!
What a fine young man he is growing into
honoring her in this way!

What a morning it is!

My mind is wandering, I am wondering...
After a night of my rooting
for those
from here in Florida
and my phone
"blowing up"
with texts from Cuzzie Angie
as the
Bobcats were on the field and on the Prowl
Their competition managed to score a TD in the last minute of the game to get on the board.
#51 BEAST that
Godson OF MINE!!!

Black Friday was/is happening all weekend it seems, breaking records from last year, folks taking out chairs from the isles of stores and finding themselves a seat waiting for
5am sales in the Electronic departments of
WalMart stores!
(what a hoot)
While others were in line and sure looked
happy as they rushed the doors as they opened
(*Can we say: NUTZ)
Now we only have to wait for
to get similar deals online!
The news last night seems to say that sales have increased over last year considerably across the nation!

Up in DC
Mrs Obama and her girls sniffed the Nations'
Christmas tree
POTUS was found to have gotten 12 stitches in his lip
after being elbowed on the basketball court
doing what he loves to do!
Oh How Kamryn would love a little 1:1
with our President!
God Bless the USA
God Bless our President and his family
those who are serving our Nation and their families
as we approach the holidays.

And I can't help but be wondering this morning
as I enjoy my coffee:

I wonder about things like:
Why do people get up at 'dark thirty and go shopping.

Why do people who are grown hold grudges and not talk to each other when they know that every day is a gift and there is no promise of tomorrow.

Why do people use precious time and energy and pee in their cheerios rather than use milk which is much better tasting and then have a rotten day and take it out on others; often hurting the feelings of others in the process.

Why do people stir in "s**t and get it stinking just to cause a fuss, then sit back and smile while others fight.

Why do folks resist change when change is the only constant in the world.

"If there were no change there would be no butterflies"

Why do folks like to "dump" on the messengers with unkindness rather than respectful acknowledgement and understanding.

Why do folks not embrace each other without judging.

Why do kids grow up so quickly.

Why is it that time goes so quickly after you pass 40.

Why are viruses called viruses and last so long.

Why do rotten things happen to good people.

Why do the stars not dance across the sky when you watch them closely.

Why do people eat squirrel, gator, and such
then we ask "what does it taste like"
they look at us and say,

And during all this wondering, I find that my mind
to times where it seemed so much simpler
where folks were easier and more casual about things.

And then I wonder

Why does it take a death, fright, or tragedy to bring people together and be their best selves.

Why are some people always called upon to be the peacemakers.

Why do people wonder anyways.

Why oh why do we wonder and wander at the same time.

So I figure.

That is just the way it is sometimes.
Sometimes, a spark fizzles out, it is nothing to worry about.
Other times it catches and break out like a wildfire
out of control, just like that (BAM),
you cannot change it, best you can hope for is to
change YOUR reaction to it.
Therefore, best to NOT REACT...
just note it, and move on with it.

Some times circumstances/situations just flare, like a pan on the stove... needing to be put out quickly before the fire is out of control and then it is over. No need to bring it up, have a re-do or share it with others.
It is over. It happened, was dealt with, call it done.

Other times, humor is a quick and timely fix.

I find it is best to just be you, to embrace the joys no matter how anyone else chooses to act.

I think that it is best to only take tylenol for your own aches/pains/headaches and not for those of others.

I think it is useless to worry and fret, after all I have yet to meet someone who has found it beneficial or changed a situation by doing that.

I find that the purest way to live is that by walking the red road of kindness and compassion.

Bottom line

If you can't change something,
Change your
attitude about it!
Work to be your best self
today and all days, whatever it takes
make it happen
it is a choice!

Now, what was it I was wondering about???
Ah yes,
I was wondering most importantly about this...

That's it, the important stuff!

 "If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. I’ll always be with you." 
Winnie the Pooh

The fire is burning brightly it's embers are hot, with smells of cedar and sage on the winds today. Thoughts on the wind to all who know who they are.
Treat each other with kindness and compassion
here, today, right now...
NOW is what we have, on that you can be certain.

Walk In Beauty,

p.s. if YOU were wondering about Olivia and what she was "wondering about" in the picture...
She was wondering about the "calamari" she was about to eat for the first time!
Result? She loved it!!!
Another first with Nana~


James Smith said...

I’m also a big fan of this show. I was happy to see it continue for a second season. I don’t think it gets the amount of press it should!

Irene M said...

Just wondering ????????????????????????
Where did the first comment come from ?
Did I miss something ??????????????????

Happy, healthy and wise-a _ s this morning.

Anonymous said...

Dear DRSES, I got chills reading about your Godson putting GA Effie's initials on his eye "war paint"; and felt the warmth of the spirit of my Grandmother as I read farther down this mornings' "Wanderings". Your words fill me with joy and humility, and I will strive to be forward-looking and thinking today and everyday, letting go of the past, living each day as if it WAS my last♥ Thank you for BEING... and writing ... and loving ... and living. My seashell is filled with sage and tobacco, ready for an ember.

Oh,and the thought of Calamari also put a smile on my face and a line on my shopping list!!

With great admiration, love and HOPE, Dotti

chris said...

good morning everyone-I also wondered about the first comment? I decided that it was a mistake ( I hope). Am having issues today with my new 'puter--I keep hitting some of the 'F' keys on top and have wiped out three times no less my very own comments here. Which is probably a good thing 'cause I was on a tear and ranted. Better now! Life is good. Hope your weekend is good--
talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love todays thoughts and wonderings and wanderings, great food to chew on thanksdoc. I too wonder about that first comment and here's my take... he's a fan of this "show/page" and looks forward to the next season here with the rest of us!
great comments too. Congratulations to your Godson and those Bobcats, can't wait for Friday's results, great young man to put his warpaint on for your Great Aunt Effie, I'm sure she was there and proud of his tribute as they tok the chapmionship. that coach probably didnt even feel the cold water bet he was on fire with the thrill of vicotyr and pride of his team .. thanks doc for all u are to so many across the world. u fill us up

Anonymous said...

Everyone wonders about the first comment? It could just be he loves the blogs and is glad to be a member. Anyway he wrote. I agree with the above blog for today and always. Why cant we all be together and get along.? I think dragging children into any family issue is a stupid, uncaring thing to do. I think if people would think of what they say, not just think of themselves the world would be in a better place. I would also think of things that has happened in the past. Your Godson is #1 in my book of thinking of his Great Aunt Effie. Keep on keeping on. Blessings to all and especially our soldiers and their families. Give prayers for them and for the President and his staff.

Anonymous said...

First on the blog comments today, and low and behold, it left me "wondering". Oh well...
Thanks doc for your thoughts, thnaks for keeping it real. Pity people choose to squabble and hate and antagonize others. Wasted precious moments. Poor Potis,hate to see an athlete hurt, especially in the lip.

Anonymous said...

sure hope that everyone had an enjoyable
day... I spent most of my day in
wonder.. wondering.. daydreaming...
at Honeymoon Island.
Truly a place full of wonderment at this
time of the season... Waves were crashing in
rythm, seagulls scoping the surf for food, many
pelicans diving, have you ever really
watched them bomb dive ! Amazing.
The air's wind was persistant and chilly,
the sun mostly hidden behind puffy cluster
clouds.. peeking out occasionally to warm my
salt splashed face and kindle my spirit....
I often wonder, as well , about the topics of
which you've wrote... I will be the first
to attest, you cannot change the past,
you have control only of your own actions and
reactions... move forward with each day
as if it makes a difference..
laugh often, cry whenever, don't hold back
love because you think you may be hurt..
You only have this one minute, one chance,
do the best you can and be true to
yourself !!
Love reading here... thanks for being here..
May Angels fill your heart with
sweet dreams !!
sign me,