Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre ~ Whew

Alvin Ailey
Judith Jamison
The genius of Alvin Ailey changed forever the perception of American dance.
Over 50 years later, the company has come to be known as a cultural ambassador to the world.
Last night
we sat in our seats as the curtain was lifted
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
took our breath away
once again
since so many years ago
in DC
as they performed
"Celebrating Revelations 50"

It was brilliant, moving, intense,
the music taking you from your seat
the dancing was remarkable
in ways indescribable
as we knew only
Alvin Ailey and Judith Jamison would have it be.
The legacy lives on.

The place was alive with the energy of what was to come for the night, you could feel it.
Some had never known of Alvin Ailey
some regular season ticket holders,
others, you could tell by their energy
they knew
they were excited...
after all
it was
Alvin Ailey !
We were excited beyond measure
as last time we were thrilled to see this dance troupe was as the National Theatre in DC
and that had been many a year ago!

And oh my what a joy!
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater holds a prominent place in the arts, and in the hearts of so many.
Such raw talent and passion.
It transcends age, race, genre and nationality, and certainly gets into you... deeply within.
Alvin was a genius, he used his life to go into his soul of dance, and then chose wisely to hand over his craft and passion to a woman with a "presence" and a passion
a striking woman at that.
He tells a story and the dancers are vibrant
engaging you into the stories and the
fluidity of movement and emotions.

Can you even imagine such bold ways of communication and infusing such piece during the show with excitement and vital energy ?
Oh my I was insane by time of the first intermission!
And find myself still full this morning
of such passion and zest!

What an amazing explosion of wonderment along with artistry and emotion.

If you have the opportunity,
try to catch
Alvin Ailey when the are in your area,
you will not be disappointed
you will be Moved!
Truly moved with emotion

This show has has gone on to perform for an estimated 23 million people in 48 states and n 71 countries on six continents including two historic residencies in South Africa!~!!
Amazing isn't it? I bet Alvin is dancing like the old days across the galaxies with such pride and joy!
This scene was ever so powerful
called: Fix Me Jesus, and the two of these dancers were magical! Enjoy friends:

Doesn't that strength and beauty just take your breath away?
Life can be that way sometimes... Just amazing when seen on stage as well, strong, powerful, and take you to your knees right before allowing you to do the impossible that you once thought beyond your reach,
if you maintain HOPE!

They did one scene of the leading woman that knocked my out of my chair, I was on the edge of my seat as she alone was on the stage... She took my breath away, and when it was over I applauded and hollered until I had no voice (and to think I am on my way to Vancouver) LOL
She was outstanding!
Here's the song, and remember hearing a great jazz group at the old Market Inn in DC long ago and the singer tearing that song up, but now thanks to this powerful act, I now have a visual to accompany it.

She was fantastic dancing this above song and her costume was off the hook!
Oh how I remember that song!
Don't you just wish you were with us last night?

Needless to say, I had an "off the hook" outrageous evening last night!

I hope you did too,
an even better today!

Haven't yet had an update on
Angie, but surgery was long yet "successful"
and her recovery from it now begins. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
Jinxy in SD still needs us to send thoughts and love there according to sissy 2Wolves along with EE in CO.

Well let's just hold all our Warriors UP
in thoughts and prayers and we'll cover them all.

"I believe in spirit and then I believe a manifestation of spirit is dance" Judith Jamison

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot, sending love and thoughts on the wind today to those who know who they are!
Dance friends, STOMP
in great gratitude, for you are here!

Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches

where are all my Warriors ?
'Commenter's are not showing up these days!!!
Are you with me here? We miss ya~


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I think something is wrong with the blog. I was the first one on and it took me several clicks to see that it was recorded. However dont know who the people you went to see last night. Glad you enjoyed it and I know you rocked the house. Healing thoughts go out to all of the people who are going thru so much pain and suffering. Keep the faith and the creator will take care of you. Some of you have a hard road to travel but hopefully you will have a bunch of family and friends to help you get thru. Blessings to our troops and their families, to our policemen and all of the wonderful people out there who cares for us. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where everyone else is but I was there last night! It was unbelievable. A night I will long remember. The tickets were a treasured gift fro my staff. A HUGE thank you and much love to them for gifting us such a glorious evening. Wish you all could have been there. Healing thoughts to all. Let's STOMP out this wave of illness and worry. STOMP! STOMP! Safe trip to Canada for you Sher, will look forward to your blogs if there is time for you to put a few thoughts together while you are busy spreading the love a whole country away.

Anonymous said...

missed you all as well. I've been a bit down and out , funky thing doc calls vertigo, have actually been validated as a " dizzy blonde"
just saying, for real, have had some kind of a problem finding any time to do much of anything except for work and sleep. no energy. no nothing. Thankfully it has seemed to finally be running it's course and I'm getting back to coming around... So happy to hear you had such a dantastic time at the show. I have had the joy of seeing a taped performance many moons ago, it was awesome and I'm sure you had a wickedcool time.
I've been keeping everyone in my heart and in my thoughts.. Olivia ? hope she is getting stronger everyday , gotta be, she is such a warrior...
I am totally happy that the warm weather seems to be creeping back, got me a slight touch of sunshine on my white face today and it felt delicious! I'm having a lime fruit bar for my bedtime snack, so gotta go before it melts.
Have a great trip to the north.. keep your voice intact, as you have many eager listeners awaiting !
Wishing well to all, sign me.
hugging my angels,