Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friends > Seasons, Lifetimes

Cuz Angie and Me
"Running in Disney"
Hold her up as she gets ready for surgery
she is a warrior cuz is, the mom
of those Godsons of mine!

Good morning
on this
sunny brisk Florida Saturday,
I wish you enough
in all that
you find yourself doing today!

Cuzzie Angie is getting ready for some surgery
up there in VA
and I am hoping that she is remembering
is a Warrior!
Time to put the warpaint on
to read the posts of the last week
think of little Olivia
and get that
attitude of the warrior
Angie we are all here and will be with you
for that surgery,
you will do great,
and we will be with you.
and know
you have some powerful Warriors here
in the next place beside you.

We all need friends... young friends, old friends, work friends, play friends, fair weather friends and those sacred, forever; there for the long haul friends!
The way I figure it there are two families we have in this life... the one we are born into and the one that we choose along the way!
And the blessings that are there, the fun and the memories are far too long to list here! But as you read, think back...
reflect on those you have called "friend"... remember?

Some came into our lives and have now gone, they were in our lives for a short while it seems, maybe teaching us some lessons and then moving on. Maybe leaving pain in the wake, but valuable lessons none the less and hopefully a memory or two worth keeping. There is merit in even the fair weather friends you know!
We learn from them all!
Or at least that is my experience now that I have become older, more tolerant and less of a person who wears her heart on her proverbial sleeve~~~~
Facebook has used the word "friend" rather loosely, as they tell u to "add a friend" and many have 5,000 on their pages, and others "delete" at will and add more!

But ah for the love of fun, good and trusted friends. My Godsons; Kamryn and  D'Vante have friends that they love that way! They are just downright silly at times. But they are works in progress you know! Sharing dreams of football and what colleges to attend, what "hot girls to take to proms", their pride of the President and his visions for the world, how to "ace" the next test! All those important issues discussed by teens these days. But they also have a tenderness about them, mostly for each other... and frequently for their parents and other adults that is hopeful, even touching at times although often short-lived. Again, they are works in process of the Creator like all of us I guess.

But friendships can be lasting, can be rock steady not only in the fun and good times. But also during times of great heartache and profound sadness and stress.

 My beloved Mother has a friend like that. She and her "best friend of a lifetime, Lavie" have had that lifetime friendship for my entire life. I grew up with them, Lavie, Jerry,with Lavie's girls babysitting me (daughter Sue and I getting in trouble too at times along the way)! They now share the sacred bond of having buried the loves of their lives, the most important men of their lives. They can cry together, and still laugh together as their memories sustain them, their connection of a lifetime allows them to share from the depths of their soul knowing there are no subjects taboo, no barriers to each others' pain and no window or door shut to the others thoughts. The power of love through friendship and "being family of choice" has made that possible through the years.

 Given that I'm a hundred and two, you must also know that they are both older than dirt!!!!

Friends and "family of choice" along with some "birth families" allow us to life wonderful lives even when the storms of life make us feel weathered, ragged, and weary. They often will stand by, offer us a life raft when we need it and even sometimes... sometimes ... use that tough love to tell us, "Enough, stand up, get up and re-join the dance of life"

Life is for the living and you are blessed to be living! Let's go, let's embrace today, right here right now... Let's celebrate each other, let's remember the good times, let's go!!!" When the storms pass those friends are still there, loving us more, ready to laugh with us, at us, feed our souls with humor, healing heartaches (ours and theirs), the bonds of that connection never weakened by all we have been through, only strengthened by time, tears and love. I pray you have or someday find a friend or family of birth/choice like that.

C'mon friends, let's have a day today that leave others wondering, smile all day til' your face is numb and your belly is sore from it!

The fire is burning, the embers are hot, and the sage is filling the air with thoughts and prayers on the wind.

Walk In Beauty,

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Kelly 2 Wolves said...

OMG! Sissy LOL I dreamt I met Oprah last night talking friendship, first I was somewhere and someone said someone wants to meet you and I turned and it was Gail Oprahs BFF< As I was was hugging her neck Laughing Oprah comes from someplace else with another person, and I hit the roof! LOL I always said I'd just love to sit and have coffee with her and chat, Oh My! So after little girly screams and happy tears we sat and visited and drank lots of Coffee! I'm rolling don't know what that means I don't usually dream of Celebs, But whoo hoo! Maybe an Oprah introduction is on the way!! Who Knows was so fun though I could use more of those kind of happy dreams ! Blessings on the wind Love to all who visit here be happy and Dream Big!! Celebrate your friendships old and new and Laugh! !!

chris said...

HI sis, I am saying prayers and lighting the candles for Angie-sending my wishes to the creator for a speedy recovery--Lord knows you guys have had enough this past year! I will also ask the creator for some peace to your family for a little while-you all need a break.
Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine's day this Monday.
Talk to ya soon...

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon to all. Hope you all have had a good day. Great picture of 2 beautiful ladies. They look cool. You go girl and get that health behind you there are great things waiting for you in your future. You are a warrior and you have the warriors watching your back. Great blog with so many things we all need to hear and to heed. Families, friends and some neighbors need love and guidance. A smile goes a long way and sometimes will last a lifetime. Time is going by so fast sometime we dont think to just relax and enjoy each minute. Thanks DRSES. Blessings to all. Blessings to our soldiers and their families. Blessings to the many people in Egypt. God Bless the USA