Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Spirit talked

Good morning, I woke up this morning after knowing that I had been visited by Spirit. The messages had me unsettled first thing... ah, but I don't like waking up like that to be sure. I much prefer these visits to have wonderful messages of happiness, messages of good things... you know?
 But oh no, not today; today someone is hurting. Is it grief I wonder out-loud as I prepare to speak to folks here in Ohio?

After morning rituals, and coffee I open emails and begin to start my day, and it begins....

Emails of what spirit has tried to tell me. Emails of our friend grief playing havoc with a few; emails of physical challenge with others. And so it is...
Spirit was letting me know of what is and the challenges become what to do with all of this information!

The Cherokee have a saying of "just sit with it" and the answer will come.

We often face challenges, are visited and re-visited by grief. Particularly at this time of the year, after the holidays, now in the winter months. I am convinced that as we lose the light and have weathered the holidays these feelings are intensified for some. By the way, hold on now, spring is on its way you know!
Try to remember, most people that you will see in a regular day are facing some type of struggle, some kind of challenge in their world. This may be a good time to watch that movie, "Pay It Forward" and remind yourself of the power that can be found in random acts of kindness. It also may be a lovely time to make that phone call to someone for no other reason than to "touch base" and say hello.
 These small acts of kindness can reach far into the hearts of many during times of heartaches and facilitate healing. It takes so little to do so much for others at times. While giving of ourselves we can move beyond "self" and feel good at the same time.

Back to Spirit messages... and those who are facing illness, challenge, new beginnings, movement, change, grief. Change is the only real constant in the world, but oh how we fight it! Stress is hard on the body and spirit; even good times bring on stress~!

It is time to "dig a little deeper in the well of hope, the well of faith" and claim your warrior within.

It is time to reach out and "ask for what you need" and rally the tribe around you for added support as you go through this..

It is your time to know that you are "a survivor" and that you are never alone.

It is time to know that your voice has been heard, your thoughts that were sent to spirit got there...

After all, I woke up this morning and had received the message, even before I opened the trusty ole' computer! And my friends, it was loud and clear!

 And I say to you, the spirits in it and spirit is with and IN you.

The world and all that > are in YOU,
are in transition, in transformation, right here and right now

And while these are times of great stress, heartaches and although many are hurting, changing, going through similar challenges, HOPE and Faith stand strong if choose to embrace it. 
Kindness and understanding will never go out of style.

 I whet my breath and sent a message of healing to all today, won't you join me?

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult" (Seneca)

The fire is burning, the sage is lit for all ... YOU know who you are, you are in my heart and thoughts, with blessings on the winds.

Walk In Beauty,
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a time of change. Add to that the SNOW MOON and that tells it all. I embrace change. It keeps thing interesting. I think we should be more like the bears and take some time to hybernate. Imgine if we all slept deeply for as long as it took to get really rested. Then the challenges we face might seem exciting rather than burdensome. Even the toughest ones would be easier to move through.
Prayers too all who need them, which I guess is everyone. Saw a sign that said Knee-mail works without the computer.
Sign me, Draggin Bumper.

Irene M said...

Oh so foggy here this morning. The spirits that brought you the message, confirmed by the e mail must have been very strong & sad. I am thinking of you. I agree with your words today about feelings / intensification.
I struggle each day, but manage to rise above it, pay it forward and keep on going. I MUST.
Love the " knee-mail" sign. I am FIRM

Anonymous said...

Good Morning I feel so guilty this morning after reading the blog. I woke up feeling so good and ready to take on the world and all of its challenges. KNEE mail, what a wonderful word. I think I will try that on each day. It is bound to help us with all of the challenges of life. I know all of this travel is hard on you DRSES but I also know you are up to the challenge. You keep walking lady and the Spirits will guide you and Granny will be beside you. What more could you ask for this day and all days facing you? Keep Walking Blessings to all. Just remember Knee-mail. I am going to practice that one. Another one of the finest in St. Pete shot and killed after being on the Police dept. for 25yrs. Pray for the friends and the family. God Bless USA

Anonymous said...

powerful words friend. Sometimes...from ur book...a person just needs someone to walk with them...u are amazing...helping so many.
hugs on the wind

Anonymous said...

the fod was sooo thick and eerie in the wee
hours here... actually I love the fog but found it somewhat unsettling for a reason I
could not figure out...I had stangely immense trouble falling asleep and...
no kidding.. spirit filled dreams to which I
awakened in a cold , clammy state..
been funky all the day today... yep, now is
the right time to pay it forward, each smile
passed along the way is appreciated, those of us blessed with the power to STOMP..we are
warriors here.. and with you in your travels..
more than you know, today's words hit my
heart... wishing all happiness..
sign me, as always,
hugging my angels...
again .. STOMP ~ ♥